Ishq Samundar - fan fiction

Posted: 2005-08-17T22:17:46Z

Ehsaas – An emotion felt


This new fan fic of mine consists of no misunderstandings and no hatred. It is truly only love.

Here it goes:

Puddles of muddy water surround roads. Clouds of gloom darken the atmosphere. A silver car zooms right into another round of puddles, creating swooshing sounds. The guy inside honks his horn angrily at a car swerving in the wrong direction, trying to suppress his irritation he slams his brakes noticing the now red-traffic light.

Too add to the misery, rain begins to pour harder, making it difficult to see clearly.

He suddenly stops his car in front of a mandir. Whilst getting out something catches his eye. Hoping out of his car, he watches in awe as a girl spins in the rain. Her eyes seem to sparkle, her smiling face vanishes all gloom, her white odhni…awe the guy can't leave his eyes off her. He watches her every movement, lost in her simplicity and beauty.

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Posted: 2005-08-17T22:19:38Z
oooooo!!sounds interesting!!! i like it alot!!conitue conitue....plzzzzzzzz....
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Posted: 2005-08-17T22:22:37Z
lovely! cont very soon! Clap
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Posted: 2005-08-17T22:23:43Z
The girl shakes her hair and turns and BAM she notices a guy staring at her. She looks at him and is strangely attracted to him. she is about to move closer...then changes her mind and goes off signaling a nearby rikshaw to stop.

He suddenly shakes out of his daze, rings the mandir bell, putting his hands together he prays before God's idol.

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Posted: 2005-08-17T22:27:12Z
yes very lovely....plz continue yaar

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Posted: 2005-08-17T22:37:34Z
The guy then zooms off in his car and a few minutes later, he drives in to "Niyati college". Parking his car, he gets out and manages his backpack and enters his college. He walks down the corridor when her hears a female voice sing out

"Angad, Oi idhar"

Angad slings his backpack on his shoulders and scans the crowd, then he notices a slim figure clad in a pink mini skirt and white tank, smiling he jogs upto her.

Angad: what's up, Mushy?

Girl, squinching her nose a tad bit: Mushy, what's this
crosses her arms
jao mai tumse baath nahi karthi

Angad rolls his eyes: okay baba, Mi sh ti teek hai?

Mishti twists her lips: teek hai

They find an empty table in the canteen and dump their backpacks on it, then seat themselves opposite each other

Mishti: Angad abhi math dekho but...
She inches in closer and whispers: Tanya tumhari tharaf dekhrahi hai, mai yaha se pack up karthi hoon okay?

Angad face drains all color. He begins to sweat nervously
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Posted: 2005-08-17T22:45:12Z
Plz contunue.... and change topic so people know it's a fan fic... Wink
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Posted: 2005-08-17T22:47:16Z
Angad face drains all color. He begins to sweat nervously

Mishti gets up and is about to go when Angad grabs her arm. He glances sideways and watches Tanya making her way over.
Angad worried: kya, tum mujhe nahi chodsakti isse musibath batha haina na...kii...

Mishti rolls her eyes: haan ki tumhe ladkiyon se bath karne mai sharm athi hai, yehi na? Ki ladkiyaan tumpar fida hai par tum unhe ek jalak bhi nahi dethe?

Angad grumpily: haan haan wahi...ab please bet jao

Mishti: tumbhi kamaal ke ladke ho, doosre ladko ko dekho woh ek ladki ke saath ek haftha nahi rethe aur tum.sighs!

Angad is about to retort back, his mouth hanging in mid air he watches glazy eyed at the same girl he saw at the temple. She is laughing and joking along with her friends. She touches her hair, her eyes dance around.

Mishti is irritated, she clicks her fingers a dozen times but Angad does not respond:oyye Angad, kaha kho gaye, hello
she waves her arms in front of his face
Angad jolts back to reality, confused: huh?
Mishti hits her head lightly in annoyance
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