Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Je- fan-fic(can't cont)

Posted: 2005-08-28T22:05:29Z
Started by Jenny and continued by me.

Hey guys this is fan-fic started by Jenny. I'll be continuing this fan-fic as Jenny won't be able to.
I will post her 2 parts here since they were posted in diff. posts and most of you probably forgot about em.

Please comment on it.
I am not good as Jenny but I'll try my best to live up to you guys expectations.
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Written by Jenny



Woh Pyaar mein Vishwaas Karta tha
             He believed in love

Woh bhi Pyaar mein vishwaas karti thi
She also believed in love

He was a superstar
She was also a superstar
He believed in music
She believed in music
He trusted her
She trusted him..

But someone else didn't trust their relationship. 

Angad Loved Kripa and for her, he was willing to do anything, Kripa also loved him but with a different reason..

Jenny Presents... Fan Fic: Ajeeb Dastan Hai Je
with our leading couples Angad and Kripa
for more info.. check out this post daily..

Hope you guys liked it.. do post it.. It's a thriller and love in the background. also am doing something new with Kripa's character.. hope  u like it.. first epi will be posted......



Part 1


The rain came down like a tofaan(storm) in mid monsoon season. It lifted the arms of the soul and went down. Kripa looked down as the water was 3 feet upto her.. She knew she was dead. Mumbai's rains haven't caused such turbulence since now. She searched for a cell phone in her bag but realized that the phone wasn't working properly.  She looked around and saw everything floating in the water. She was scared.. Scared of death and scared of the fact that she didn't know how to swim. She realized that she shouldn't have came but she need to find out the truth that extinguished her entire life. She needed to tell him, that she was wrong, she loved him and she needed to make him listen to her.  The rain became uncontrollable to handle and raced upto 5 feet onto her. the only thing that existed was her head and her arms. Her entire body was in the water. Kripa kept thinking that if she called him out, he would come and save her but she knew it couln;t be done. She heard a very strange noise and turned around. She saw a very high tide coming towards her with full speed and with her nowhere to hide. Just then she felt a hand pulling her towards the otherside. She grabbed a hold of the person and as she looked up, she was shocked. It was HIM. He had come to save her. He had changed since the last time she met him but one thing that even in3 yrs couldn't have changed was the love in his eyes for her. He lifted her and carried her through the water. She wanted to feel his cheeks and arms, but her dream broke. As she looked back up, it wasn't him, it was someone else. This someone else was handsome and witty. He was like a teddy bear.. someone whom she could cuddle upto and share all her problems with. As they got to the end of the waterline, She stood up on her on feet and Thanked him. As she reached to get her bag out of the water, He was already gone.

Kripa reached her house through an auto that helped her out. Kripa's mom was shocked to see her and scolded her for going out in this time of weather. Kripa ran upstairs and locked herslef inside her room. Flasbacks of HIM carrying her through the water flashbacked into her minds. She opened up her photo album and saw those memories which were cherished forever. She closed the book and a paper came out of there. She stared at the paper and realized that her job opening is tomm. She called it a night and went to sleep. The next morning, She dressed herself in nice churidar green color and took her parent's blessings. She ran into the same person again at the STAR world Music Beats Office.

Prithvi: Aree, TUM? What are you doing there?
Kripa: Phir se Thanks bolne aye ho.. I am here for a Job interview.
Prithvi: Oh i see.. Very nice to meet you. I am Prithvi Bose, one of the partners of this company and you are.
Kripa: I am Kripa sharma. Very nice to meet you.
Prithvi: Kripa, let's go in. I'll check in you the conference room and there , me and the CEO will take your interview..
Kripa: Okie.

Prithvi led Kripa into the room and told her to wait. As Prithvi was going down the stairs, he bumped into Tina. TINA had a crush on prithvi and had brown curls and blue eyes.

TINA: Hi Prithvi, Did you get HURT?
Pritihvi: TINA, Oh gosh.. Couldn't u see where you are going?
TINA: Sorry Jannu!
Pritihvi: TINA, this is an office..
Tina wrapped her arms around Prithvi to give him a clear glare and placed a small kiss on his cheek..  "WAAH" replied a voice from Behind

He stood tall and handsome, he was the king of hearts and the ruling face of the nation and music company. he was.....

ANGAD: I thought this was an office.
Prithvi: Yaar, I am so sorry.. Yeh Tina , (Pointing to TINA)
TINA: Sorry Angad Sir...
ANGAD(LAUGHING): It's okay guys.. Fun is the number one word in Angad's life. Anyways, Tina get me a coffee with loads of milk and sugar.
Prithvi: and Get me a coke.. Heavy on the ice
TINA: Sure.. send them in the conference room rite?
ANGAD: Conference room?
Prithvi: Yeah, we have a new jobbie for the post..
ANGAD: Oh shucks.. Today? Hate doing these interviews.. I should get someone to do this job thing. is it a girl or guy?
Prithvi: Girl. She is very cute and innocent..
ANGAD: Then u should have done it man!
Prithvi: ANGAD!
ANGAD: Sorry boss!

Angad and Prithvi continue talking as they come down to the conference room

ANGAD: When is Mishti coming back?
Prithvi: Sunday
ANGAD: Hmmm...
Prithvi: When are you getting married dude?
ANGAD: After you and TINA get married?
Prithvi: Haha funny.. Nah, Tina is just yap yap.. I am seeing someone else..
ANGAD: no ways.. who is she?
Prithvi: well introduce you on sunday..
ANGAD: cool..

Angad and Prithvi enter the room, Kripa;s back is turned to angad.. Prithiv announces them out loud..

Prithvi: ANGAD, this is Kripa n Kripa, this is ANGAD..

Both of them turn around and see each other. Kripa is shocked and ANGAD just gives a dead shot glare...

Preview: Mishti's party, flashbacks ~ Part 1



Part 2


Recap: Angad and Kripa meet

The wind blows and hurls down. All the shutters of Music beat company have gone bonkers. A small chill comes down Angad's body and Kripa's body. Kripa is shocked and yet happy to see Angad while Angad shows no expression on his face. Prithivi sees the tension and asks Kripa to sit down, Thus begins the interview.

Angad: Miss Kripa Sharma, May I ask why you have come for the job?

Kripa looked at Angad with a chill down her eyes. Before she could speak, Angad looked at her with sharp eyes.

Angad: Aren't you enough happy for ruining my life 3 years ago or do you need more fun playing with my feelings and my emotions?

Prithvi was shocked as to what Angad spoke of his mind. Angad had enough and banged down the entire table.

Angad: Why? Kripa, why are you back? Can't you leave me alone? What have I done to you? Please, Yahan se jaoo.. I never want to see your face again.. GO, GET OUT!

Kripa was shocked at Angad's behavior but she knew that he was right, why was she here  and She just left without saying a word. Prithvi tried his best to stop her but she just hurled out of the office. All stood waiting for the storm to raise. Prithivi came in and looked at Angad.

Prithvi: Yeh saab kya hai angad? What is this?
Angad: Prithivi, us kaho, yehan se chalei jaye.. Tell her to leave.
Pritithiv: She has already left. But, you know her?
Angad: Haan, I know her and that is worst thing in my life that I know her.
Prithvi: How do you know her?
Angad: Woh.......

Knock Knock..

Angad straighten himself up and so did Prithiv..
Angad: Come in.

In walked in a beautiful girl. wearing a pink dress and looking ravishing as ever. Angad smiled and so did Prithvi. It was Mishti, Prithvi's sister.

Misthi: Hi guys, Kya Ho Raha hai?
Angad gave mishti a hug and so did Prithiv. Both were surprised to see her.
Angad: Tum to sunday anewale thi?
Mishti: Ya, I was gonna come on Sunday but decided to come early because if i had comed sunday, I would have never meet Prithvi's girlfriend.
Prithvi: My girfriend?
Mishti: Ya, Bro, What was her name? Tina? or Meena? or Sneha?
Prithiv blushed a little. Angad looked at Prithiv and smiled.
Angad: Sneha? School's Sneha?
Mishti: Ya, the beautiful and pretty Sneha. I have approved of her but mama?
Angad: Why aunty has a problem?
Prithiv: Ya, Mom has chosen another girl.
Angad: What's her name?
Misithi: Komal.
Angad: Wow Pritihvi, Sneha and Komal.. Hmmm...
Prithvi: There is one more..
Mishti and Angad: What?
Pritivhi: I have to choose between Sneha(), Komal() and Kajal(). I am sooooo confused.
Mishti: i have an idea, Give Sneha to Angad, and give Kajal to Mannan. This way you have Komal nah.
Angad and Prithiv laughed at Mishti's jokes. Prithiv's cell just rang and he excused himself. Mishti and Angad stood talking..

Mishti: Angad, I havn't said anything wrong, you should get settle down.
Angad: I am fine Misthi. I don't want to get married.
Mishti: Do you stiil love HER?
Angad: No, I don't love her.
Mishti: Don't lie Angad, You still love her and you will always love her.
Angad: No misthi.
Mishti: Yes Angad, You love KRIPA. Kripa is your life.
Just then Prithivi walked into the door. Although he pretended he hadn't heard anything, he had everything.

Prithvi: Guys, mom called. She said the party is tonite and told me that she has imp announcment to make.
Angad: Okie, I will see you guys there.

Angad walked in the Bose house with flowers in one hand and a wine bottle in another. Angad was dressed in black clad pants and a white t-shirt. He looked handsome. Prithvi gave him a hug as he walked in. Prithvi was dressed in white clad pant and orange t-shirt. He looked sweet as well. Mishti took the guy to side and was chatting with them. When Damni made the annoucnment.

Damini: Excuse me, I'll like to make an annoucment. Although many people think that I have joined my son's hands with Sneha or Komal, it is not true. I will reveal that later but today's party has it's own meaning. BOSE and KHANNA have joined togather a new company called DHOOM MACHLE and a brand new album called.. Pyar Kabhie Maar Ta Nahin. Our singer will be ANGAD KHANNA and his female co-singer will be our new face find KRIPA SHARMA...

The bouquet dropped from Angad's hands and the wine splattered over. Kripa looked at Angad while Angad stared into her eyes. The love was still there but the hatred was there more. Angad had not come to terms with Kripa being his singer. Kripa smiled and walked over. Prithvi and Mishti congratulated her in front of everyone. Kripa raised out of her hand to Angad but Angad moved away and left Kripa crying

Prithvi who was observing this , needed to find out the truth and who better than Kripa.

After the party, Pritivhi decided to follow Kripa home and rang the door bell. Kripa came out and was shocked to see Prithvi.

Kripa: Prithiv, What are you doing here?
Prithvi: Can I come in?
Kripa: ah, Yea sure.
Kripa welcomed Prithvi in to her house. She made coffee for him and they sat on the couch.


Kripa was shocked for words but decided to tell him..

Kripa: Woh... ............................................................ ......

Preview: Angad and Kripa:  3 yrs ago..


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Posted: 2005-08-28T22:07:45Z

I will be starting the fan-fic from here. The earlier two parts were written by Jenny. Please take that in account that it was not me who wrote those 2 parts. Jenny deserves an applaud to write such beautiful story. Embarrassed

Part 3 

Guys right now it's flashback. Kripa is telling Prithvi about her relationship with Angad. The flash back will be for some time, so I'll let you know in future parts when the story goes to present and Kripa finishes telling Prithvi the story.

Flash Back

It was yet another stormy night. Kripa was coming back from a friend's house.  Kripa walked her way to side of the road and tried catching a cab but it was her bad luck. She started walking her way to home when dark clouds make their way and rain starts to pour. Kripa had no umbrealla with her cuz when she left her friend's house, the sky was clear as blue and there was no sign of rain. Wind makes its way with rain and it makes hard for Kripa to walk. She puts her arm infront of her eyes and tries to make her way. Every step was getting harder and harder for her take. She was at the verge to give up and sit still on one side of the road when a car pulls by. A young, handsome man rolls down the windows of his car and learns to the other side to call Kripa.

Kripa was surprised yet shocked to see a sudden stop of a car. Kripa was about to take a step when the man spoke and Kripa takes her step back.


Guy: Hi, do you need ride to some place?

Kripa was utterely in disbelief. Someone was offering her a ride. She didn't know how to respond. He was a complete stranger to her. She thought about her options before she lets her decision out.

Kripa (in her mind): I have no other option. I can't walk in such weather. It's too dangerous for me to walk alone at night plus in this weather. As for him, he looks like a decent guy. I have to decide now.

Kripa: thank you for the offering me the ride.

So the guy opens the door for Kripa by stretching his arm and Kripa makes her way inside of his car. She seats herself in passenger seat.

Guy: just tell me the direction as I drive. Okay?

Kripa: yah sure.

Guy: By the way, my name is Angad Khanna.

Kripa: Hi, I am Kripa Sharma.

They sit in silence for long time and the only time they spoke was when Kripa was telling Angad where to take a right turn or left. After 10 minutes drive, they reach in front of Kripa's house.

Kripa (still sitting in his car): thank you so much for the ride.

Angad: you are most welcome

Kripa: and I am really sorry about wetting the seat.

Angad: no problem at all.

Kripa opens the door and by this time, the storm was calm and rain had also stopped.

Before coming out of the car, Kripa turns around facing Angad.

Kripa: would you like to come in for coffee, atleast that is all I can do for you after you gave me ride.

Angad: next time when we meet.

Kripa was little surprised cuz she didn't know whether they will even meet next time. Kripa just smiled at his answer.

Kripa: I will leave now. Bye

Angad: Bye and take care

Kripa: you too

Kripa comes out of the car. Angad backs his car and he rolls his window down. Kripa waits for him to leave and she stands few steps away from his car.

Angad: Kripa

Kripa: yah Angad

Angad: next time don't accept a ride from a stranger even if they offer you a ride.

Kripa was little confused,

Angad: kyon ki har insaan Angad Khanna nahin hota.

And after saying this Angad drives off. Kripa stands there until his car was out of sight. She was puzzles but a smile spread over her face cuz he knew what he was talking about.

Kripa (to herself): tum ne sahi kaha Angad, har koi tumari tarah shareef nahin hota. Its hard to find someone nice, caring, and decent in this world.

I'm not good as Jenny but I'll try my best. I'll continue this story regularly. Read the next part tomorrow.

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Posted: 2005-08-28T22:09:00Z
Originally posted by Evee

Happo jaan ek aur???!!! LOL

cant wait to read this one and rest of ur 4 fanfics! Big smile

Evee, I am continuing all 3 of Jenny's fan-fics. I have 7 fan-fics in my hands along with my new one that I won't be able to start yet.
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Posted: 2005-08-28T22:35:52Z
thanx hun. I hope I can atleast post one part for each fan-fic everyday. I won't be able to do that today but I am gonna start writing at night and then post next day. I'll just write next part to one of my fan-fics and rest will be continued tomorrow. Big smile

Good Luck for your classes as well.
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Posted: 2005-08-28T23:10:07Z
Awwww great story jenny and happe...great job guys...loved it..can't wait for the next part! Smile
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Posted: 2005-08-28T23:16:08Z
that was great, plz continue soon
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Posted: 2005-08-28T23:40:15Z
that was great happe di
jaldi likna agla part ok.

and also a congratz to jenny for
writing a lovely story

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