Saarrthi ReUnion Bash- All Pls Read

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Posted: 15 years ago
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On the Occassion of Arjun Bhoomi Reunion, IF members are invited to participate in the Saarrthi ReUnion Bash...Admins, GM's, CM's and all IFians Please Join us...
Please Join us as we celebrate Arjun and Bhoomi's ReUnion after a long separation...We hope that All Saarrthians wouldd ReUnite as well, including those who left with Bhoomi when she n Arjun separated...We have cum a long way...Having to bare Shefali win over the truth.  It was a long n tough ride, n during that period many of our dear Saarrthians left finding the track not so interesting...But now cums a time to Unite just like Arjun n Bhoomi n what better way to make a cum back then to join in the celebrations!!
 Starting from Monday, May 21st
 At Saarrthi Forum
It's simple! In the ReUnion thread state who u r cuming wid, wat u r wearing n start the PARTY! Enjoy the goodies, fill ur tummy up wid the special menu or grand buffet, n shake urselfs up on the dance floor all night long! Even hav the DJ play ur favorite music how many ever times u want....
We need members to volunteer for taking up the role as
**If u wish to take up one of the roles pls PM me (rajeev4aamna) ASAP, so I can explain the rules n instructions**

 Live your favorite moments wid Arjun and Bhoomi and share it with your fellow Saarrthians
 Share your feelings and wishes with your fellow Saarrthians on Saarrthi's hottest jodi Arjun n Bhoomi
 Ever disliked a scene btw Arjun n Bhoomi? Wished that scene didnt happen? Sumthing u dislike abt a particular scene..well this day All Saarrthians can share a scene they disliked btw Arjun n Bhoomi...Be it a scene where there was romance n their chemistry didnt show up or was a scene where they fought...Share it all on this day!

Also you can discuss what u wish to c next on Saarrthi? Romantic scenes btw Arjun n Bhoomi? Some other characters in the spotlight..Be the first to share your wishes n thoughts for the next track...The one to guess the right next track in Saarrthi will win the title of "Saarrthi's Best Predicter"
Missed ur old buddies on SF? Well u got the weekend to catch n spice up this thread wid news, msgs for all ur Saarrthi buddies and become a Saarrthian once again.

But WAIT...Thats NOT ALL... On Monday, May 28 U might b a winner for the following Contests

  Best Dressed- U like to dress trendy n all fashionable... This award might jus b the one for u...Cum to the ReUnion in ur most desirable outfit n show off ur style n beauty! (Dresses frm the net r allowed, dolls r also allowed, as well u can sketch ur own dress n display it in the thread)

Best Couple- Ever wished to b wid a celebrity? Crazily looking for a chance to b wid him? Well YOU hav it...Cum wid ur fav celebrity, b it of Hollywood, Bollywood, Lollywood n even Tellywood...Its your chance! Show off your hottie n enter to win the best couple award wid him...But remember first cum first serve...You cant hav sumones who already been taken (The couple list will b updated frequently for All participants to know whos reserved)

  Active Dancer- like to shake a leg? Got the skills that it takes to blow off ppl frm their feet...This is jus the award that fits You..Go crazy n dance all night long

Party Rocker- Love parties dont u? Ppl jus love to invite u cus u light up the place anywhere u go..U r so qualified for this award!

Chatter- Cant ever stop talking or even wanting to talk can u? U can hav endless conversations n still feel u got lots to say...Dont u think this award is the perfect one for u?

Most Active Basher- Till theres a party, ur there...The participant who stays active all throughout the bash, joins in activities, n lets members knw they r around will win this award!

  Funniest Rocker- U so make ppl fall off their chairs by laughing cus u got the funniest n most silliest things to say that'll make anyone laugh! The one to share jokes, b it of characters in Saarrthi or forum incidents, u got ur title! (Pls note no bashing! b it of actors, character, or other forums...Rude comments will not b tolerated n after a warning the member who continues will b asked to leave the party!)

The Awards will be decided by the Saarrthi Dev. Team and the dev team will not eligible for the awards!
Also note the ReUnion Bash n Schedule for the Week r two separate things...The ReUnion is a party held in happiness of Arjun n Bhoomis ReUnion n hoping all Saarrthians wud return to SF whereas the Schedule is a list of activities/discussion that will b happening in Saarrthi Section for that week :)
If u hav any further questions or r confused regarding sumthing, Pls feel free to contact:
Teesha (rajeev4aamna)
Pinky (pinkykhan)
Maleka (Lois_Lane)



Edited by rajeev4aamna - 15 years ago
Posted: 15 years ago

awww me da very first to join da bash!well count me in... Wink
ok soo am having boy cut soo its but ovious tht salwaar suits or skirts wont suit me nd also i dont wear dam nd had not wore 'em abhi tak LOL
i am coming in da party wearing red t-shirt,nd white cargo,along with a broad band hand watch ...

pics for u to imagine me in dis dress:

my t-shirt:


my cargo:


nd now my shoes:

lol just da dress was asked nd i posted what eva am gonna am wear it...dese is what da perfect things especially da dress nd shoes in which i think i would be able to shake my legs hard nd bold da dance floor....


Edited by aditisilawat - 15 years ago
Posted: 15 years ago

i would be coming with karan aka arjun in da party...ahhh me da first to reserve da celeb soo he's being reserved for me nd only me and if karan is gonna come he's surely gonna invite neha devi singh aka arjun's first bhavari nd if bhavari will come how can she forget to invite romanchak aka her bro...soo am coming with da three celebs!they all r reserved by me!

karan---------------------------------------  &nbs p;         &nbs p;        






Edited by aditisilawat - 15 years ago
Posted: 15 years ago
welcum shelcum Aditi...

me wearing

m cuming wid

can we hav sum music Embarrassed lets get the party started DancingEdited by rajeev4aamna - 15 years ago
Posted: 15 years ago

Aditi - Karan, Neha n Romanchak
Teesha - Rajeev
Mariyam (karan neha4ever) - Vivan Bhatena and Neha Bamb
Pinky - SRK
ankuhujulover - Husein..Juhi..Tina
sujal_kashish - IQ(Iqbal Khan)
Maleka - Tom Welling - Erica Durance - (who is the other guy Maleka)
and Sorry SRK is already taken by me.
faiza111 - Suhit
Simy - Hritik
kaash - sallu.eijoo,ram,john (Karan and Iqu are already taken Sorry)

Please remember the reserved celebrities can not be chosen by someone else...So b the first to cum n reserve ur favorite!
Edited by pinkykhan - 15 years ago
Posted: 15 years ago
my dress

Me Coming With              Vivan Bhatena
                                     Neha Bamb
Posted: 15 years ago
Me wearing this

Coming with:

Posted: 15 years ago
wowwwwwwww dis s so dress laters Big smile

im cuming wid Husein..Juhi..Tina Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed

yayyyyyyyy congrats guys.....its party tymmmmmm Big smile Big smile

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