Till death do us part, my fan fic

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Till Death Do Us Part

a story of two individuals Angad and Kripa who have healed themselves by falling in love.




Inspired by the novel As long as we both shall live by Lurlene McDaniel.(I love her)


Part 1

Harshini: that guy is looking at you?

Kripa didn't need to know that there was a guy staring right to her she was in a hospital and was bothered enough by wht was going on with her.

Kripa : please just stop it harshu. ignore him hes a patient and i don't want to talk to him and just let him stare.

Harshini: but look at him hes so handsome i mean god knows what has happened to him?

Kripa: forget it now, listen the doctor will take some more tests of mine and so you have to leave my room  right now.

Harshini: kripa you will be fine!!! challo i'm going love you.

she gave a hug and they parted,   just as harshu left the room this guy with great phisique came in and he walked in Kripa's room and started talking.

the Guy: hello there, I'm Angad Khanna and i find you to be the prettiest girl i have ever met. i like to know you better afterall you are the gurl i intend to marry!!


Kripa was shocked she sumhow thought he was kidding so she tagged along with the game.

Kripa: what makes you think i'm not already married?

Angad: (picked up her hand)no ring? and if you were married you'dd have a different last name.

Kripa was taken back with how much he knew abt her

Kripa: how do you know my last name.

Angad: frankly, the day you came in to the hospital i looked at you and it hurt in my heart i didn't know what that meant but i  knew i had to know abt you, so  the nurses here know me well and i'm an often patient here so they told me.

 his smile  was so infectious and though kripa tried to hide it the corners of her mouth twitched to smile.

suddenly Angad began coughing and it was real hard.

Kripa: Are you okay Angad? thumping her hand on his back

Angad: oh no worries its okay its a normal thing if you have lung cancer.

Kripa was shocked ..........

tell me if you like it guys, i will continue it then.

love Aafreen

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i liked it...please continue soon... Smile
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Posted: 2005-08-09T11:48:33Z
wow!!awsum plz continue
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too good please do continue it dear Clap
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Part 2

Kripa shocked: you have lung cancer, how can you be soo casual abt it ?

Angad: well tht what we are for in this hospital actually i have had it since i was 2yrs and i call it cystic fibrosis its just that my pancreas isin't able to dissolve the mucus in my lungs and so my lungs get clogged all the time and my medicines kept me alive till today.

Kripa: oh god!!!
Angad: don't worry i'm not contagious (with a laugh)
Kripa was blushed because that was exactly what she was thinking of,
Actually kripa thought being sympathetic would only bring his self esteem down so she became empathetic.

Kripa : how do you stand this place i hate it, i hate being in a hospital.

Angad: So do i but i don't think i have much of a choice. anyways why are you here?

Kripa had dizzinness and head aches regularly she didn't want to think or know what she had cos she was very scared abt it..

Kripa: just for a few tests and sumthing.

Anagad: hey the food is here and so is my cart, do you mind me eating with you eating alone is a downer!!

Kripa: only if you stop flirting with me.
Angad: okay okay laughing i will stop it.

Angad: well your tests, they can't be testing you for imperfections your already so perfect!!!

Kripa: do you ever get results with such dumb flirting lines?

Angad: Ouch!i'm wounded. how can you think i'm feeding you with flirtin lines?

Kripa: oh puhleeze your really pushing on me
Angad: sorry!! but whats a guy to do if he sees an angel infront of him,

Kripa: you started again!!!
Angad: i really work hard with my lines, i mean for you its not easy for me to compete with healthy guys.

Kripa couldn't help herself but Angad's charms were working on her.

please tell me if i should continue..
love Aafreen

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Part 3

Angad: so a beauty like you cudn't be without a boyfriend?

Kripa: (Cutely hitting him) Angad your really making me blush alot.
Angad: oho well u look more beautiful to me then but seriously do you have one?

Kripa: no, i don't

Angad: ah then i'm lucky no. 1, nice. So do you have sibblings or the only one

Kripa: yes i'm the only one
Angad: makes sense, I mean how can they follow an act as beautiful as you,

Kripa: your flirting again!!! (cutely)
Angad hitting is head: sorry i lost my head there.

Kripa: hey my doctor and parents willbe here anyminute and your nurse is waiting for you better get going.

Angad: i can see y ur pushing me away, i'm a staright fowrd person Kripa dn i must say i really find you special jokes apart can i call you sumday? okay forget it i'll wait for your answer.

he turned back to kripa and siezed her hand and planted a kiss on it, saying:thanks for the company. I'll be back tomorrow.

before kripa could say anyhing he went from her room,
she kept thinking of his disease and cudn't help falling for him and started smilling to herself.

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guys would really like to know if you'll like it
so tht i can continue
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is there anyone online
guys!!!! r u there?
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