A new fan-fic:ek nahie kahaani -- part 21

Posted: 2005-07-31T22:01:34Z

i've heard lots of great fan fics so i thought why not give it a shot. it's my  fisrt  try so plz bear with. in my story there are no villians.

a bit about the charaters.


Kripa:age 23. as rich as anged. she loves prithvi and is engaged to him. She is a sweet, kind, fun loving girl.

Mishty:age 24. Karticks wife. she help kartick in buissness. but mostly a house wife.

Gayatri: Married to Suryabhaan. she has 2 daughter that she is very close to.

Suryabhaan: A big indrustrilist(spelling). just recently won the best buissness man of the year award. Wants the best for his family.


Damani: same as in the show.

Prithvi: same as in the show.

Aliya: loves lifes.loves her family. believes that one should forget the past in the present and not care about the future.


Naina: loves all her sons the same. doesn't choose between them. OPPOSITE of what she is as in the show.

Dilip: Own 3 music academies.2-3 studios,and has 3-4 buissness around india. A big buissness man. proud of all his sons. wants his son JOSH to join his buissness.

Kartick: loves his wife Mishty. just like in the show looks over angads career. a better person.

Josh: doing MBA in america. (will enter later on)

Angad: a famous rockstar, a hearthrob of many girls. A flirt. Believes in love. Believes that one day he will meet his miss. perfect. Kripa's best friend.

plz tell me how u like it so far. i will try to post the first part later on. 



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Posted: 2005-07-31T22:08:22Z

Hey!!!!!!!!!. it's very very nice.

Continue soon.

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Posted: 2005-07-31T22:24:03Z
cant wait for you to start it!!
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Posted: 2005-08-01T13:09:06Z
i love it continue!Clap
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Posted: 2005-08-01T17:11:31Z

sorry guys i'll post in 30 mins.


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Posted: 2005-08-01T17:12:54Z



Take Care



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Posted: 2005-08-01T18:05:21Z

part 1  



 We see a women doing the morning pooja, but her back is to us. then she finishes and turns around and we see the womens face, its kripas mother. she walks forward and give the aarti to a man(whoose back is towards us). he says shukria.

Kripa mother = G

G: aacha kripa kidar hai. 

S: sohari hogi

G: ab tak, main uske jaga kay athi hoon.

and she leaves toward kripa room. just then the guy turns around and says: rahne do (we se the guys face its subrayban).

Kripa's room.

now we see a person on the bed covered in bed sheets. just then an alarm rings. ALARM: good moring, good moringLOL  

the person tries to shut it but it starts agian. now the person is mad so the person grabs the alarm and throughs it at the wall. just then kripa mother comes in and says: KRIPA yeh kya kia, aacha choro or uto.

k: par mama

trying to pull the bedsheets of kripa. G: kripa main kuch nahi soon na chaati hoon. chalo uto

K: time kya howa

G: kripa it's 11

k: KYA!!!

kripa pushes the bedsheets of and now we see her sweet face. she runs into the bathroom and takes shower and come out 30mins later wearing a black tank top, and blue jeans. she quickly goes down stairs trying to wear her shoes. shes about to run out of the door when her mom calls her from behind: kripa beta kuch ka to lo.

K: mama muhje prithvi se milna tha yarra baje. or already barra baj gaye hain. agar main ab nahie gaye to wo mere bara bajade gaLOL 

G: juice to peello

K: baad mein. saying this she leaves.

Gayatri to herself: ye ladki be na

mishty came to meet gayatri and on her way in she bumps into kripa.

K: hi di, bad me baatein karte hain. she says this and runs toward her car.


K: bye di.

i know that was a bit boring. but thats all for now i'll cont. later.

plz be free to post ur comments.  cuz i want to know if u guys like it or not. bye, lil



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Posted: 2005-08-01T18:06:57Z

wow...thats was good...


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