Now, its Say Shaava Shaava with Karan!!!!

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Posted: 16 years ago

OMG I cannott wait! Read this!


Now, its Say Shaava Shaava with Karan

Suruchi Mazumdar
Posted online: Wednesday, December 19, 2007 at 0000 hours IST

Karan Johar talks about his latest TV show which is 'a musical reality show with celebrity participants'.

Will Say Shaava Shaava (on NDTV Imagine) be any different from other reality shows? I'll be hosting it. Isn't that enough? Jokes apart, it's a musical reality show with celebrity participants that will be held over 11 days. Apart from direction, you have tried anchoring and fashion designing too? Does acting come next? No! God forbid. I am happy behind the camera. Everybody wants to be an actor when they are young. Then we realise that we don't have the face to look good onscreen. I have to be Karan Johar when I am in front of the camera. Despite not being an actor, you seem to have become a favourite of advertisers. Why so?
You have to tell me or I will continue praising myself non-stop. I have no idea why they want me to endorse brands. I look at endorsing as a hobby and enjoy being associated with lifestyle brands. What about the next edition of Koffee with Karan? If at all a next edition happens, it will be on NDTV since I am associated with the channel now. With your involvement, will there be more participation of Hindi film celebrities in the channel? Yes. Television is a huge medium and we are eyeing the world of entertainment in a big way. Shah Rukh (Khan) has shown us that it's possible to retain superstar status even on television. Tell us about your next film with Shah Rukh Khan, My Name is Khan? We have not decided whether it will be titled My Name is Khan or just Khan. It's a love story. Is it true that for the first time you are dealing with something serious in your movie? I am not making any statement through this film. I like making films that connect with the viewers emotionally, and this one will be no different. Do we get to see Shah Rukh and Kajol together? It is a dream of cinegoers and I would love to fulfill it. I am working on bringing them together again. The rest of the cast is yet to be decided. What are your plans for Dharma Productions? Apart from Tarun Mansukhani's film, we are co-producing an animation film with Prana Studios. Tarun's film is a romantic comedy. We hope to produce a variety of films every year.


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Posted: 16 years ago
thank i can't wait to watch this..i miss koffee with karan