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Posted: 2005-08-12T19:25:07Z

Hi guys i am creating a new sinndoor fan fiction that will be combined of characters from zee tv and sony tv with sinndoor characters.

Please Post comments, suggestions or any ideas to encourage me thanks.

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Posted: 2005-08-12T19:27:54Z
mmm..will definetly be interesting! Cant wait! Big smile
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Posted: 2005-08-12T19:37:40Z
sounds interesting, plz start soon, cnt wait
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Posted: 2005-08-12T19:50:27Z

Arun Khanna husband of Uma Khanna a rich business man who loves his family very much is close with his daughters and daughter in laws.  He owns the Khanna Hotels and also he is well known business man for his honesty. At night he has a partner in crime that he spoils very much.

Uma Khanna member of Women Society Club. She has five children two daughter in laws and one soon to be son in law. They are rich family who has taught her children indian values.

Purab Khanna the eldest son of Mr. & Mrs. Khanna. Is strong willed person who cares about indian cultures. He is the owner of the Indian Glamour House in Mumbai. He is happliy married with Jasmeet Walia a.ka. Jassi his best friend who he fell in love with.

Prem Khanna the second child and second son of Mr. & Mrs. Khanna the brat/ comdeian of the family likes to tease very one especially is younger sister Veds. He is serious when it is work time owns Radio Curry in Mumbai. He is happliy married to Kareena who is also a RJ at Radio Curry.

Disha Khanna the eldest daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Khanna is their third child. Is close to her siblings loves cooking, reading, potery and dance. She belives that Indian Women should work after marriage and help her husband. After marriage her last name will be D.k Sehgal. Spoils bebo and laddo. known as sweet dish, dish or disha

Niharika Khanna is the middle daughter and the fourth child of Mr. & Mrs. Khanna. Love her sister-in law her best friend is her Kareena Bhabhi who see shares all her secret with. Has graduated from Oxford University and she is a lawyer and it has been six months that she been in India. She wants to start her law practice in india. know as niks or niharika

Vedika Khanna is the youngest daughter/ child of Mr. & Mrs. Khanna the apple of everyone eye has come to Mumbai for her sister wedding. She has majored in business and is also a doctor. She has graduated  from Standford University in her business / doctore degree. In her spare time she likes to play basket ball and luvs her family very much. Tara is child hood best friend who she shares very thing even though she was in California studying they used email every day to each other. known as ved or vedika

Jasmeet Khanna wife of Purab Khanna the eldest bahu of Mr & Mrs. Khanna and also MA graduate in business course . She is from a middle class family but everyone loves her in husband house. She is the ceo/ model of Indian Glamour. known as Jassi

Kareena Khanna wife of Prem Khanna, second bahu of Mr & Mrs. Khanna, best friend of  Niharika and also is a MA graduate. Is a Rj at Radio Curry. Luvs her in laws very much also likes teasing her hubby and vedika. known as Karu or Kareena

Rohan Khanna is five years old son of Jassi & Purab Khanna his partner in crime is chcha prem & dadji. Attends kindergarten luvs to fight with bebo but they luv each other very much. petname laddo because he likes eating laddo. The apple of everyone eyes. known as laddo or rohan

Karisma Khanna is the daughter of Prem &  Kareena Khanna. Is four years old luvs reading and bugging Rohan and getting him into trouble and spoling his plans and she is dadi's princess her partner in crime is her bua vedika and her uncle pruab. luvs rohan a lot. even though rohan and bebo fight they look for each other and they team up to make fun of  khanna children.  Also the apple of everyone eyes. known as bebo or princess

Tuffy Khanna the family dog who the children are very close to. he is a golden retriever close to dish, niks, ved, jassi, and karu.

Tinu Khanna the family talking parrot who bugs the girls her partner in crime is prem and purab, mr. khanna, laddo, and bebo. says filmi names and songs.

(i will later post some more characters.)


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Posted: 2005-08-12T20:25:01Z
ok lets see wht u can come up with.
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Posted: 2005-08-12T20:54:47Z
a very good start ziddi
plz cont with the first part
i will love to read it Clap
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Posted: 2005-08-13T00:17:20Z

Characters Infomation
Dev Seighal owner of Seighal Industries and father of Vedant and D.K.

Sumirta Seighal mother of D.K & Vedant Seighal is social worker and member of Women society Club. Luvs her two sons very much.

Dushyant Kumar Seighal the soon to be damad of Mr&Mrs.Khanna a rich business man owner of Kanaka Empire future husband of Disha. He has a brother name Vedant. known as D.K. Best friend of Dhruv and Antariksh.

Vedant Kumar Seighal who goes to Mumbai college and it is his last he to finsh his studies. He has a crush on his brother best friend sister Tara since highschool but he is to shy to say something. He is good friends with Ved & Niks.

Raizyada Family are wealthy business well known around the world. Are good friends with the Seighal and Khanna family. Although Vedika and Niks have not meant them but herd lots of good things about them.
Viren Raizyada is a influential business man in the country he childhood friend of Dev.

Kavita Raizyada is strong willed women good friends with Uma and Sumitra also a member of Women Society Club and his looking for two bahus for her sons. She is the head of the Raizyada family.

Antariksh the oldest son of Mr. & Mrs. Raizyada works in the office with his dad. Good friends with Purab and D.K. Has heard lots of good praises about Niks from D.K.

Dhruv Raizyada the second son of Mr & Mrs. Raizyada close to his sister Tara and luvs to joke around with every body that he is close to. Graduated from Berkely University last year and has a MBA degree in business works with his dad and brother. Although he has never meant Vedika or seen her picture he has heard lot of good comments from Tara.

Tara the apple of the eye of the Raizyada family. Luvs vedant since first year of college but she is too shy to say something to him. She is taking a psychiatrist course to help the mentally disabled children. this is her third year in college. Good childhood friend of Vedika.

( I will post episode  reviews of the fan fiction pyar starting tomorrow. feel free to make suggestions and comments )



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Posted: 2005-08-13T05:12:39Z
very very nice
please continue
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