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Posted: 2008-01-05T22:20:31Z


Welcomme back writers for another interesting topic of the week >> CLICHES... something that has been overdone, something that is so common that ur so bored of it... an idea that has lost its novelty or intgended force due to overuse! 

There are cliches at every point of our writing... there are these not ordinary but overused concepts that slip in without our knowledge... why? because we cant get soemthing btter!!!

Why do we end up using this cliche even if we know its a cliche? What are the circumstances under which youre forced to use one?

While writing/reading, what cliches would you like to see avoided? What cliche puts you off the most??

Do you think Cliches can be used and still made a nice read? How?


Writers corner Dev Team!

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Posted: 2008-01-06T03:46:30Z
Well....I think cliches mostly slip in unnoticed...its done so unconsciously by many of us!

Its not like we *want* to be cliched but many times we can't help it!

Well....if the story is cute enough, the cliche sometimes doesn't matter. Sometimes, even though the storylne might be the same ol' boring boy-meets-girl but even then with the dialogues and characters and that X-facotr, it still manages to be fresh n spicy! Example: Jab We Met. I know it's a movie but even movies have scripts na...and JWM definitely managed to be refreshing even with a cliched storyline!

But usually....cliches really bug me out....ekta kapoor anyone? And the thing with *certain* people is that even if they have a really different storyline...something diametrically opposite...even then it ends up being cliche...but that power only a few people like Ekta Kapoor exertROFL
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