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Posted: 14 years ago
WOW thats really sad. What did he get in saying that... I mean half of the people watching the show will never remeber his saying that nor will it bring him fame. Dead
Posted: 14 years ago

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Posted: 14 years ago
It was noticed and i did mention it before too. Manohari da is a very reputed musicians and has also coem on Sare stage during Sonu's time, when real talent was appreciated and there was no such drama W=swar%5Fraj&TPN=3 Edited by Swar_Raj - 14 years ago
Posted: 14 years ago
Very Sad to hear about the lie. It smells of sleeze and has lowered the respect for such a composer who would lie so blatantly
Posted: 14 years ago
Thanks for the article

This proves that nobody is perfect..
Posted: 14 years ago
Originally posted by Maya_M

Originally posted by simplyskud

Hmmmm .... this aptly sums up the pathetic state of our music industry .... every tom, dick and harry wants their two piece of glory and fame ... and that too at any cost even if it means resorting to lies, gimmicks and cheap publicities ....

Ouch Ouch Ouch

It is true for every era. If we dissect each single musician or singer then we will find so many such truths. Then as the years pass they become legends and command respect and then have the audacity to say that in their time everyone respected other unlike today's youngsters. Ofcourse fans will defend those legends.

Very true!  reminds me of Nightingale's Peddar road issue Tongue

Posted: 14 years ago
Originally posted by Jaadoogar

Where is the source of this report/article?

Is it allowed to put a made up story or something discussed on other fan club/forum with this kind of title in IF?

Is it in compliance with the rule of the forum?

If there is no source then that should not be allowed, otherwise this section will be full of junkies.... Tomorrow none of the legends will be spared from this kind of concocted story....AngryAngryAngry

I agree. It is okay to point out a mistake or incorrect statement by Ismail Darbar, but to quote Manohar calling him pagal and jhootha - please don't do that unless you can provide a source. If you cannot, then this article shouldn't be allowed.

Posted: 14 years ago

Originally posted by N Sinha

Being a member of Panchamrit club (which comprises of hard core fans of RD Burman), I came across this blatant lie of ID while reading one discussion.
Some time ago when one of the singers was singing Hai Duniya usiki (Kashmir ki Kali) on SRGM 2007, Raj Sodha appeared on stage playing solo on this song on saxophone, It was announced that this is a favourite song of Ismail Darbar,at this juncture,to surprise, ID said that this solo pieces were played by his father on saxophone and even after playing such piece his father could not make much progress in the industry. But the fact is that the piece being discussed was played by our Manohari da (the person who controlled the orchestra of RD for years, a saxophone player & a very respected person in the music industry, everyone knows him in Bollywood personally), one member gave a ring to Manoharida who knew about the incidence through the production team. He  was furious and said that ' Ye Ismail kya pagal ho gaya hai?,Use itna jhooth bolke kya milta hai?.Then he went on to narrate how Shakti Samanta was so happy after recording the song and gave a party after the recording and how he met with an accident driving back to home.He went on to reveal that he knew ID's father Husain,who was never a Saxophone player!!He was a clarinet player,at least at the recordings. It is rather shameful how ID can boast about his father publicly at the cost of Manoharida?
Needless to say quite a few people are enraged in the club and completely mad with this incidence, they actually have talked to the producer of this show (SRGM on Zee) and asked them to clarify on this issue, an article is likely to come up on DNA any day….

**Viewbie - The title of the article has been changed as it may affect the sentiments of the fans of the music director..**

Thanks for this. Can't imagine such a blatant lie being proclaimed in SRGMP. Thanks for exposing. The sooner people realize the real character of these people, the better.

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