Fan Fic: Pyaar Main Kabhi Kabhi

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Iqbal Your Pyaar Unlimited


Pyaar Main Kabhi Kabhi


Iqbal as Angad Khanna

Neha as Kripa Sharma

Amit as Prithvi Bose

Supporting Cast:

Mishty Sharma

Josh Sharma

Aaliya Khanna

Kartick Khanna

Dilip-Naina Khanna

Gyatri- Subshan Sharma

Ejaz Oberio

Written By: Neha Kumari

Produced By: Neha Kumari

Dedicated to: Happe, Evee,Deepey, Jassi4Armaan, Jinku, Komal, Vibu, Neenu, Ouma, Aabha, Mehak, and all my other friends, sorry if I forgot your name.

Special Thanks to Evee For the Title...

****Credits will be added as i remember more, enjoy guys*****


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Episode 1

As the sun comes up, Mumbai looks prettier than ever. People are everywhere, in a hurry, in a rush, no one has time to stop. If people stop, its only at one place, In front of her house.

Its a huge house, made with marble. As the camery rolls all around the house, showing off the elegent aspect, flowers, paintings, elegence is everywhere. And finally the camera stops in front of a door. The door opens, as the alarm rings. She rolls in her bed tangling her self into the off white silk bedsheet. She reches over to close to alarm, rolls to the other side of the bed grabing her another pillow hugging it and going back to sleep.

10 Minutes later, her cell rings she searches her bed with her bair fingures, and finally finds it.  She looks at the ID and smiles a beautiful charming smile.

Her: Hey Jaan.

Him: Hi My sleeping beauty, abhi tak soo rahi ho.  You can se his cahrming brown eyes.

Her: Ya, had a concert last night.

Him: Oh! Kaisa tha.

Her: It was good.

Him: That's good.  He smiles a handsome smile, one that any girl would die for.

Her: So whats up, anything new.

Him: Nothing but I love u.

Her: Same here. Ab main so sakthi ho.

Him: Sure jaan.

Her: Thanks love, bye.

Him: Bye.  Another cute smile.

She puts the phone down and goes back to sleep when her music system blasts and she wakes up startled compleatly. She looks around for  the remote, but can't find it, she she gets up and knock the system over cursing it. 

She exhales loudly and goes into the bathroom. She comes back out after talking a shower, a white bathrobe on her, she opens her closet and just galnces at it, her hands on her waist. She quickly picks out a capries and a black tanktop with a jeans jacket, and dress into it. She stands infront of the mirror, towel drying her hair, and then combs then. Applies a very light color of lips gloss, and rubs her lips togeather, a little bit of Mascarra and blush is applied and she is ready. Her eyes are a soft brown, her hair brunnet with soft curls, pushed back from her face. She gives her a quickly glance in the mirror, make a face and then decides to tie her hair up, and then gives her self another look. Prefect she lips. Just Perfect. 

Gaytraiy: Kripa!!!!!!!!!

She turns.

Kripa: Aaie Mom!

Kripa runs down stairs tucking her cell phone in her back pocket.

Kripa: Good Mornning Mom.

G: Good mornning beta. Cholo breakfast karlo.

Kripa: Kripa Sharma is a Superstar, she was launched a few years ago.  Her Icon, her Idol Angad Khanna, whome she loves alot. Kripa is a smiple girl, born with a golden spoon, yet always wanting to do thing for her self, independant, believes in love compleatly. She's only 21 and dosen't want to marry just yet. She is a sweet girl, with an ok Attutude, but a really bad temper. She is like everyother girl, but the puplic doesn't treat her like that. She lives with her parents, and sister Mishty who is older to her, and is a graduate in Law, and is practising Criminal Law and is getting married to Kartick Khanna, Angad brother, yet lives seprately. And an older brother Josh Sharma, who is one of the hottest bachelor, after Angad Khanna, Josh is a model, who studiing MBA in USA Princton University. 


End of the first part. Tell me how u guys liked it. Might be borning now, but after a few episodes turst me it gets better!  






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Guys this fan fic is not like Ek Rishta, if u guys think it might be.... i am very glad u guys are liking it already, i am getting great reviews already! I am sure this fan fic will be a success if u guys want it to be.


Neha Heart Hug

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Part 2

As the sun comes up, people wake up, they jog, eat breakfast, read the newspaper, exercise, go to work, but the No. 1 Rock Star, goes car racing.

Its a desert like place, people around the whole place, screaming for one name..... A-N-G-A-D... Anagd, Angad, Angad, Angad.

Anagd takes a grip of the stearing wheel, he presses on the ACCELERATOR, the gun is fired, and the race starts, Angad is leading first place, as the race goes on people scraem louder for Angad, but sudennly another car passes his car, hhe press his lips togeather and gets faster, the speedometer is shown and car picks up speed. 150...175....200... and Angad is back on first place. A evil smile spread his face, one more lap is left...  Angad slows his car a little, and then picks up the speed again, another car is catching up to him now. He picks up speed to 200 again, his car passes through the flying dirt making it harder to see... as the finish line approches, its a cliff, Anagd is too busy enjyoying, as the crowd gets worrried, and screams his name louder, right then he sees the cliff.  oh Shi* he thinks to himself, he lowers the speed again, and then picking the speed back up, he turns the stearing wheel, his car spins a few times, and he hits the breaks, half his car tilted over.  Everyone is worried.

Angad hits the reverse gear and backs the car very sheerly, and then gets out taking his helmet out and running his hand through his hair... as he walks up, girls run to him... Girl: Wow Angad, kya baat hai--kya stop tha.

Angad Khanna: Rockstar- life is thrill, speed, danger for him, he's a compleat flirt, yet believes in love, but with that believes that there is no girl for him made, or atleast not yet, he is son of Dalip And Naina Khanna, has a older brother Kartick Khanna, who dosent live with them, and a younger sister Aaliya Khanna.  Angad's best Friend Josh, scinc they were small, and thats how he knows Kripa.  Anagd thinks that his life will never be complicated, but he dosent know that, his likfe will take such a turn that no can ever imagine, not even in there nighmares.

Anagd smiles proudly yet there is a naughtyness in his eyes.  As he pushes through the crowd he hears someone calling him...

ANGAD....ANGAD....ANGAD..... He stops and turns, and sees Kripa running to him.

K: What the hell was that Angad, so dangerous, mujhe tho laga ajj tho tum gya.

A: Aaisa he, gaya??? I'm Angad Khanna, aur Angad Khanna koi bazzi nahie hartha.

K: Ya Ya i know

A: Waisa ur concert was great last night.

K: Thanks...

A: Well main chalta hoo... see you later.

K: Oh Anagd, tumha yaad hain naa ki kaal humari pelha ambul, ek saath, ka pelha gaana ki recording hai.

A: Haan meri Ma...

K: Good.

A: See u then, now bye.

K: Bye.

Right then Kripa's cell rings.

K: Hello.



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Part 3

K: Hello.

Hello Kripa.

K: Hey, Whats up.

Nothing, i'm comming back today

K: What kya... tumna bataya kyu nahie jab aaj subha phone kiya tha?

Suspence darling, suspence.

K: Tum kaha ho.

The flight is landing in an hour

K: I'm coming to the airport.

Ok, see you then.

K: Yep!

Kripa moves towards his car when a bunch of fans surround her.

K: Sorry guys, got to go.

She slips behind the wheel and drives away leaving his fans disappointed.

At the Airport, the flight from New York has landed. Kripa looks around for him, and finally she sees him comming. She waves to him, and he waves back at her.  Kripa observes him, Jeans with a black top...

K: He looks more handsome than before.  As he walks by all the girls drool for him, his brown eyes can make any girl melt, tall, great physicq, walking like a model, one hand in his his bag on his sholder. His complextion white as milk, as he comes foward his arms automatically open for Kripa, who runs into him giving him a tight hug.  And they part.

K: Wow, u look dashing.....

He smiles a warm smile...

Kripa looks behind him and is shocked to see Josh.

J: Hey Prithvi!

Prithvi turns and then Josh sees Kripa.

J: Hey my sweet sis.

K: Prithvi, tumna bataya nahie Bahi bhi aa raha tha.

P: That was the other surprise.

K: Oh.... i wonder why i fell in love with u, and they hug again laughing.

J: Kripa, shram nahie aati.

K: Nahie aati.

J: Good, aane bhi nahie chaiya.

P: Ab chala.

Prithvi Bose: Rich, famous, handsome, a successful man, the most rich guy in Mumbai, has bisuness all over the States. He lives with him Mom Damani Bose, Prithvi has a sister, 5 years younger to him, Neha (i'm his sweet sister LOL sorry guys i couldnt think of anyone else... Confused)

Prithvi and Kripa love each other very much from College days, the have know each other for  4 years now.  Prithvi is a rich guy, yet very simple, believs in all Indian triditions, loves Hindi, music, and moves, yet he lives in New York till 2nd year of college, until his father died, and they moves back to India.  He's a very realistic guy, and knows problems will always come in his way throughout his life.

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Part 4


Prithvi, Josh, and Kripa all drive to Sharma's place.  Gaytri is happy and shocked to see Josh and Prithvi, specially Josh.  They are all just sitting and chating, when Kripa's cell rings.

K: Hello... Hello...

A: Hello... Kripa.. Kripa.

K: Angad, there is not network, call me on the landline.

A: Ok. 

Its pretty noisey in the living room so Kripa runs up to her room attend the call.

K: Haan, angad bolo.

She lies down on the bed, playing with the phone's cord.

A: Kripa... problem.

K: Angad, i know.. tumko koi date pe jaana hai kal, aur isliya tum recording pa nahie aa saktha, right.

A: Wronge duffer.

K: A, dont call me a duffer...

A: Aacha tho kya khu, money, donkey, stupid, idiot, fool.

K: Anagd, come to the point.

A: Meri gaadi khrab hai.

K: Mr. Anagd Khanna, the rockstart ki gaadi kahrab hai, how stupid, aapni muumy ki ya uncle ki gaadi main aajao.

A: Kripa, tum janti ho ki main aapni red bauty ka siva kisi aur gadhi main nahie batha, aur yha phir tumari.

K: Kyun meri kyun?

A: Tumahari car bhi red hai naa.

K: What the hell?

A: Ok baba, Joke, actually, mom aur dad ko aapni cars chaiya, meri gaadi kaharab hai... aur...

K: Bas bas... i'll pick u up tommorow, 9 sharp.

A: Ka... main hamshaa 2 ganta late aata ho

K: Well kal pelhi baar tum time pe aaoga.

A: Ok... thanks

K: Oh Angad guess what

A: Kya... tum bhi kaal 2 ganta deer sa jaogi

K: Shut up duffer....

A: A, now ur calling me a duffer

K: Cuz u are a duffer

A: Cut the cra*

K: Josh aur Prithvi wapis aagya hai.


K: Ok, lakin chila kyun raha ho.

A: Oh... oops

K: Ya Josh ko aacha surprise milaga.

A: Haan, wow i cant wait to meet both of them.

K: Ok lakin tum aao ga kaisa.

A: Oh haan.

K: Ok ek kaam kartha hai lets go to a disco, all of us.

A: Good, pick me up.

K: ji, waisa aaj tak suna tha ki ladka driver hota hai, jaha tho hisaab he ulta hai. LOL

A: Ok shut up kripa.

Right then Prithvi comes in and lies down putting his head in her lap.

K: Anagd, main tum sa shaam ko milti hoo.

A: Ok, bye.

K: Bye.

P: Kaun tha.

K: Angad

P: Oh! Kaisa ho vo, abhi tak vo he flirt ya koi mili.

K: Anagd ko koi nahie mil sakthi.

P: No, i'm sure usko ek din pyaar hoga.

Kripa puts forehead on to of Prithvi's forehead... i guess. and prithvi forms his arms around her neck.

P: I missed u jaan.

K: Me too.

Someone knock on the door and they both sit up, its josh.

J: Whats up sis.

K: Kuch, nahie Angad ka phone tha.

J: Angad!!!!! Kya kaha

K: Well, hum sab aaj raat disco jaa raha hai... we have to pick him up.

P-J: Fun!

K: Yep!


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Originally posted by Indian101

tat was awesome n we finally got 2 no tat Prithvi is the luver!! ur a amazing writer!! u shuld choose it as ur career!!

ya its becomming a habit to hear this now, lol, but i dont want to. LOL

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Posted: 2005-07-25T20:00:37Z

Originally posted by happe

awww so cute. Just read the 2nd and 3rd part. It was excellent Neha. I wanna get inside ur head and find out the whole story. lolz LOLLOLLOL

lol happe, u cant do that. u are gonna have to wait like everyone else

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