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Write guys, since no one is actually posting any story – I'll try to write something


Arjun is in the bathroom having a shower, he realises that he has forgotten his towel (ok I know this is a bit filmy- excuse my poor imagination)……, he shouts out 'Bhavri….Bhavri….kaha ho tum???!!..bavri, I've left my towel on the bed, get it for me, hurry please. I'm getting late'

Bhavri is in the kitchen preparing food for the family, she's running around trying to find some flour- her face smurred with white chapatti flour she realises that she has to give arjun his new shirt she bought for him….without looking she runs upstairs towards her bedroom were she bumps into manasvi on the stairs….'bhoomi, where are you running of to? And your face (she laughs), Ahhh, now I know, you're running up to arjun? Huh? Acha acha, you go, I'll manage downstairs' manasvi giggles and continues walking down the stairs.

Bhoomi then hears arjun calling her 'Bhoomi, itta time kyon lagaya?'- confused, bhoomi runs into the bedroom and sees shefali handing the towel to arjun. Arjun does not see who has handed the towel to him and then closes the bathroom door.

Bhoomi has a look of anger and sadness on her face and she stands at the door way staring into shefali's eyes..'why are you looking at me like I have committed some crime? Its actually YOU who did the crime, you came in between two lovers! Arjun loves me, when he closes his eyes he sees me, when he is asleep I come in his dreams! Not you!! I'll see to it that he leaves you'- with that, shefali sneers at bhoomi and starts to make her way out of the room.

'stop', bhoomi hold on to shefali's hand ' who do you think you are? I can't be bothered to tell you about mine and arjun's relationship as it is obvious to everyone, but I want to warn you to stay away from us…and this is my last warning, otherwise I will…'shefali then pulls her arm  and says 'really, what will you do? You and arjun don't even have a patni aur pati ka rishta, and you're telling me to….' Shefali stops mid way and turns around to look at arjun, who is now standing with his vest and trousers on.


well, it stops there…how do you like it ?? shall I continue,lol

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continue plssssss it was nice
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this is the next part of the story (fan fiction)continued………………………………………………………………………………………


'shefali, how dare you, it is none of your business, me and bhoomi are husband and wife and…….' Arjun comes to an abrupt end when shefali holds on to bhoomi's mangal sutra.


'yeh mangal sutra tumne sirf isliya bhoomi ko pehnaya, isko badnaami se bechane keliya!! (the only reason you put this mangal sutra around bhommi's neck is so that you could save her from further humiliation) arjun, you don't love bhoomi, you love me, that's why you and bhoomi don't have a pati aur patni ka rishta!!' shefali pulls harder on the mangal sutra and as she is about to pull it off, arjun grabs her hand, at this point bhommi is shocked at the same time crying.


'shefali, bhoomi is my wife and my friend and I will not tolerate anything against her. I love her and she is my present and future. Now could you please leave!' Arjun looks at Bhoomi and gives her a reassuring smile.


Shefali bursts out crying and storms out of the room.


Arjun leaves the room  (with his shirt on of course,lol) and tells Bhoomi 'I might be late today, so have your dinner because I don't feel like holding my ears and begging for forgiveness today' as he says this, Bhoomi giggles and wipes her tears nodding her head softly.


…………………………………………………………….NEXT SCENE…………….


Bhoomi is washing her hands after massaging her grandfather's feet (baisa's husband, I can't remember his name), at the same time she is looking in the mirror and smiling to herself, she remembers the memories between her and arjun.


'Bhoomi, Bhoomi, kaha ho tum?' manasvi is looking around in bhoomi's room trying to find Bhoomi.


'bhabi' Bhoomi comes out of her memories and walks towards manasvi, 'Bhoomi, we're all invited for dinner at the Malhotra's, its baisa's orders that we should all go as they are old friends, Mr malhotra's son is getting married today.'


'bhabi, I don't know about arjun, he said he would be a little late. But I can get ready and as soon as he comes, I will bring him with me. I think all of you should go first, we'll come later'. Manasvi smiles and gives Bhoomi a gold and maroon saree with a gold necklace and earrings . 'Here, take this, Baisa has told me to give it to you. You will look beautiful in it, I will be wearing a silver and blue one'


Boomi accepts the gift from Baisa and feels the embroidery on the saree, 'bhabi its lovely, thankyou. I'll wear this and go to the party' Bhoomi is still looking at the necklace and then looks up at manasvi and gives a confused look. 'Bhabi, why are you smiling?' Bhoomi gives manasvi a curious look. 'Bhoomi, baisa says that arjun will be very tired when he comes back, and going to the party will exhaust him. So, we decided that you should stay back and wait for arjun and both of you should go as a couple to wish the newly wedded, some other time' manasvi then holds onto bhoomi's hand and says ' umm, as for the saree, you can wear that today, since you and arjun will be home alone tonight I think it's a good idea for you two to get to know each other better' manasvi gives a small smile and walks off.


 (The romantic music plays in the background)


Bhoomi remains standing, almost unable to digest the words that manasvi had just said, she then shakes her head and pats her hand on her head and starts to laugh.

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Clapgr8 goin bubbles we all r njoying so keep posting hney...u rock babes
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Keep it up bubbles!
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the second one is good.. malhotra n sons.. wat ideas.. Clap
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oh gr8 going bubblessss... its realy nice keep it up..Big smile
luv, eshah
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