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hey every1 dis is ma first time writing any fanfiction. hope yaal like it. n if u guyz find any mistake or if u can think of a way i should change it den plz do tell me.


Dhurv- 23

Dhurv Rizada
Dhurv is from a well known rich family. His mother name is Kavita n his dad name is Viren.He got on sister whos younger den him. her name is Tara. His family is really gud friends wid Khanna's family. Dhurv bestfriend is Suraj Khanna n his other 2 gud friends are Vedika Khanna n his sister Tara.  Dhurv n his friends go to same college. Dhurv is one of the most famous n popular guy in college. Most gurls in school are after him. some for his money, some fo his looks n some so dey could be know around da school. Dhurv is enjoyin his life but hes still lookin for the right gurl who will love him for who he is, not for his money or for his looks.

Tara Rizada
Tara is Dhurv sister. shes pretty and from a rich family.(which means boys are after her like gurls r after her brother) sher loves her family alot. shes really popular in college. Her best friend is Vedika Khanna. Tara likes Suraj whos her brother bestfriend and her bestfriends cousin. Except Vedika no1 knows dat Tara likes Suraj. she havent told suraj about how she feels about him because she is scared of what he might say's n shes scared to know how he feels about her.

Vedika  Khanna
Vedika  live wid her parents n cousin. She is also from a well known rich family. Her mom name is Uma n her dad name is Ranvir. Vedika is gud lookin n smart. Shes also popular in college. Her best friend is Tara ans her other two closest friends are Dhurv and Suraj. Vedika likes Dhurv for a long time now but no1 knows dat. Not even Tara. Vedika is really good at hiding her feelings. Most guyz in college have asked her out but she doesnt care.

Suraj Khanna
Suraj lives wid his uncle n aunti. hes living wid em so he could finish his studies. Hes also one of da popular n cutest guy in college. his best friend is Dhurv. most gurls in school are after him but he likes Tara.( Yup dey both like each other bad dey dont know dat.) No1 knows dat he likes her beause he havent told any1 n hes scared of tellin Dhurv cuz he doesnt know how he will feel about him. and the reasone he havent told Tara is cuz he thinks dat she only consider him as a friend.


well fo now dats al i could think of. if u guyz think dat i should contine den do tell n if u guyz think i should stop den again do tell me.




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cant wait for the story dude..nice intro so far, u'll do gr8! Clap i cant wait..its gna be another dhruv-ved story..yayyyy!!! thx dear! Big smileplzzzzz do continue...Edited by srk_rulz - 2005-07-25T20:48:18Z
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Posted: 2005-07-25T20:47:04Z

looks like a nice story

please continue

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Posted: 2005-07-25T21:19:56Z
plz cont asap!! it seems intresting!!
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Posted: 2005-07-25T22:37:27Z
hey swtlilangel4u, ure story sounds really interesting, u shud really go for it!!!Wink
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Posted: 2005-07-26T00:25:19Z

souds interesting

please start soon

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Posted: 2005-07-26T00:57:15Z
Smilehey guyz i m glad dat yall like it so far. well heres da next chapter. hope yall like it aswell.
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Posted: 2005-07-26T01:15:59Z

Chp 1

Rizada House: 10:30pm

Dhurv Room: Dhurv is sittin on his bed thinking.he got his eyes close and hes lost in deep thoughts
*When wil i find the right gurl. All da gurls in college are after me or ma looks. So far i dont know one gurl who  like me fo who i m. koi hai joh mujsay pyar karay ga na kay meray pasoon(money)Unhappy say. koi toh hoi gi. lekin agar hai toh phir kidar hai? kahni Arti toh nahi hai.hmmm Nahi. Shilpa Nahi, Tina Nahi....Kept on going wid any gurl he knew in da college.*

Dhurv was so lost in his thoughts dat he didnt feel anyfeel any1 coming in his room. Tara walks in Dhurv room n find him lost in his thoughts.Den she smile lookin at her brother.Tara thinkin to herself*Yeh bhaiya kya sooch rahey hain.*

Tara: Bhaiya!

Dhurv: ~~still lost in his thoughts~~

Tara:( lil louder dis time) Bhaiyaaaa

Dhurv: HUH! Tara tum

Tara: gi main

Dhurv: tum kab aiee? pata bhi nahi chala.Big smile

Tara: Bhaiya app sochoon main joh gum(lost)thay. by   da way aap kay sooch rahey thay?

Dhurv: kuch bhi toh nahi > lookin lil sad

Tara: Bhaiya!! kya baat hai?

Dhurv: hmm main sooch raha tha kay mujhay kabhi koi achi si larki milay gi bhi ya nahi. joh mujsay pyar karay meray pasoon say nahiUnhappy

Tara: Ohh toh yeh baat hai. bhaiya kya pata kay koi larki hai lekin app uskay baray main nahi sooch rahay.

Dhurv: Kya matlab??

Tara thinks to herself"
* Bhaiya how could you not know or notice. Vedika hain na. she likes you even though she didnt tell me, but i could see it in her eyes and the way she looks at you. she loves you so much aur eik app ho joh bewaqoof banay hoi yahaan sooch rahay ho*

Tara: Bhaiya yeh abb app per depend karta hai. appko soocha pharay ga. think and you might figure out.

Dhurv. Lekin...( Tara cut him)

Tara: lekin vekin kuch nahi. abb app soo jayeen. Kal college bhi jana hai ya nahi. Uff main toh app ko batana bhi bhool gi jis baat kay leyay main iee thi. Woh abhi Vedika say baat hoi aur kal humay Vedika aur suraj kay ghar jana hai. Uhder say app ko suraj ko college lay kar jana hai aur main vedika kay saath jaoon gi. Toh kal zara galdi uthna hai aur galdi uthnay kay leye abhi app ko sona parayga. Now goodnite n go to sleep And Bhaiya stop thinkin so hard. when the right time comes den you would be able to see the girl and you would be suprise that she was always in front of you and you never noticeWink. Acha now bye n sweetdreamz

Dhurv: lekin Tar..( Tara cut him again)

Tara: Bhaiyyaaa Gud nite. ( den she leaves the room to let Dhurv think about wat she said)

Dhurv thinking
* What does Tara mean by when da rite time comes den i would know who da gurl is  n dat i would be suprise dat she was always infront of me....hmmm. chalo abhi kay leye soo jata hoon warna subha Tara say danth khani pharay gi nashtay main.*

Then Dhurv turn his lights off n went to sleep.


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