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Freezer commotion produces this!

Ice takes strange form after commotion in the kitchen

A second picture of another ice tray in the freezer.

Missing body parts!

Person without a head & leg without a body

Closer view of photo anomalies

Posted: 15 years ago
Floating human face!

Floating head appears in picture


Fabienne also included her alien alter face just for fun. : )

Winchester Mystery House ghost!

Skeletal head in the Mystery house


Posted: 15 years ago
Cremated remains?

This shows up in picture after


Monster in the trees!

Misty form resembling a monster


A pair of green supernatural forms!

To green figures traveling close together

This second picture captures them traveling

Eyes in the sky!

Eyes appear in the sky above the boat

Ghostly Rod appears at funeral!

The tall man with a hat has a Rod going by his chin
This tombstone is watching you!

There is a definite face which makes this stone seem alive

Beam of light appears at accident scene!

Beam of light from heaven after bus accident

Second picture from accident scene

Naked creature shows up in picture!

Image of a naked creature shows up in the picture

Second picture has oddities as well... including this creepy face

Posted: 15 years ago
Non-human "being" caught on film!

Creature is in front of the arrow and walking like a human

Face in the fire - even has hair!

Face coming out the fire looks like John Kerry!


Aliens in the field!
Jose writes, "I found this film clips on a Italian UFO site. They claim somehow that this was from an Italian UFO crash and that the alien survived and could be filmed in secret. I really don't have more information regarding this case. My Italian is not that good. This is all I can give you. Let me know what you think."

We are posting three of the four pics that were sent

Extraordinary capture if they are real

Apparently these were filmed in night vision

Hand pointing at the baby!

Shar writes, "I can make out a flaming hand pointing at my baby!

Looks as if a hand is pointing down at the baby



Posted: 15 years ago
Weathered tombstone appears haunted!
Tony writes,  "This pic was taken at Toowong cemetery in Brisbane, Australia in 2002. I know its not a real ghost coming thru the grave stone, but it has weathered very interestingly. Hope you can include it."

Water stains create chilling image


Face shows up in back X-Ray!

We're assuming this is gasses showing up on the X-Ray : )

No matter what it is... it's creepy!  : )

Suspected Chupacabra chasing a deer!

Suspected Chupacabra caught on film


Image of an angel appears in sunset!

Robin writes, "I'm from a small string of islands in the western basin of Lake Erie and I love to take sun set pictures. My father and I left North Bass Island in his boat bound for the island of Put-in-Bay, just a few miles away, on 11/26/03. As we left  our marina I started clicking away thinking one of the many would turn out to be a keeper. But I didn't take a look at them until we left two days later. At this time my uncle was dieing from cancer and it was hard for us to enjoy the holiday as he was on all of our minds. That night I said a prayer hoping someone would come to me in my dreams (as they often do) to let me know that everything was going to be alright with him. Well know one showed up that night, and to be honest I was a little put out by that. However all of  that changed when we got home and down loaded the pictures and this is what I found, all the other sunset pictures are normal, before and after, as I took about 10 all together with in about a 15 minute period. Needless to say I was dumb struck by this picture the minute I saw it. To me it is clearly an Angel over Lake Erie. Please feel free to post it if you wish."

Image of an angel in the sunset


Motion blurred photo looks really freaky!
Krista writes, "I live in alcoa, TN. Recently my friends and I were taking pictures of ourselves when the weirdest pictures came out. One of which made my friend cry.  Now I don't know if it was the angle of the camera, or the lighting, but it just doesn't look right."

It's motion blur... but look how freaky!

Second photo but without motion blur

Monk appears on Wall of house that burned down!

The image of a monk appears on Wall


Triangular UFO captured on film

William writes, "This photo was taken fall 2003.  Triangular craft hovering silently for approx 5 minutes. It was quite an amazing site."

UFO craft hovering in the clouds


Unusual cloud forms above mountain!

Sarah writes, "I got this picture from my Mother-in-law.  She is studying meteorology in school right now.  I asked her what type of cloud this was and it seems know one knew.  I don't know if that's because they couldn't figure it out or it's an oddity.  Thought it was cool lookin' myself.  Enjoy!"

What a great cloud capture!

Posted: 15 years ago
Might just be the Sun... but wow!
Aaron writes, "This picture was taken early morning as I was spray painting some chairs in my back yard.  The camera was a cheap .5 mega pixel camera.  This picture is unaltered and is original.  My girlfriend immediately spotted the busts and she freaked.  Even if it is just the paint particles reflecting it's very strange isn't it?"

And almost heavenly sight

FInches lynch newcomer!

Bird found hung in his cage


Water slide or water fall?
Patrick writes, "I was visiting your site ,and it reminded me that I took a picture 2 years ago on a holiday in Wales. We where in a place cold, Artist Valley. This was our last picture before we hit the road back to our place. Every time I see it I see a bizarre thing in it, maybe you can use it for your site."

Something interesting in the Falls

Do you see the screaming lady?

Supernatural opening in the wall!

Opening beyond the wall

Creepy photo from old book!
Rib writes, "We found this photo in an old book, and boy were we amazed!"

Activity up above

Widows walk sighting
We don't have an opinion as to authenticity but it looks great!
High flying creature in York, England!
Betty writes, "I took this picture on a recent trip to York (England), and I noticed the strange object in the top left-hand side of the picture. Very strange indeed!"
High flying creature above

Close-up of this unusual flying object

Halloween decorations gone awry!
Margaret writes, "These are just some fun photos I made. The first one was made with Photodelux. It is an enhancement of our Halloween decorations. I love your website, but since viewing it, am afraid to take a photo with a television in it! You never know what is going to pop up!"

Motion was added to these ghost decorations, and what an effect!

Face in fireplace at Whaley house!
Trisha writes, "This picture was taken in the Whaley house. It was taken in the theater room on the wall across from the stage. You can see the face in the fireplace, it's the face of a man with a mustache. Maybe it's Thomas Whaley himself."

The face of a man with a flowing beard

Close-up of ghostly image
Posted: 15 years ago
Haunted Hearse
 (before & after)

This abandoned hearse sat rotting behind a funeral home for 7 years.

The photo on the right displays a ghostly image as hearse is being towed

Pictures of Steve's abandoned hearse after being restored



Addition comments from Steve:
By the way, since I wrote you, another interesting thing has happened. You will notice I have a hand-blown glass Lilly flower vase on the dash. I had changed the flowers out and put some dried, scented flowers in the vase. The next time I went in the car, the flowers had been thrown on the seat. Jim, this is physically impossible due to the vase being mounted vertically on the dash! I guess some one didn't like the scent of the new flowers. No one in my family goes near, nor will they ride, in it.

Meet Steve - Owner and restorer of this amazing hearse
We here at Ghoststudy admire Steve for taking on such an exciting project. And the bonus was, the hearse is haunted!

Steve with his kitty cat... that's right, it's a black cat! :)

Tree growing through the hearse?
Steve writes, "I am attaching another pic with this email which I call the tree shot. This picture reveals the tree in the background that seems to be growing through the car! The closest tree on passenger side is some 30-35 feet away so it is not a reflection. After I saw this pic I tried to replicate it but it wouldn't work. It was pointed out to me that the face of an old black man can be seen in the upper left hand corner of the window as well. The hearse came from a black owned mortuary.

Note the position of the tree

Close-up of what looks like the tree is growing through the car!
Also note that the tree seems to have a face... probably just pixelization though

Our thanks to Steve for sharing his hearse experience. :)

Baby & his guiding Angel?
Elisabeth writes, "My daughter as a school project took this picture of my son from the front seat of my car into the back seat, which is a leather car seat.  You can clearly see a face over him.  Then she took a picture right after and It looks like it is either turning its head or  going away.  He is wearing a jacket, but the hood ends just under the chin.  Some say it is a nun and some people think it is Jesus?  Or maybe it is his guide?  I am looking for some answers as to what it is?  Should I go to the church or will they think I am crazy?"

It very well could be an optical illusion but who can say for sure.

The hazards of smoking!
Esther writes, "The photo I send you is obviously a fake; it was part of a campaign against smoking in the Netherlands. Well done though, I think!"

We're sure this campaign against smoking ad must have helped

Weeping lady tombstone!
Rachel writes, "This is a picture of the "Weeping Lady" tombstone in Parkersburg, WV. I liked the picture just because I thought it was a very sad and eerie tombstone as well as the legend that accompanies it. Legend has it that this "Weeping Lady" takes a stroll around DeSales Heights Academy (another hotbed of haunting which was demolished in 2002). As I was looking at the picture though...I see some figure to the top left hand corner of the tombstone, maybe just an illusion, but creepy none the less."

This stone is stained from what is believed to be from
the tears of the weeping stone lady, as the legend goes

Ghostly waterfall in Malaysia!
Samsuri writes, "Good day. I just received this pic from my friend. Lots of ghost activity in Southeast Asia especially Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. Just see this picture."

Odd looking kid surrounded by ghostly mist as if in a water fall


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