Chak de India 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted: 16 years ago

Hey guys
if u loved chak de India than you're gonna be happy to know…that SRk n Yashraj are making a part 2…



It is rumoured SRK's directorial debut will not be produced by the Yashraj banner, but by SRK's company Red Chillies Entertainment. Apart from playing producer and director, SRK will also act in the film.

A source from the industry who's reputed to be close to SRK, mentioned, "The idea of making a sequel came to SRK after seeing the success of Chak De India at the box office. SRK will be meeting Yash Chopra to obtain the necessary consent. The sequel begins with SRK marrying one of the girls from the team. The film will also revolve around women's hockey. The shooting is to begin from the middle of the next year".


Wow I can't wait for it!!!
My hopes are really high … who do you think his goanna  marry?????
if the whole marriage thing is true
I hope that he marries  bindiya naik they looked really good… with the whole I know u very well…

n SRk stays the same as first movie… n no romantic scenes or love songs… none of that stuff …

sorry if posted b4


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Posted: 16 years ago
I think that its all rumour koz my sweetheart himself said in an interview that he does not want to direct films!!
But if thats true then as usual wish him all the best!!
My God even I'm very excited at the idea of Chak De India 2!!
Anyway thnx 4 sharing! 😊
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Posted: 16 years ago
first of all he shudn't marry anyone frm d if he hs to den i guess bindiya is d one
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Posted: 16 years ago
It's just a movie...Thanks! Can't wait.
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Posted: 16 years ago
wow i can't wait if this is true 😃
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Posted: 16 years ago
if marrying someone from the tean then definatel not bindia ..... may be preeti sabharwal she was fine . n i dont think another movie is possible ne wayz thax
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Posted: 16 years ago
was bindiya the goalie or the bully? i think that he will get married to the goalie