64 Panne: A-K Fan Fic

Posted: 2005-08-08T23:54:49Z
Hey, I am going to be posting this, God knows when but here is a mini trailor.. will post more in the next upcoming parts.. It's going to be short story in each 64 episodes.. so enjoy.. here is the trailor for the 1st one

It was a cold winter night, a girl relaxed on the chair thinking of the memories she spent with that person. She loved him and maybe still does but something within her went cold when she turned around and looked at her window. She saw him standing there with the puppy eyes in his face. She opened the door and ran towards him but as soon as she got to him, he disappeared.. Who was he? What did he mean to her? What will happen now? Find out in the 1st fan fic: 64 Panne: Bewaafa

I will continue with Ajeeb Dastan soon..

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Posted: 2005-08-08T23:58:24Z
Wow, sounds interesting so far. Plz cont. Smile
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Posted: 2005-08-08T23:58:25Z
wow...what a great promo...cant wait to read ur story!!
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Posted: 2005-08-09T00:00:09Z
wow....sound very interesting.....plz continue...

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Posted: 2005-08-09T00:26:50Z
Fan Fic: Bewaafa : Part 1

The night came to a complete stop as a girl walked through the woods with nothing on her feet. She was tired, hungry and angry. She sat on a rock and looked bored. A noise came in and startled her. She kept looking behind but she couldn't quite discover, what it was. Again she got back to her mumbling when someone give her a tap.. She looked up and was angry to see the person. He gave her a smile and sat next to her.

A: Kripa, I am sorry..(Pulling his ears)

K: Angad, It's always the same story, You make me angry and then you come to say sorry?

A: I am reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly sorry..Tongue

Kripa looked at him and smiled. She gave him a hug and then in her sweet voice looked at angad and said...

K: I am hungry, !!Tongue

A: oh Bagghu! You are hungry? What time is it? (He looked at his watch), Oh man, It's 12 am..

K: I don't care, I am hungry and tired and can't walk anymore..Wink

Angad looked at Kripa and smiled. He then slowly lifted her up and carried to a nearby coffee shop. Lucklily the shop was open and they were able to get burgers and some hot coffee..

A: How come you ran out of there?

K: I get bored at this parties.

A: Yea, but this is my life nah..

K: Oh, you just want to go the parties, as they are many pretty girls, who am I?

A: That is not so, Kripa, I love you.

K: Oh yeah, How much? Prove it to me..

A: Theek hai.. Angad took a knife beside the table and slit his wrists. Kripa looked at him shocked and started crying..CryCryCry

K: Angad, Oh my god! Kitna Khoon hai?

Angad looked at Kripa with concern and started laughing.LOLLOL Kripa looked puzzledConfused

A: Arree, Badhu, look at this.

Angad showed Kripa his hand and she moved the knife, There was not enough a scratch there.. Angad smiled and took Kripa in his arms..

A: Jaan, I love you so much... I can do anything for you..

K: Angad, Never be BEWAAFA to me!

A: Kabhi Nahin Jaan.. Ur too special to me..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Angad and Kripa finished their food and left for their homes. The next morning.. Kripa saw something in newspaper that scared her...

Rockstar Angad Khanna aur unki Mistress Prachi Shah
There was a picture of Angad with his mistress Prachi in Bed

Kripa looked at the newspaper and was shocked. She immed called up Angad but his cell-phone was switchable. She ran down the steps and decided to talk to Dadi. It was then, that she heard something that scared her.

D: Angad, is this even true?

A: Dadi, Please, you know me!

D: Of course i do, but then what is this?

A: Dadi, I didn't even touch her

D: Then, how did she get into bed with you?

A: Dadi, I don't know, maybe I was drunk last night

D: Drunk? , What about Kripa?
(This part was muted, Kripa didn;'t hear anything about this)

A: Kripa doesn't need to know this..

D: Yeah she does.. I am telling her

A: Dadi Pls!

Dadi walked out and saw Kripa. Kripa started crying and walked into Angad and game him a tight slap..CryCry Angad and Dadi were shocked.

K: Angad, I told you that never be bewaafa to me, But this is what you have done..

A: Kripa, you are thinking wrong, If you are thinking about the newspaper, then ur wrong.. I love you?

K: Love pls.. Angad, you could love anyone Angad Khanna..

D: Kripa, ek minute..

K: Dadi! Even you! I HATE YOU ANGAD, I HATE YOU...

2 yrs later

It was a dark morning for everyone in mumbai.. The headlines shocked the news out of everyone..

The news read: Angad Khanna, famous rock star passed away yest in a major car accident. God Bless his soul!
One girl franticly ran down the streets hearing this news, she was more thiner than last time and looked more beautiful. Her face looked shocked as she entered Khanna House. Dadi looked at her and smiled..

D: Kripa!

K: Dadi, How is this possible? Please tell me the truth..

D: Kripa, Angad is no more...Cry

Kripa felt like the entire world shook her up..

D: Kripa, Angad told me to give this to you..

Kripa opened the letter and it read....


You never gave me a chance to explain, But I always loved you, I do love you and forever will love you. Dadi and Me were talking about a house, that I was going to buy for you.. The house keys are included, it contains every memory we spent togather. I love you and Hope we meet soon..

         &nbs p;          Angad

Kripa closed the letter and cried. 2 days later, Kripa opened up the doors to her new house, Her and Angad's house, She sat in the rocking chair looking at the memories of the man she loved.  She felt a small chill in her body, she turned around and saw him standing there with his puppy face look. She ran towards him but as usual, he disappared, She cried sitting on the rock, when someone give her a hand, She turned around and was shocked to see him standing there, She looked surprised and shocked..

A: What did you think? I would ever leave you!

K: But but,

A: But, what Kripa, I love you and this was the only was I could prove my love for you..

K: Then the accident,???

Dadi came from behind and smiled..

D: It was a lesson for Naina, Dillip, Kartik and esp You.. Angad can never die without his dadi and his kripa, now can he..

Kripa smiled and gave Angad a hugHug. Dadi turned around and smiled. The screen then went blank............

S: Wow, Mom! This was your's and dad's story..

K: yea beta..Let's go out at the patio.. Dad's waiting..

The little girl ran down to the patio and gave her dad a bigHug and He also gave her a hug back. They then smiled for the portrait..

How was it? I know it was fast paced, but hope you liked it... I will post the 2nd trailor soon...

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Posted: 2005-08-09T00:30:06Z
2nd trailor:: 64 Panne: Mohabbat Ho Gaye He Tumse

The rainy weather brought a smile on his face, the pani puri's brought back so memories, the friendship bands brought back so many lovely moments and a smile brought back thousands of feelings. He smiled at the weather, the world around him, he was more calm and relaxed.. Because he was in love with HIs BEST friend.... or yet he thought so? Find out more in Mohabbat Ho Gaye He Tumse...:)
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Posted: 2005-08-09T00:35:21Z
Clapjenny dats awesome,mindblowing,rocking,fantabulous...dnt hve wrds hney.
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Posted: 2005-08-09T00:48:32Z

wow......its was mindblowing,superb,exllent and Awesome....i just love it....plz contiune yaar...i cant wait it...


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