My FanFic: Continuation from 082504

Posted: 2005-08-27T00:42:15Z
I am starting from where Thursday, Aug 25th episode ended!!!

And this story is dedicated to my sweet cousin Tulsi... who i love lots!!!!!!!!!!

Part 1

Kripa is thinking about the decision she made for marrying Prithvi....

Kripa: did i make the right decision??

Then she starts thinking about Josh's words about what he said about Angad!!!

Kripa tries to get in touch but no use!!!

Angad is indeed staying w/ Josh

Angad: Why did you have to tell Kripa the truth??

Josh: I am sorry!! But i couldnt take it anymore!!! She went too far!!

Angad: Yeah but now i cant even face her anymore!

Josh: Look i am happy that i let the cat out of the bag.... It was time she found out the truth!!!

Angad is like what ever!!

In the meantime... Prithvi was waiting by the door and listening to thier convo!!!!

Angad: I just hope that Kripa and Prithvi get married!! Deep down inside i want her but she doesnt deserve me!!!! And plus what do i have nothing!!!! My own brother kicked me out of the house!! Where will i go now?

Josh: What you cant stay here?

Angad: How much will you do for me?

Josh: What ever it takes!!!!!!!

They both smile and do their special handshake thing!

Prithvi knocks on the door and Angad is shocked to see him!!!

Angad just turns around

P: Why did you turn around Angad? You cant look at me

Josh: Why are you here?

P: To talk to Angad...

Angad walks off w/o saying anything!!

Josh: What ever you wanted to tell him... tell me

P: I dont want to marry Kripa anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Josh is shocked!!

Josh: WHat?? Why?

P: Because Kripa and Angad belong together... and i just came in between

Josh: Do you know what you are saying?

P: Yes i am!!!!!

Josh is left thinking!!

Back at Khanna house

Naina is crying and crying and Karthik is like mom get over it!!

He's just jealous cuz Angad gets more attention!!

K: Why are you still crying? He wanted to leave on his own!!! So he left!! He doesnt care about us! So why should we?

Naina: He's my son!!!

Karthik roles his eyes!!!

Naina: I want him back into this house!!!! I will do what ever it takes!!!

Karthik is shocked!!!!

Kripa and Dadi are talking

P comes back...

P: Kripa i have decided not to get married to you!!!

Kripa is shocked!!!!!!!

Kripa: Why? did i do something???

P: No... Becuase if i married you.. i would be happy but a certain someone will be miserable!! and you know who i am talking about!!!

After a while they talk and talk... w/ Dadi of course....

Kripa decides to go and meet Angad!!!!!

P is happy!!! and so is dadi!!!

Kripa is going in her car but then the car breaks down....

Kripa gets furious.........

She walks to Josh's house.. when all of a sudden that guy kidnaps her...

He ties her up, blind folds her, and makes her sit in the back of the car

The driver sees this and is shocked...!!!!!!!

The driver gets to a near by phone...

He calls Prithvi but he's not answering.. He gets a hold of Angad and Angad runs to the rescue!!!!

The guy takes Kripa to some old scary house!!

Kripa doesnt know where she is!!!!

Angad is driving and looking all around but fails to find Kripa!!

Kripa's blind fold is taken off!!!!

She looks up and is shocked to see Damini and Mishty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay you guys the end!!

I will cont tomorrow!!!! Hope you guys liked it!!!!

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Posted: 2005-08-27T00:51:22Z
wowwwwwwwwwwww...........very interesing............plz continue.........

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Posted: 2005-08-27T04:56:19Z
awesome start
thanks alot
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Posted: 2005-08-27T09:12:27Z
wow great plz continu

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Posted: 2005-08-27T10:03:43Z
whii...that's gr8..plz continue soon yaar.. Wink
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Posted: 2005-08-27T10:09:56Z
that was sooooooo good!! i hope this really ends up happening! Embarrassed
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Posted: 2005-08-27T23:50:20Z
Part 2

Kripa: You guys?

Damini: Yes!! Us!!!

Kripa is shocked!!

Kripa: Why????

D: Becuase you ruined my son's life once and i didnt want to happen again!!!!

M: Yes!!! And also.. you took Angad away from me!! You didnt want him and he didnt want to come by me!!

Kripa is sad and shocked

Meanwhile Angad is finding Kripa thinking where could she be!!

Prithvi calls up Josh

P: Has Kripa arrived there?

J: Here?? No...

P: She left an hour ago... she was gonna meet Angad

J: Are you sure?

P: Yes!!!!

J: Okay let me call you back

Josh calls up Angad

A: Hello Josh.. bad news Kripa is kidnapped again!!!

Josh is shocked!!!

J: What??

A: Yes and i am looking for her

Josh takes his car and starts looking for her.... at the same time he calls up Prithvi and informs him and he also looks

Kripa is tied up and is trying to get out but she cant

She is crying... and the other two are just looking on happily!!!

The guy who kidnapped her leaves.....

He is driving!!!

The three guys are looking for her... everywhere but no use!!!

Then all of a sudden Josh finds Angad...

They are both looking and then they spot the kidnapper....

He doesnt notice them... but he left his phone behind and turns back around and goes back

They follow him

They try to be quiet and then from a window they see Kripa

Angad is so sad!!!!!

Josh is like Poor gal

Damini and Mishty are just blabbering

Josh calls up Prithvi and informs him that Kripa has been spotted...

P: I will be there

J: You have to be here... because if i tell you then you wont believe us!!!

P: arrives there

Josh and Angad dont want him to see from the window... they want to catch them red handed!!

So they quietly open the door and they all three are caught!!!!

Damini and Mishty are shocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But not as much as Prithvi

P: Mom?? You????

Neither of them know what to say!!!!!

Josh unties Kripa.....

Luckily Angad informed the police so they were around the corner

They come in

D: No.. you cant take us to jail... Prithvi do something!!!!

They are pleading and pleading!!!

P: Inspector.. please arrest them!!!!

They are shocked

So are Angad, Josh and Kripa!!

P: I cant believe you two would stoop so low!!!!!

They take them away!!!

Kripa and Angad stare at each other!!!!!!

Angad turns around and has tears coming down.... P and Josh are standing right behind him and P notices it!!!

Angad just walks away!!!!

Kripa is just there helpless!!!!!

Angad goes into his own car and drives off!!!!

Kripa goes w/ Josh... cuz she really wants to meet Angad!!!

P just leaves on his own!!!

Khanna house:

Naina is worried about Angad.....

W/o informing anyone.... she goes to Josh's house.... and goes and meets him... because she knows thats the only place where he will be

Naina arrives there.......

Josh and Kripa arrive there as well

Naina mad dogs Kripa as always....

Angad is shocked to see his mom!!!!!!

Angad: Mom you?

Naina: Yes!!!

Angad: what are you doing here?

Naina: I am here to ask you the same thing!!!

Angad doesnt say a word

Naina: Why did you leave?

Angad: Just because i felt like it!!!

Naina: I hope someone wasnt a influence!!!

(Looking at Kripa at the same time)

Angad: No....

Naina: Why dont you come back home?

Angad: Why should i? No one cares about my happiness

Kripa and Josh want to pop the bubble and tell them that Karthik was behind it all....

Naina: Why are you saying that?

Angad: Thats it mom!! I dont want to talk about it.. its better if you just leave!!! Please!!!! I dont want to argue w. you!!!!

Naina is sad and she leaves

She walks out

Josh screams....

Josh: Why didnt you tell her??

Naina hears that and listens quietly

Angad: Tell her what?

Josh: That Karthik kicked you out!!!!!!!

Naina is shocked!!!!

Angad: Because!!!!

Kripa: Becuase why??? Karthik told me too!!!!

Naina is shocked.. and she gets a flashback when Kripa came that day to find Angad and then Kripa was by the door talking to Karthik

Angad: Look i dont want to talk about it!!!!!!!

Kripa is sad!!

Naina is even more sad!!!!!!!

Naina: (herself) Karthik kicked him out of the house?

Okay i will cont tomorrow!!!Edited by guli444 - 2005-08-27T23:50:59Z
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Posted: 2005-08-27T23:55:42Z
Clap awsome guli!!contiue soon
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