22june Update-Twist and face off+ video

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Posted: 14 years ago
22nd June India Update-Twist and face off!!
Brijesh Living room

Brijesh fuming tells Pia that she has no reln with them and she can go ahead and follow her 'dharma'. She can have all happiness but in that there will be no brothers and no reln with this house. Pia crying leaves followed by Saloni. Bhabho tells Brijesh-Nahar to stop her but they don't.


Saloni tells Pia to forgive all for the mean words. Pia ans it was all destined and I married the one I loved. Saloni says u know Brij-Nah they love you a lot and their anger will subside soon. Besides you are doing the right thing and they will realize this and feel proud of you. Pia agrees and leaves.

Brijesh Living room

Saloni tells Brijesh that what he did was not right. Pia came to share her 1st salary. Brijesh ans that as an elder I went to help her but she preferred to leave us. It's not nice that she is doing a small job. Saloni says that she is helping her husband and his fly. After marriage its her duty to support him in happiness and sadness. Brijesh adds that what's the need for her to do a job and why is she spoiling her life with the man who doesn't care. Saloni says I too did job for Samar's operation & u supported me. At Nahar says that's difft but Saloni says it shd have been a problem becoz she is the 'bahu' .And if Sridhar is not fulfilling his responsibility then Pia has taken it. So many women work for difft reasons some for supporting husband, some for children some for parents; there is nothing wrong in this. Saloni says she cant understand what's wrong? Brijesh says he cant tolerate this and by supporting Pia, Saloni ur wrong. Bhabho too says that we believe that Pia is not making a mistake by supporting Sridhar. They are with Saloni. Now Tara and Aditi too come upto Saloni and Brij-Nah-Dheer too are together and leave.

Samar Office

Pia asks a man for arranging a file but he starts to flirt with her asking to go out for coffee and he is great company. He will do anything for her. Abhi sees this and comes and slaps him. Samar comes and asks the man to apologize. The man does and then Samar fires him. Pia asks him to reconsider his decn and not fire him. He has already apologized and now. Samar warns him not to repeat or else next time it will be job loss and jail.

Samar cabin

Samar is sitting when Tanya comes and invites him to her B'day get-together. Samar says he is sorry but he wont be able to come. As Tanya is leaving she gets an sms from Samar wishing her and he says he will come.

MB room

MB is looking at Jewelry and Ambika asks why all this? MB says for my wld be 'bahu'. Ambika says that these are old designs at which MB says the 'bahu' can get them made into new designs. MB say she needs a bahu with good 'sanskar' and one who mixes well with us.

Kaveri Room

Samar is getting ready and Kaveri is pondering where is Samar going all dressed up. Samar asks for his new shoes which Kaveri says are on the terrace. After Samar goes Kaveri checks his mobile and reads sms of Tanya. She then asks Samar where is he going and Samar says he is going for a meeting.

Tanya house

Tanya is talking on phone that its raining heavily and feels sad that her friend cant make it. Just then Samar comes and Tanya sees he is wet and offers to bring a T-shirt. Tanya sees Samar sneezing and takes the towel to dry his hair. While she is doing this Kaveri walks in.

Kaveri comments so this is your imp meeting. Samar ans that had he told her truth she wldnt let him come. And starts her caustic remarks to Tanya that whole day you are with my husband even after this you are after him. Why do you want to steal my husband? Samar says this is all nonsense but Kaveri continues that so u have entrapped Samar and caught a big businessman and how much money do you want to get out of his life? Samar tells her that they will talk at home and drags her out.

Brijesh Dining area

All are having dinner when Saloni serves Brijesh but he stands up and leaves. All are shocked and follow him after Saloni.

Brijesh Living room
Saloni says she knows he is angry with her. Brijesh ans that she doesn't understand he has treated Pia like his own child. When she cldnt sleep as a child he wld hold her on his shoulder whole night and sign lullabies. And Saloni hid her tears from him and let Pia destroy her life.

Saloni says Pia didn't allow and gave her swear (kasam). Brijesh says that u cld have taken me into confidence. Today Pia did not come to us and this has shocked me. It feels as if my body part has been severed. Bhabho says we understand ur pain but here Pia is right. Brijesh says that  they are supporting the wrong issue and Saloni is wrong.He can no longer ignore her mistakes. Bhabho ques what mistakes by Saloni? And she has never taken a wrong decn or step. Brijesh says that ur all blinded by Saloni's love. Today whatever the condn Pia is in for this Saloni is responsible. Nahar asks how is Saloni responsible for this? Brijesh replies that without informing us Saloni got Pia marry Sridhar. And Sridhar turned out to be a worthless person giving pain to our sister. Our sister broke off relns with us and all this happened due to Saloni's sanction.

Saloni cries.

Must watch for Kaveri-Samar face off. And poor Saloni being blamed. But lets see how she gets out of this blame.

Next Week: Abhi has flowers and is contemplating how he will tell Pia by saying that "jis din se tumko dekha hai meri raato ki neend" but finds it filmy and then decides he will casually say "I love you".

 video link thanks to DhDude


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Posted: 14 years ago
thxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Clap
Posted: 14 years ago
thanks LavanyaDi, can't believe what Brijesh is doing Ouch
Posted: 14 years ago
Thanks so much Lavanya. The story is getting interesting now
Posted: 14 years ago
Thanks for the nice update!
why Abhi would such thing? Is he blind...did he not see Pia's sindoor?
Posted: 14 years ago
lav thanks for wondefurl amzaing fantabulous detail update. I always enjoy your updates and was missing them when you were away thank god you are back.Your episodes are like describe all the scenes so if it a bad episode one does not have to watch video.
Saloni at blame again. Saloni did not help pia get married. pia told her after she got married. Where did brijesh get this idea.pia ran away and called saloni.
why dot ehy always have to make saloni sacepgoat for everyhting.
What love brijesh is talking about. If he had love for sal he won't be blaming her.
Posted: 14 years ago
Thanx 4 the update.
Why is Saloni blamed 4 everything?

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