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Posted: 15 years ago
Originally posted by kissmychadis

Originally posted by saree18

CONGRATLUATIONS!!!!!!!!!PRASHANT YOU ROCK.....................[/B 

And yes kudos to him for sharing his most memorable moment with Amit...sharing the trophy etc....just goes on to show his magnanimous character.........

Wrong!  He only did this because he also realized that the true and real Indian Idol should have been Amit.  End of Story.  When you have Nepalis lining up all night to vote multiple times for Prashant it is inevitable that the results would be exactly this.  You cheat You Win. 

Stop this NONSENSE. Prashant is an Indian, was voted by can argue whether he deserved to be the winner or about the SMS voting system but to imply that he is not Indian or the people residing in that part of India are not Indian is simply pathetic.

And it is ironical that someone living in Canada has audacity to write something like that about an Indian who actually lives in please open your mouth carefully in future. Enjoy life in CANADA...and don't utter such rubbish.

Posted: 15 years ago
Originally posted by Phoe

There is no denying that Amit is a better singer and since he is one - there will be no looking back for him as he has already carved a niche for himself - so people why fret? It is just a competition and it was up to us to choose our Idol and we chose ours !

Agree to most of your points except for the bolded part, but I do respect it as your personal opinion.

However, for me, I did not find either of them better than the other. Their voices are different and their singing is different, and IMO, it boils down to personal taste who likes what type of voice. This was more evident when they went head to head and when there were no judges present to tilt the tides one way or the other. Both the Mumbai and Kolkata concerts and also the grand finale proved this point. As biased as it may sound, I actually found Prashant has more crowd power than Amit. Also if you listen to the Tanhayee song only on audio, there is hardly any difference to note between their singing. Their original song on the other hand, Prashant's version was better. Again, all my opinion only Smile
Posted: 15 years ago
Hi Phoe bahini > wah! wah! What an excellent write up - truly and honestly spoken.

As this person's username suggests: kissmychadis he or she also most probably keep their brains in their 'chadis'

We are proud of Prashant's achievement and his humility and kindness in including his good friend, Amit, in his moment of truimph - that is a true Darjeeling Nepali spirit.

I personally also appreciated all the other contestants but the nature of the contest is that there can only be one winner, and the best person won, period.
Posted: 14 years ago

Originally posted by Humbhhijawanthe

As this person's username suggests: kissmychadis he or she also most probably keep their brains in their 'chadis'

What! You resort to picking on names because you can't win with words?  Your username suggests that you are an OLD FART hense you haven't kissed any chadis in a long time.  (By the way FYI kissmychadis is cafe in London England, but then an old fart like you would not know that)

Shaan Prashant Tamang

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