Posted: 2005-08-26T17:33:06Z
Angad- rockstar who thinks of kripa as a friend

Kripa- has special feelings for angad and does not realize it

Prithvi- gets in their way

Aaliya- trys to put them together

Josh- helps aaliya out

Kripa and angad are practicing for their new show at angad's house. after they are done angad wants to drop kripa home. aaliya offers for angad to drop her off on her motorcycle. kripa says no because she is too scared. angad and aaliya persuade her and she goes forcefully. kripa starts making frightenes sounds on the motorcycle and then angad had not seen the traffic light before and presses the break really hard and kripa gets so scared that she puts her arms around angad and hugs him. they both look at eachother with lots of love in their eyes that they do't even notice the traffic light getting green and everyone starts honking at them. then angad goes drops kripa home and kripa leaves the bike with a shy thanks.
            then they both do their show. the show was a big success. for the success of the show there is an after party. everyone starts dancing. then some one says that why don't angad and kripa dance a romantic dance alone for everyone since they worked so hard. everyone was yelling do it do it. they finally agreed. kripa was wearing a black dress and angad was wearing a really nice suit. angad then approaches kripa and kripa approaches angad as everyone is watching. then they held hands. right when they held hands to start dancing........

then it happened.

i hope u guys liked how much i did my fan fic already. tell me if u liked it.

o ya and answer this one question along with everything.

should i continue?

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Posted: 2005-08-26T17:38:19Z

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Posted: 2005-08-26T17:40:04Z
wow plz no more suspense plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz do continue
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Posted: 2005-08-26T17:42:17Z
wow please contiue?
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Posted: 2005-08-26T17:53:18Z
that was great, plz continue soon
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Posted: 2005-08-26T22:57:36Z
wow............great...........plz continue........

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Posted: 2005-08-27T10:03:03Z
thanks for the compliments i will continue
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Posted: 2005-08-27T10:04:54Z
aaaw...thats gr8..plz continue soon Big smile
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