Prashant Tamang - An interview

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Posted: 15 years ago

Hi friends,

Javedji's criticism made me win: Prashant Tamang

After Abhijeet Sawant and Sandip Acharya, it is the turn of Prashant Tamang to revel in the limelight. He still cannot believe it, though – still thinks it is a dream. From his chowki to a recording studio – he recalls his journey from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Q. What was your life like, as a constable in a chowki?
A. Nothing like this! The only thing in common between my life then, and my life now, is music. It has always been a part of my life. It has brought me here, and I am happy.

Q. Did you ever imagine that one day you would be here?
A. Absolutely not. In fact, when I had come here to audition, I never imagined that I would win.

Q. You have not only won the 'Indian Idol 3' crown, but also a contract and a car? Which of these is the most precious to you?
A. The love and support of the audience. I am proud that I did not let down those who believed in me. Their joy is my biggest reward. Anybody can earn money, but I have earned both money and made a name for myself. I am excited about that.

Q. What are your future plans? Will you work even harder now to make a mark in the music industry, or will you go back to your previous job?
A. The Kolkata Police Force, where I was working, want me to move forward. I want to work harder. I want to fulfil the expectations of those who have pinned their hopes on me. I want to be a singer. However, I want to meet my colleagues and seniors once – they have given me a lot of support and strength.

Q. Now that you have won the title, what do your family members have to say?
A. They are very happy. My mother has always wanted to see me on television. When I won the title, I called her on stage, and paid my respects to her. That was my most memorable moment.

Q. We have heard rumours that you will make an appearance on either 'Jhalak Dikhla Ja 2' or 'Nach Baliye 3'.
A. (laughing) I know nothing about this. You are the first person who has mentioned this to me.

Q. The previous winners of this title disappeared after a few days of fame? Where do you think you are headed?
A. I understand that this contest is just a platform – an entry into the music industry. This is where we were noticed. The journey has just begun. How hard we work, depends entirely on us. It is not like Abhijeetda and Sandipda are not doing anything. Abhijeetda recently recorded and released his album.

Sandipda is also going to launch his album soon. Karunya and Amit Sana are also launching their respective albums. God willing, I will be able to record and release my own album, when the time is right.

Q. Three judges thought that Amit Paul deserved to be the winner. In fact, Javed Akhtar had once mentioned that you are not good enough to be a contestant. How did that feel?
A. I do not think that Javedsaab said that to belittle me. I always thought his criticism was constructive, that he made comments so that we could improve. He always saw where we were going wrong, and mentioned it. Whatever I am today, I am because of his honesty.

Q. One contestant, Richa Aneja, refused to sing with you, earlier in the contest? How did you feel then, and what do you think now?
A. Yes, I remember. I was a little hurt, because she had not heard me sing, and yet she refused to sing with me. Then I realized that she is a kid, and that was her childishness. I did not take the incident too seriously. It was all sorted out in the end.

Q. How does it feel to be an Indian Idol?
A. Great! I still think I am dreaming, and then I think that my dreams have come true. Responsibilities have increased now. I have to work harder, and be more sincere now.

Q. According to you, is your co-contestant, Amit Paul, a better performer than a singer?
A. He was good at both. I prefer his singing – he has a great voice.

Q. What is your relationship with him?
A. We bonded well at the beginning of the contest, and both Amit and Abhishek became very close friends of mine. I was shocked when Abhishek was eliminated. I missed him a lot.

Q. Are you planning to settle down in Mumbai, or will you go home?
A. I have not decided that as yet. Let's see what the future holds, and I will make that decision accordingly. Right now, I leave it to fate. -Rajnee Gupta







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Posted: 15 years ago

thanks for sharin yaar....abhijeet looks so hot as usuall.
Posted: 15 years ago
Thanks for sharing!

its funny that he is calling Abhijeet and Sandeep, Da "Abhijeet Da & Sandeepda"


as far as I know, Sandeep is younger then Prashant. Big smile
Posted: 15 years ago
i think already posted Tongue ...thx though

Prashant Tamang

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