Journey of Hearts(LAST PART IS UP!)

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okay i lost the link for where i was posting me promo's so i am posting all my promos here and and i am posting the character analysis......


You see a pretty little girl running away from a handsome little boy in fields covered with flowers and fresh green grass. Once and a while you see the girl turn around and stick her tongue out at the boy, and then the camera zooms onto the dashing smile of the boy. The camera points to the sky now, and all of a sudden the sky starts to turn black with gray clouds giving off hard rain. You see the girl stop and look around for the boy but he is nowhere in sight. The rain drenches the girl and out of fear she faints and you see her body sprawled on the wet grass.  The camera keeps zooming towards her eyes and then everything goes pitch black and you hear a scream.


You see Angad playing his guitar to the tune of KYPH and the the lyrics are playing in the background and after 2-3 line he looks up and says, "I love her but I lost her. I have no idea where she is or if she is even alive." End on his sad and confused face.ConfusedCryOuch

Then you see kripa laying in the grass playing with a flower and after 5 seconds or so she says, "He was my best friend and first love, but he left with out saying goody-bye. I had to forget him." And it ends on her sad face.CryOuch

Now you see Prithvi looking at different shirwanies(sp?)(referring to wat Indian grooms where) and he looks up and says, "I am going back to India for my marriage, and she is the nicest person in the world. Sometimes I feel she loves someone else though.EmbarrassedBig smile


You see Kripa crying and saying I just forgot him why did he come back into my life. He had to come when I was about to start a fresh new life, and he is asking for forgivness?? I lost everything in my past…including him. I gave him my heart and he just trashed it…. No!! I am going to start a new fresh life and he will not be part of it!!OuchAngryConfusedCry

And you see Angad drinking away crying his tears. Cry

Then flashes show Prithvi taking his seven pheras with somebody, but you don't see the dulan because her dupatta is covering her face….Big smile


You see kripa talking on the phone to some guy. You don't see his face or any part of him all you hear is his voice. He was like did you miss me?Wink (Guy on the phone=G) (kripa=K)

K-NO!! I was busy with my boyfriend!!LOL

G-WHAT?!? Who is he? I will make sure he doesnt see daylight again!!Angry(with a edge of anger and jealousy to it)AngryConfused

K-(she laughs her childish laugh)LOL did u miss me? Is that why you called?WinkTongueEmbarrassed

G-Nahhh…. I had a couple of girl friends over so we were just having fun….if you know what I meanWink….and i just thought i would check-up on you.....Tongue

K-Its good that you are exposed to other girls besides me… Confused(but deep inside she was wishing it wasn't true and was extremely jealous)

G-Admit it you are jealous…LOL

K-I am not!!!! Anyways I got to go my partner for the singing competition at the academy is going to come early to pick me up so we can practice our steps….Smile

G-(a little jealous and sad he wont be able to spend the day with her) okay but don't get too close to him!!!Confused


G-bye….love you lotsEmbarrassed

K-bye (and kripa was about to disconnect)Tongue

G- KRIPA!!!!!OuchAngry


G-you didn't say I love you back…OuchAngryConfused

K-y should I if I don't love you…that would be lying…(trying to hold her laughter)LOLTongue

G-(angry now)FINE I DON'T LOVE YOU EITHER!!!!Angry(and he disconnects)

K-(feels bad so calls him back)Confusedriiinnngggg rinnngggg…..


K-Its me….Confused

G-What do you want….Angry

K-I am sorry I was just joking…you just cant take a joke… here it is…I LOVE YOU LOTS AND LOTS!!!!Embarrassed

G-(starts laughing) Idiot I was joking too cuz I know you cant stand me being mad at you so i just pretended so you would say u love meEmbarrassedWinkTongue….(and with that he puts the phone down)

K-(kripa just gives herself a cute smile and says to herself) idiot!Smile


You see party preparations going on and then you see the back of a girl walking towards a door and then it follows her and when you open it you see angad looking extremely dashing in a shirwani…. The girl says hurry up bhaiya the ring exchange is about to start!!! Angd just okay I will be there in about 10 minutes the girl says a hurried good-bye and leaves….Then you see Angad shed crocodile tearsCryand say why is this happening to me??Confused


NOTE: THESE PROMOS ARE NOT IN ANY SPECIFIC ORDER!!!! and sry if i spelled some of the indian words wrong!!CryConfused...(ALSO NO ONE IN MY STORY IS EVIL AT LEAST NOT YET THAT MAY CHANGE THOUGHTongue)


    Angad- He is not a superstar yet but he goes to Soul Music academy and he is already done with his first year there. He has his mom(naina) dad(Dillip) and an older brother(Karthik)....Rich like in KYPH
    Karthik-Works at his dad's company and is in love with Mishty but no one knows this.
    Naina-stay at home mom
    Dillip-He and his son organize concerts...
    Mishty Bose-Also loves Karthik but they both dont know they love each other....typical indian type...(not related to prithvi in this) has no siblings and no one knows hse loves Karthik
    Damini Bose-Single mom and loves her daughter mishty a lot
    Prithvi-Lives in the U.S has no parents but growing up he lived with his Aunt and Uncle...He is a fashion Designer
  • Kripa-heart broken girl wants to go to Mumbai to join Soul music acadmy....


hope you guys enjoy the promos and character analysis i will try and start the story tommorow it all depends how much hw i have...

hope you guys like it and pllzzzz doo tell me what you guys think and i would like both good and bad comments that way i know where i can improve!!!


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also i forgot to add that when i start the fan-fic i will continue on this post i wont start a new topic it will be posted on this topic....
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Posted: 2005-08-15T22:25:38Z
Wow!! I cant wait..plz start soon!! Tongue
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Posted: 2005-08-15T22:31:09Z
awesome promos. I simply can't wait to read the story. Continue soon
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Posted: 2005-08-15T22:34:00Z
wow, sounds really interesting, hope you start soon!
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Posted: 2005-08-15T22:36:18Z
thx guys for the wonderfull comments i will try and write out most of it during school so when i come home i can just type it up...i will rly try to start tommorow if not i will for sure continue on wednesday!!
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Posted: 2005-08-15T22:38:04Z
i luved all the promos!! plzz continue with ur story...i cant wait to read it! Edited by baby_princess - 2006-04-16T21:11:34Z
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Posted: 2005-08-15T22:50:08Z
Originally posted by Evee

Originally posted by simplyconfused

thx guys for the wonderfull comments i will try and write out most of it during school so when i come home i can just type it up...i will rly try to start tommorow if not i will for sure continue on wednesday!!

wah kya baat hai! english, math n physics ke beech prem kahani!!! lol

do pay attention to ur studies girl!!....... wow i am acting like a mommy! lol

lolLOL...math we are going to have a study hall so i can do it during that time...I already finished everythin I need to do for English i am actually 2 days i can work on it in those 2 periods and in lunch if i need too...dont worry the classes i need to pay attention to i will cuz i dont want to get banned from using my computer!!Confused

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