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Hey guys now even I will try my hand at this writing fan fiction. Forgive me if my story is bad.


(Arjun comes home he seems to be very happy. He quickly goes to his room calling "bhavri, bhavri".)


Bhumi: kya hai baba?


Arjun: bhavri aaj mai bahut khush hoon. Aaj mujhe mera dream project mil gaya.


Bhumi: mubarak ho arjun. Is baat pe tumhe ek party dene chahiye.


Arjun: tum thik kehte ho. Mai jaakar sabko invitation deta hoon.


Bhumi: Aur kaka sahib ko mat bhulna.


Arjun: nahi bhavri mein unko nahi bulaonga.


Bhumi: Arjun who bare hai busurg hai aur tumhare kaka bhi. Tumhe…


Arjun: (interrupting her) ok meri maa. Doonga invitation thik hai.


Bhumi: Aur khana mai banaogi.


Arjun: Kya itne logo ka khana tum kaise banaogi bhavri?


Bhumi: to kya huwa tumhare liye mai kuch bhi kar sakti hoon.


Arjun: ok baba khana tum banalena bas. Ab mujhe bahut bhuk lage hai. Khana kha le?


Bhumi: Thik hai tum fresh ho jao mein khana lagati hoon.


( arrangements for the party are going on in the kitchen bhumi is making food for the party. But there was someone in her bedroom thinking how to ruin the dinner made by bhumi and insult her in front of everyone. )


(In the kitchen shefali entres).


Bhumi: are bhabhi aap yaha? Kuch kaam tha? Aapka juice to maine aapki room mein  rakh diya.


Shefali: who maine pi liya. Tumhara phone hai.


Bhumi: mera phone? Kisa hai?


Shefali: haan who keshav hai.


Bhumi: thik hai mai abhi aye.


Shefali: ab dekhte hoon tumhe mujhse kaun bachata hai.


(she then quickly takes salts and adds it in the dish in another she aads red chili powder. In the same way she ruins all her dishes)


what happens in the party will be next time so the bye take care. And please comment

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Posted: 2005-08-31T14:40:16Z
Itz nice plz cntnue.
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Posted: 2005-09-01T06:45:11Z
hello guys I am back and now I am writing the next part of my story

it's the day for the party and bhumi enters the kitchen to check if everything is fine. She is about to taste mutter paneer when.

manasvi: are bhumi tum yaha kya kar rahi ho?

Bhumi: bhabhi mai bas ek bar khane ko chak kar dekh rahe thi.

Manasvi: who sab badme kar lena ab jao tum aur taiyaar ho jao.

Bhumi: achcha bhabhi.

Manasvi: are bahut achche khushbu aa rahe hai. Zara chakh kar to dekh lu.

Satya: manasvi , Manasvi.

Manasvi: ayee .

( she leaves the kitchen)

( in the evening guests start arriving. Manasvi's sister mansi also comes there she has a very cute pet cat. She leaves the cat and it is playing. Suddenly that cats enters the kitchen there is no body there and it sees the lovely food prepared and jumps on the food andd all the vessels fall on the floor and the cat starts eating them. Hearing the noise everyone rushes to the kitchen. Bhumi sees all the food is on the floor)

Bhumi: bhabhi dekho yeh kya ho gaya.

Mansi scolds the cat and starts hitting it.

Bhumi: yeh kya kar rahe ho aap janvar ko mat maro.

Arjun: hum bahar se manga lenge .

( everyone leaves and the servants clean the place. Shefali hears this and is red with anger. )

Bhumi: arjun mujhe maaf kar dena mai……

Arjun: isme tumhari kya galti hai?

Baisa enters

Baisa: bhumi arjun sab neeche aa jao.

Arjun: haa baisa hum abhi aye. ( to bhumi) chale???

Bhumi: haa

( in the party everyone is happy )

Preety: now everyone should be on the dance floor especially all the couples.

( everyone goes there except arjun and bhumi )

Manasvi: are arjun kya huwa tum dance nahi kar rahe?

Arjun: bhabhi who.

Manasvi: mujhe kuch nahi sunna. Bhumi ko lekar jao.

Arjun: thik hai bhabhi. ( to bhumi) meri pyari biwi chale?

Bhumi: haa chalo.

(bhumi and arjun dance the songs plays is "pehla nasha pehla khumar" bhumi looks at arjun and arjun looks at bhumi and they slowly come closer closer and closer. Someone is not happy seeing this guess who who else shefali)

yuv: chalo shefali hum bhi dance kare.

Shefali: nahi yuv mera mood nahi hai.

Yuv: thik hai jaise tumhari marzi.

(arjuns phone rings she says bhumi one minute and goes to talk. Suddenly someone from behind puts his hand on her shoulders bhumi turns and is surprised to see ……………………

to be continued
hello guys I am back and now I am writing the next part of my story
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Posted: 2005-09-01T07:01:03Z
Clap Clap Clap plz cnt soon
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Posted: 2005-09-01T22:23:51Z
good one....please keep it up... Clap
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Posted: 2005-09-01T23:05:28Z
Clap Clap
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Posted: 2005-09-02T07:13:41Z
Hey guys I am back
(Bhumi turns and is surprised to see vishal a close friend of hers who was her neigbour in her childhood and then left)

Bhumi: vishal tum????

Vishal: haa mai . mujhe laga tum mujhe bhl jaogi.

Bhumi: mai tumhe kaise bhul sakti hoo?

Vishal: maine suna hai ke tumhare shadi ho gaye?

Bhumi: ha "Arjun Arjun" (arjun comes)

Arjun: ha bhavri .

Bhumi: yeh mera bachpan ka dost hai vishal. (to vishal) aur yeh mere pati hai arjun.

Vishal: shaking hands with arjun. Tumse milkar khushi hue.

Arjun: mujhe bhi.

Bhumi: vishal tumne shadi nahi ki?

Vishal: are yaar tum nahi mili na.

Arjun: aur milegi bhi nahi.

Vishal : are yaar mai to masak kar raha tha.

Arjun: bhavri zara roon mein to aanaa

Bhumi: abhi aye. Chalo vishal hum bad mein baat karenge.

(in the room)

Arjun: yeh kaun hai bhavri.

Bhumi: who mere bachpan ka dost hai.

Arjun: zara usse dur rehna.

Bhumi: kyu?

Arjun: mujhe who accha nahi lagta.

Bhumi: mujhe kuch kaam yaad aagaya mai abhi aati hoon.(bhumi leaves the room)
(party is over it in the night arjun is still thinking about vishal and he suddenly realizes that he is getting very possessive.)

bhumi: Arjun kya sooch rahe ho.

Arjun: kuch nahi bhavri . so jao.

Bhumi: thik hai . good night.

(next morning arjun gets ready to leave for work.)

Bhumi : Arjun yeh lo tumhara tiffen. Le jana mat bhulna.

Arjun: ha baba nahi bhulunga. Mere file dekhe tumne?

Bhumi: kaun si file?

Arjun: ek lal rang ki file thi.

Bhumi: (after searching) yeh wali?

Arjun: ha yeh hi toh hai. Thank you bhavri. Gives her a peck on her cheek and then leaves.

(shefali enters)

Bhumi: are bhabhi aap. Ayyee na.

Shefali: bhumika tumhe shakuntala kaki bula rahe hai.

Bhumi: mujhe??

Shefali: haa baba tumhe ab jaldi jao.

(Bhumi becomes very happy and then runs to shakuntala's room)

Bhumi: Aapne mujhe bulaya maaji?

Shakuntala: mai tumhe kyu bulane lage. Aur dobara mujhe maaji nai bulana thik hai.

Bhumi: maaji aap ab tak mujhse naaraz hai?

Shakuntala: nahi to . naraz apno se huwa jata hai. Parayo se kya naraazgi?

(Bhumi leaves the room crying. satya is listening to all this.)

satya: maa aap bhumi ko apna kyu nahi lete?

Shakuntala: who sirf ek naukrani hai. Who meri bahu nahi ho sakti.

      Satya: use aapke aur suraj ke bare mein sab kuch pata hai. Lekin phir bhi usne iske bara mein kisiko                                                   nahi bataya. (and then gives her a big lecture. She finally realizes that she should accept her. Then goes to baisa's room.

Baisa: are shakuntala aao.

Shakuntala: baisa mujhe bhumi ki file chahiye.

Baisa: kisliye?

Shakuntala: mujhe mere bahu ko uska hak dena hai.

Baisa: bahut achcha kar rahe ho tum.

(baisa then gives shakuntala the file and then shakuntala takes the file and goes to bhumis room)

guys you got to wait for my next post so stay tuned. Please comment if I am going the right way. And suggestions are accepted. Smile
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Posted: 2005-09-02T09:12:19Z
u r going exactly in the right way.just keep it up Clap
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