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~*As the Sindoor FF has reached 100 pages and its full of comments,Khushi, Sumayya and I thought it will be easier for New members to read the episodes here without the comments. Full credit will be given to the writers!*~

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.:Special thanks to V.S.R.K (Bomby,Sumayya, Khushi and Reema), Mehraal,**lil_playa**,Indian101[Nirali],Akalra,guli444, Khushi K,Miss England02 [Manisha], Iluvdruve and Maisha88 [Maisha] :.

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EPISODE 1 they have got married, its their suhaag raat....or is it??? LOL

Vedika is all dressed up in her wedding outfit, and sitting on the bed...rather uncomfortably. Dhruv comes inside and sits on the bed next to her Embarrassed....Both are quiet for a long time, then....

Dhruv: I think we both realise that we aren't happy with this marriage, so it's ok if you don't want know let me touch you Embarrassed

Vedika: (under her breath) Its not like you are doing a favour on me

Dhruv: Sorry? What did you say?

Vedika: (turns round to him) I SAID...YOU ARE NOT DOING A FAVOUR ON ME!!Angry

Dhruv: Excuse me, but I have no intention of touching you anyway Angry

Vedika: Good

Dhruv: No....Very GoodLOL

Vedika: Fine

Dhruv: Fine!! LOL

Vedika: Ok, so you can sleep on the sofa, I'll sleep here

Dhruv: No way, Angrythis is my bed...I will sleep here and you can sleep on the sofa

Vedika: Look i'm not in the mood to fight with you, if you don't listen to me then I will shout for mummyji...

Dhruv: Whatever!!! [and just when he's taking the pillow and heading for the door....someone KNOCKS on their door]

Both Vedika and Dhruv look at eachother. Dhruv opens the door, and Kavita is there.

Kavita: Whats all this noise about? You guyz weren't fighting were you?? and of all days...Today??LOL

Dhruv: No Mum.  I was just telling much I love her (and turns to vedika angrily AngryLOL, she also pulls a face)

Kavita: Thats ok then. I wish you two are always like this....tum dono ko kisi ki nazar na lagjaye.

[Then she calls Vedika to stand next to Dhruv, so Vedika does hesitantly]

Kavita: What a perfect pair Embarrassed [She looks at them admiringly] Ok, i better go now, sorry I disturbed you Embarrassed

Both Vedika and Dhruv smile as Mummyji is going out, and as soon as she shuts the door behind on her....Ved and Dhruv turn their backs towards eachother and fold their arms.LOLLOL



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Its night time both Dhruv and Vedika are asleep..Dhruv on Sofa & Vedika on bed. Suddenly it starts to pour down with rain and thunder

Vedika gets up scared-

Vedika : Dhruv Dhruv!! Look something is happening outside


Dhruv: Snores LOL

Vedika gets up and pushes Dhruv until he wake up LOL

Dhruv: Wat…wat r u doing? (he says all angrily)


Vedika: Im really scared


Dhruv: Why? Oh….hahahaha..the thunder. So..what can I do?


Vedika: You're my husband, ur supposed to protect me


Dhruv: Laughs..protect you, okay I will but first let me touch you…hahahaha..just joking LOL


Vedika: Oh forget it! Vedika gets up and sits on her bed and turns the lamp on and sits on her own in the darkness


Dhruv: Looks at Vedika sitting on the bed looking all sad (thinks to himself…"if I was allowed to touch her…I would give her a hug, shes not bad looking LOL…aww but who cares, I need my  beauty sleep")


Vedika:  Thinks to herself...Oh god..wat kind of husband have u given me? With this thought Vedika turns off the light and trys to get some sleep with the rain still pouring down…and with Dhruv snoring in the background..



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Episode 3

Next Morning:

Dhruv comes out of the bathroom, with wet hair Embarrassed and notices Vedika is still asleep. He shakes his head, and goes towards her.

Vedika is sleeping peacefully, looking like a pretty doll....awwww. Dhruv stands over her head and for a few minutes stares at her dreamily EmbarrassedEmbarrassed.......still staring....

Suddenly Vedika opens her eyes:

Vedika: What you looking at?

Dhruv:Nothing [coming out of his day dream]

Vedika: Yes, you were [She gets the duvet, and pulls it towards her as she is scared Dhruv might do something]

Dhruv: [Quietly] Pagal!

Dhruv laughs and walks out.Embarrassed

Its breakfast time, and the whole family is there. Vedika comes quite late...

Titli mami: Vedika, you seem tired...seems like you didn't get to sleep last nightLOL.

Dhruv: The thing is mami, your bahu gets scared of little things very quickly, for instance 'thunderstorms' LOL [Dhruv turns to Vedika,who is looking really angry]

All start laughing. Vedika gets angry and storms off to her room.

Kavita: Dhruv, look what you have done...go and say sorry

Dhruv: But Ma...

Kavita: No Ma....just!

Dhruv goes to their room, where Vedika is sitting on the bed looking hurt and angry

Dhruv: Look Vedika, I didn't mean....

Vedika: You didn't mean to what?? You have no right to insult me like that. Angry

Dhruv: Aren't you taking this a bit too far...I didn't say that much.

Vedika: Look, I know what you are like. So its better if just stay away from me, Got it? Angry

Dhruv: Fine, I don't even know why I bother. I just came because mum told me otherwise

Vedika: Then just go!

Dhruv goes from there and slams the door!!


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Episode 4

When Dhruv walks out of the room...

kavitha asks: Everything ok?

Dhruv: yes, maa everythings fine

Viren: Dhruv, son i think you should get read for office or you'll get late

Title mami: Hai hai...why are you sending him to office one day after his marriage..."uske to death he ho jayenge" LOL

Dhruv: No no mami, its okay. I have nothing better to do at home!

Dhruv enters his room again to get ready, Vedika is still sitting on the bed..she doesnt look at him as he enters. Dhruv searches the cupboards for his suit..he finds it and takes it out and leaves it on the bed.

Vedika notices the suit is not when Dhruv goes to the bathroom..she starts to iron it.

Vedika: Thinks to herself (Atleast this will make him happy...god hes so hard to please LOL)

Just as she is lost in her thought she notices she has burnt a hole right through his suit! LOL She doesnt know what to do, she just quickly leaves the room.

Dhruv comes out of the bathroom..with only a towel on Embarrassed and looks at his burnt suit..he is VERY angry!

Dhruv: Vedika..Vedika..he shouts..he goes outside his bedroom and there he finds Vedika

Dhruv: Did you do this?

Vedika:, not exactly

Dhruv: I asked did you do this???

Vedika..yes..i only wanted to help

Dhruv: Help you call this know what ur useless!

He leaves the room and enters his own leaving vedika in tears...Cry Vedika thinks to herself..he looks pretty hot in a towel LOL But shes still in tears...

Writer: SRK_RULZ [Khushi]

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Episode 5

Dhruv comes back from the office quite late, he goes to the bedroom and stands over Vedika and looks at her while she is asleep. As he is about to leave....Vedika takes his handEmbarrassed and....

Vedika: Sorry

Dhruv: [Smiles] Its ok...go to sleep

Vedika gets up and turns the light on

Dhruv: [Sits down next to her]Just be careful next time,ok?

Vedika: Next time?? Believe me there won't be a next time [Laughs lightly]

Dhruv: I'm not that bad you know, sometimes i just get angry. Anyway your temper is just as bad, remember you lost it when i joked with you.

Vedika: Yeh, I guess...So we're good?

Dhruv: Yep. Ok so can you just heat up the food while i freshen up. I'm really hungry...

Vedika: food??? Confused

Dhruv: Why, whats wrong?

Vedika: Everyone thought you would have eaten,so.....its all goneConfused

Dhruv:Fine.... you don't bother phoning me to ask where I am, if i have eaten or not? And you assume I would have eatenAngry

He heads for the bathroom...Vedika feels bad. Embarrassed

When Dhruv returns in his pyjamas, he see's food on the table....NoodlesLOLLOL

Dhruv: [Smiles]....Noodles?

Vedika: Thats all I could make for you in 5 minutes. If you don't want it then [....just about to take it away]

Dhruv: No No....what are you doing. Bahut bhook lagi hai....i'll have anythingLOL

Dhruv starts stuffing his face with the noodles LOL...and doesn't realise that he has some sauce on his face...

Vedika: Atleast eat properly, you have sauce on your face.

Dhruv: Oh,sorry. [He wipes it off] Vedika You are sounding like my wifeLOL

Vedika: Thats because I ....Embarrassed

Vedika doesn't complete the sentence, when she realises what she was about to say.[Remember, they don't take eachother as hubby-wife]

Writer: DKDISH [Reema]

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Episode 6 Embarrassed

Next day- The Raizada khandan have to go to a wedding. Everyone is getting ready in their rooms.  Vedika is half undressed Wink (she's just got her sari's skirt on ..and the blouse buttons are open) The door opens slowly and Dhruv walks in softly...He sees Vedika in such a vulnerable state..and is mesmorised by her innocent beauty Wink

Vedika (trying to hook up her blouse) : Ouch..(she can't reach the top hooks)

Dhruv: (smiles and says to himself) When she's not showing her attitude, she's pretty cute.

Vedika looks up at that moment and in the mirror she sees Dhruv staring at her) Tum Angry (She grabs the dupatta and covers herself totally) Can't u see Im getting ready Angry

Dhruv: Im not that old that I can't see LOL

Vedika: Moo fero Angry Turn around!

Dhruv: Kyu LOL

Vedika: What do u mean 'kyu' Angry

Dhruv: This is my room! I have all the right to look at whatever I want LOL

Vedika: Acha tum apna haq jata rahe ho Angry

Dhruv: (walks up to the bed, kicks his shoes off and sits down) Don't make a fuss ..Jaldi karo..we'll be late!

Vedika: (shocked and annoyed): Tum jao bahar..I can't get ready with you in here..(she holds the dupatta round herself more tightly) LOL

Dhruv: (stands up and goes behind her with a sweet smile) If I go..then who will hook your blouse? LOL

Vedika: (trying to be ziddi) Im not a kid! Angry I will do it!

Dhruv: Haan haan..tum karlogi ..lekin (gently removes the dupatta from Vedika's body) Wink

Vedika: (weakening) Tum..tum..Don't ..touch...

Dhruv : (completely removes dupatta and starts buttoning her blouse..slowly)..Shhh Wink

Dhruv finally finishes buttoning..and he slowly turns her round so that she is facing him..his hands on her shoulders Wink She looks up..her eyes are filled with suprise shock..and his eyes are gazing into hers...

Suddenly...theres a knock on the door....

Writer: Sumayya

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Episode 7

Dhruv goes to open the door and there he sees his childhood friend Aarti standing before him.

Aarthi:Hey dhruv!! U got married and didnt even tell me..wat a surprise u gave me and today ive given u a surprise havent i? LOL

Dhruv: And what a great surprise it is...he steps forward and hugs Aarti..(At this point Vedika is just staring at both of them with a little jealousy in her eyes LOL)

Aarthi: Enters Dhruvs room.."And this must be ur lovely wife, god i must say she is pretty..lucky u!" Aarti faces vedika "Vedika, Vedika...I must say u r indeed very lucky, in college every girl died for Dhruv"

Vedika: Me and lucky?..(laughs softly) Ved turns her back on Aarthi..."I must be getting ready now"

Aarthi: Oh yes of course..the wedding, i have also been invited, so ill be accompanying you guyz!

Vedika: Thinks to herself..."Great" In a sarcastic tone Wink

Dhruv: Okay Aarthi lets go and let Vedika get ready.

..Dhruv & Aarti walk out of the room together hand in hand

Vedika is left alone Ouch Thinks to herself..."stupid Aarthi, spoilt all the fun!" Angry

So basically this new character Aarthi is loud and happening...but in Dhruv's eyes shes only a friend...but in Vedikas eyes to Dhruv shes more than a friend

Writer: SRK_RULZ [Khushi]

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