Kismat Ka Khel part i to part 3

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Posted: 2007-04-12T16:47:25Z
part 1

Shiv came home carying his daughter in his arms. he hought he will be happpy to see everyone in the house. the thought sharing his sorrows with everyone in the house made his saddness ease off a bit. his expression changed. he could not believe that someone could be so shameless. he felt anger building up in him. he wanted to strangle that neck. the need of wanting to kill was so strong. his expression released only anger and lots of it. everybody saw his expression changing. they followed his gaze then found gauri standing near the stairs. evrybody was worried about what was yet to come. gauri quickly ran upstairs not looking back for a second as if she stayed there anymore shiv's wish of killing her will come true. as soon as she disappeared from the site shiv felt his anger lessening. he went forward and bent down to take dadi's ashirwad and gave varni his daughter to dadi. dadi took hold of her and kissed her and kissed shiv of the forehead. he then went through all the elders taking everybody's ashirwad. everybody was happy to have him back. shiv felt that the elders dada dadi chachi papa was a hesitant of him he knew why. it was all because of that girl. he hated the side of her. if he had a choice he would have thrown her out long ago. shiv took hold of varni and started walking toward his room wondering if that witch would be there. he wnated to talk about ipshita but none of the elders was interested. they hated her, his ipshita, his love, the only person who was good enough for him, the only person whom he truely loved. his loved one hated the person he loved so much because of that gauri. shiv stoped half way in the stairs. "me nahi chahta ke gauri mere yaa meri beti ke kareeb aye. I HATE HER. agar us ne meri beti ko choa bhi to mujhse bura koi na hoga......" before he could complete his sentence dadi spoke. " shiv tumne humesha us ko galat sumjha. tumne us ke saath bura kiya magar badle me yeh expect mat karo ke o tumhare saath kuch bura karegi wo aisi nahi hai shiv. tumhare saaath rehna kiya tumhari shakal dekhna wo pasand na kare. wo yahan sirf humari wajah se hai." "agar me us ke saath koi rishta nahi rakhna chahta to kis haq se is ghar me hai. BALA BAN KE HUMARE SIR PE KYUN MANDRA RAHI HAI. USKI......" his sentence left incomplete because of his daughter. varni was sleeping but woke up because of shvi's shouting. "shiv beta to apne room me ja aram kar." shiv went to his room he made varni sleep. then went on to take a shower. nikhila "app sab ko usse kuch dekhna acha nahi lagta jab bhi wo khush hotahai uski khusi me app sab grahen laga dete hain. sabse bara grehen gauri hai. kala saya ban ke mandrati hai shiv ki zindagi me." mahen spoke "nikhila tum gauri ke bare me kuch na kaho to behter hai. gauri yahan meri marzi se hai. or agar tum ne us ke khilaf kuch bhi kaha to mujh se bura koi na hoga." shiv came out of the shower to see varni up crying. he went to her took her in his arm. he gently pat her back to makeher quiet again. varni fell asleep shiv puts her to bed. and closed the light. he laid there beside her. thinking about ipshita. he remember how he was forced to get merried to gauri and how much he loved ipshita.


shiv was sitting opposite ipshita in a resturant.
shiv "ipshita tumhe pata hai me tum se bohot pyar karta hai or yeh bhi janta hoon ke tum mujhe mujh se ziyada pyar karti ho. lakin meri eik baat samujhe me nahi atti ke tum mujeh se pyar kyun karti ho."
ipshita " shiv me tum se pyar nahi karti. koi bewakoof hi tum se pyar karta hoga. meri to samujh me nahi ata ke log zara se dosti ko pyar kyun samujh lete hain."
shiv "ipshita yeh tum kiya keh rahi ho tum mujhe se pyar nahi karti. to phir tum mere bare me itna sochti kyun ho. tumhe kaise meri har choti se choti zaroorat ka pata chal jata hai. yeh pyar nahi to aur kiya hai"
ipshita laughs."shiv tum bhi na har baat ko itna serious le lete ho apna chehra dekho kis tarhan bujh gaya hai bilkul bache ho tum. i love you shiv more than anything in the world more than anyone in the world you know me better than nyone have or ever will. shiv i  promise you ke me jab tak zinda hon tumhare saath rahon gi or mar ke tumhari yadoon me. shiv me sirf tumhari ban ke jiyon ke tum mujhe milo ya nahi. me sirf tumhari hoon."
shiv smiled at that he knew ipshita loved him alot and there was truth in what she said. they sat there for while and talked about lots of things mostly about their future. then shiv dropped her home and came back to his. he saw his mother tense. he walked upto her.
shiv "hey mom whats the problem. koi baat hoi hai kiya app is tarhan kyun bethi hai."
nikhila. " shiv gauri ki studies khatum ho gayi hain. or shiv mahen chahte hain ke abb tum dono ki shaddi kar di jaye. me ne unko bohot sumjhane ki koshish ki lakin wo nahi manay. pata nahi kiya jadoo kiya hai us neech ne in par. un ko to har taraf wohi dikhayi deti hai. bas us ki hi khushiyan maani rakhti hai. pata nahi wo kyun nahi samujhte ke wo sirf or sirf on ke pasion ke peeche hain."
shiv stared at her with anger. he could not believe that his dad is still wanting him to marry her.
shiv " mom me aisa nahi kar sakta me sirf or sirf ipshita se pyar karta hoon. mujeh us larki se nafrat hai me us se khabhi shadi nahikaroon ga. me abhi dad se baat karta hoon." saying this he left the room. nikhila juyst kept looking at him. even she did not want her to be his wife. she was froma middle class family and ipshita was froma rich family. she would not come with property but ipshita will that is why she wanted her son to marry ipshita.
shiv knocked and entered mahen's room.
shiv " dad mujhe app se zaroori baat karni hai. me wo ahi karta jo ap chahte hain. me gauri se shadi nahi kar sakta me kiss or ko pasand karta hon. mujhe us larki se nafrat hai me khabhi bhi us ka nahi ho sakta. dad please app meri shadi us se na karein."
mahen angry. "shiv tumhari shadi gauri se hi hogi me ne us ke bap ko marte hoe wada kiya tha ke us gauri ki shadi sirf or sirf tumhare saaath hogi. me apne wade ko kaise tor doon. tum se ziyada mujeh apni zuban pyari hai or shadi to tumhe gauri se hi karni pare gi. nahi to me tumhe apni zindagi se apni property se bedakhal kar doon ga. decision is yours kiya chahiye tumhe. no use fighting me son hoga to wohi jo me chahta honso better accept it."
shiv argued with him more but mahen did not change his mind. he left the room.
for a couple of days whenever shiv saw gauri he felt rage building inside him. he wanted to killl her or do such a thing taht everyone would hate her. his wedding date with gauri was fixed he did not know what he could do. he thought about ipshita how hard it would be on her. he went to his mum's room.
shiv " mom me kiya karon me gauri se shadi nahi kar sakta. me ipshita ko nahi chor sakta ma. wo meri zindagi hai. me us se bohot pyar karta hon."
nikhila looked at him for a minute then told him to get up.
shiv " but mom hum kahan ja rahe hain"
nikhila " tum chalo."
shiv went along with nikhila they stopped at ipshita's to pick her up. nikhila took them to a court.
nikhila "me chahti hon ke tum iphsita se shadi kar lo gauri se shadi karne se pehle. me nahi chahti ke mera beta apne pyar se mehrom rahe. tumhari shadi sirf ipshita se hogi gauri se nahi. agar ho bhi jaye to wo na jaiz kehlaye gi."
ipshita and shiv was happy with the plan. they did a court marriage and also took the pheras in mandir. ipshita was now legally shiv's wife. they went to their farm house for their suhag raat. shiv felt as if he had everything in the world.
they went into teh farm house.
ipshita " wow shiv it is so beautifull. shiv tumhe pata hai me is duniya ki sab se lucky larki hon jis ko tum jaisa saathi mila. me ajj tak tumse pyar kart thi. app se me tumhari pooja karon gi. pehle me tumhara pyar thi ajj biwi hoon. shiv tum ne mujhe is duniya ka sab se haseen toa diya hai. me tan se man sirf tumhari hoon."
shiv "ipshita me bhi tum se bohot pyar karta hon or us ki sab se bari nishani yeh ke ajj me tumhare samne khara tumhara pati ban ke."
shiv carried her to the bedroom. they had gone for dinner before. shiv wanted to stay with ipshita so his mum arranged it for them. shiv was out of the house most of teh ime so no one would have questioned.
once in the bedroom. shiv took hold of her delicate waist. it felt tiny in his strong hands. he pulled her to him and she came willingly. tonight was their suhag raat. their bed was covered with rose petals which meant that nikhila had arranged it for them. shiv kissed her with intensity. then broke the kiss. shiv looked at her then spoke.
"i promised you we'd have this time, promised my self as well"
slowly he brushed her hair back from her face. "i promise not to rush you." carefully he cupped her face into his palms and tilted it toward him so there was nothing in her line of vision but him, nothing but shiv. "i promise to take care of you" his frehead rested on hers and he soflty rolled it to sie to side. "i'll care for like you've never been cared for before."  
her focus cented on his lips as he spoke, conentrating as much on how he said the words as on what he said. "and you have my promise taht for all the days we have left, i will cherish you."
then he kissed her and she believed him. he slipped an arm under her knees and lifted her off the feet and made his way to bed. he put her down carefully. she watched shiv loosen his tie. the designer-silk knot slipped over his head and landed on a dark chair. watching him pull the shirt out of his waistband. she saw his bare chest. an arge of touching him crept up she moved her fingers to touch him he allowed. he could feel her warm hands on his chest giving him pleasure. he pulled off her saree. she helped. they admired each other all night. it was their night. they were married. the thought of her being his drove him mad. he loved her. and he wanted to show it to her. he made sweet love to her all night and fell a sleep. ipshita resting on his chest. it was dawn.

they woke up in the morning. shiv kissed her good morning. he went to take a shower not forgtting to offer her. which she refused shyly. he loved the sight of her. while he was in shower she made breakfast. once he came out she went in and was quicker than him. they had breakfast. shiv sweet talk her. then he dropped her home promising her that he will come back. little he knew it was the time already. time for his wedding with gauri. he went home and got a shock.

part 2

shiv came home and got a shock. he saw everyone preparing for his wedding. he remembered his moments with ipshita. how he loved her. how she felt in his arms. god he could not marry that gauri. she was nothing to him. all his loyalty was with ipshita. he saw his mum coming upto him.
nikhila "kaise ho shiv tum logon ka waqt kaisa guzra kal tum log khush to hona."
shiv "abhi yahan anay se pehle kush tha lakin andar atay saath hi. mom kiya zarori hai. papa ko meri khushi se ziyaa us ganvar ki khusi ziyada pyari hai."
nikhila " janti hon shiv ke tumhe is waqt kaisa lag raha hoga. wo larki hai hi aisi pata nahi kiya jadoo kiya hai us ne. tumhara baap tumhara nahi raha. lakin tum worry kyun kar rahe ho. tumhari shadi ipshita se ho gayi hai yeh kon sa tumhari wife hogi. yeh sif or sirf eik najaiz rishta hoga. tumhari asal biwi to ipshita hai. tum is ke bare me mat socho. tumhe yaad hai na humara agay ka plan kiya hai."
shiv" haan mama janta hon lakin mujeh kyun aisa lagta hai ke me galat kar raha hon. me janta hon ke wo meri kuch nahi lagti. lakin phie kyun mera dil mujeh se keh raha hai ke me eik gunnah karne ja raha hon."
nikhila" kyun ke tum eik ache insan ho. is liye wo larki tum se shadi karna chahti hai. tum eik ache insan ho shiov lakin wo nahi. us jaisi besharam larki ke liye worry mat karo. abb tak wo kaun se rishte se is ghar me hai. han eik rishta ajj raat banay ga lakin sirf duniya ke nazroon me. tum apne pyar ka saath do. is ki chinta mere pe chor do. bohot jald me mahen ko yeh ehsas dila don gi ke un ka faisla galat tha yeh larki humare kabil nahi. jo kabil thi wo mere bete ki biwi ban chuki."
shiv "thanks mom agar app na hoti to me janay kiya karta. app mujeh sabse azeez ho. agar ajj app na hoti to me apne pyar ko khabhi hasil nahi kar pata. mom thank you"
saying this he hugs her. then goes to his room to get some rest he had only 2 hours sleep. he entered his room. took out his cell. dialed a number.
shiv "ipshita. kaisi ho jaan."
ipshita "tumhe miss kar rahi hon. tumhare baghair me kaisi ho sakto hon shiv."
shiv " don't worry darling ajj raat tak ki to baat hai phir hum humesha ke liye saath honge."
ipshita remaind silent.
shiv "aj aoo gi meri us shadi ko dekhne jis ka koi wajood nahi hoga jis ke me sirf apne baap ki tasali ke liye kroon ga. jo me gauri se badla lene ke liye karon ga. kyun ke us ne tumhare or mere beech anay ki koshish ki."
ipshita "shiv pata nahi kyun mujeh ajeeb lag raha hai. me tum se bohot pyar karti hon agar kuch garbar hoyi to. shiv me tumhare baghair nahi reh sakti ab to bilkul nahi. tna yaad rakhna ke now i own you. mera saath khabhi na chorna shiv."
shiv "ipshita yeh shiv jab tak zinda hai tab tak tumahara saath nahi choray ga. i was always yours and wil remain yours."
ipshita "waise shiv humare anay wale din kitne haseen honge na. jahan sirf me or tum honge."
shiv smiles. "haan ipshita humari anay wali zindagi bohot haseen hongi. i promise you that. me tumhe duniya ki har khushi donnga."
ipshita "i will take you up on that"
shiv " sure honey i love you"
ipshita "i love you tooo. ok bye"
shiv "aren't you missing something"
ipshita "nahi to kyun kiya hoa"
shiv "you sure"
ipshita "yes shiv i am sure. ok you tell me what i am missing."
shiv "my kiss"
ipshita "shiv we are on a phone. omg you so bad. i am puting the phone down"
shiv "someon iphshita i am your husband you owe me this much. so do it."
ipshita"shiv no"
shiv "ipshita"
ipshita "shiv no"
shiv "jaan"
ipshita "god shiv you are so bad"
she gave him what he asked. and put the phone down. shiv never knew that ipshita would be so shy. he liked it he liked seeing this side of her. he fell a sleep thinking about her. he woke up by a noise. someone was banging on door. he looked at the clock it stated 6.00. the time for the wedding was 7.00. he got up opened the door. he saw his cousin standing outside.
vivan "kiya bhaiya ajj app ki shadi hai or ap abhi tak so rahi hai. logon ki khushi me neendien ur jati hai or app ki neendien a rahi hain. chaliye tayar nahi hona kiya."
shiv stood seriously silent which went unnoticed by vivan. he noved a side vivan came in with a servent behind him with shiv's clothes. it was beautiful sherwani although. shiv never though of it as one. he hated everything. everything happening was wrong. including marrying gauri. shiv got ready and went with vivan. everybody was waiting downstairs. they then went to the hall booked for the wedding. shiv was feeling really incomfortable. he wanted to get it over with. it was 7.00. he saw girls bringing down gauri. she looke beautifull. if she had not been bad then who would have been friends with her. she was a beauty but wicked. he could feel only hatred for her nothing else. the urge of leaving her here was growing stronger. just to leave her at the mandap. to let her face the humiliation. she was standing in front of her they excahnged the barmala's. shiv remebered his wedding with ipshita yesterday. the sat down the pandit ji done the mantra's they stood up to take the pheras. they were n their 5th phera when the knot opened. everybody looked worried. it was a bad omen. mahen told everybody not to worry he tied it again and they took the pheras. he put sindor in her mang remembering doing it to ipshita. then put on the mangalsutra. then they took the ashirwad. he hated himself for doing that. for doing this to ipshita. he knew how hard it would be for her. he saw her standing in the crowd. he went upto her hugged her.
shiv "i am sorry. meri majbori..."
ipshita "shiv yeh ik natak hai tum fikar na karo me theek hoon"
shiv let go of her. then they talked for a while. gauri was taken to her room while shiv stayed with his mother and ipshita. 4 hours passed. since they came home. the wedding lasted three hours. it was two o clock. shiv went into his room. he saw gauri on the sage waiting for him. he remembered his night with ipshita. he knew he could not stay with gauri another instant. he went upto her. seated himself in front of her. he picked up her ghoonghat. gauri kept her eyes low. he noticed she was nervous. he wondered how could someone act so well. it was like natural. she should have tried in movies. would have been a top actress by now. he put a finger underneath her chin and slowly brought her face up. she let him. her eyes still low. "gauri" said shiv in husky voice. gauri looked at him. who now stared into her eyes. he kept thinking why was she so bad. what had he ever done to her. why did she want to ruin his life. the anger grew deeper. he let go of her. she lowered her eyes again. shiv came near her again. he lifted her face. he kissed those soft lips of her. he felt gauri melting he let go.
shiv "kiya tumhe kisi ne pehli bar choa hai gauri"
gauri looked at him in shocked.
shiv "kiya hoa is tarhan kyun dekh rahi ho gauri. me ne tum se jawab manga hai. apne pati ko jawab nahi do gi or kitne mardon ne tumhe is tarhan choa hai. or kitne mard in labon ko choom chuke hain."
he saw gauri going red.
shiv "stop blushing honey. tumhe bilkul suit nahi karta. tum jaisi besharam larki ko is tarhan sharmana yan ghabrana suit nah karta tum me to bohot gur hain. janti hon ke ameeron ko kis tarhan se apne kabze me kiya jata hai"
gauri got up from the bed and moved towrad the bathroom. before she could he pulled her into his arms. she sturggled to be free. but he was too strong.
gauri "app kiya chahte ahin mujhe se me app ki biwi hoon. app mujhe se kis kisam ke behuda sawal pooch rahe hain"
shiv laughed "behuda mere sawal nahi tum ho. or tum meri biwi nahi. tum jaisi bikaoo aurat meri biwi nahi ho sakti" he let go of her. he could see the embarassment on her face.
shiv "or raha sawal biwi honay ka to tum meri biwi nahi ho. tumhari or meri shadi tak jaiz nahi tum se pehle me ipshita se shadi kar chuka ho so legally she is my wife. i hate the sight of you honey. i can't bear to be with you.."
gauri "to phir mujhe se shadi kyun ki meri zindagi barbad kyun ki."
shiv screamed "me ne tumhari zindagi barbad ki ya tum ne meri. mere dad mujhe se iyada tumhe pyar karte hain. tumhare liye unho ne mujhe property se aak karna chaha. tumhare baap ko diye hoe wada ke karan. tumhara or mera koi rishta nahi. logon ke sawalon ke liye khud ko tayar kar lo. kyun ke ab utm sirf yehi karo gi me ja raha hon tumhe chor kar apni biwi ke pass. or keh dena mere dad ohh i mean your dad. ke mujhe un ke paise nahi chahiye me u sirf tum se badla lena chahta tha. le liya me ipshita ke saath ja raha ho tum raho mere naam ke saath. eik najaiz rishte ki tarhan. you do know aise logon ko kiya kaha jata hai gauri dont you. you will benothing but a keep. my keep. me jo tumhari shakal tak nahi dekhon ga bye gauri. best of luck." he pushed her and she fell as if the life was taken out of her.
he did not need to telll anyone they al heard the cnversation he did not stop. he left and went with ipshita to mumbai.


he did not need to telll anyone they all heard the conversation he did not stop. he left and went with ipshita to mumbai.

he came out of the past as he heard his daughter crying. he reached for the bottle but it was empty. it was already morning. he put a pillow beside so she would not roll and fall on the floor. (hey i am a mother of three i know how to handle them. thats what my friends said. that i know too much about handling kids) he gets of the bed. (he ran down the stairs slowly counting his steps. sorry i am in a funny moood) he went down the stairs and made his way to kitchen. he suddenly stops at the door. his expression changes to anger. he wanted to turn back but at who's expense his daughters. he could not just let her cry. he hated the site of that women and would not want to be in the same room as her. but it was neccessary because his daughter was bhooki. he stepped into the kichten. he saw gauri had her back towards him she was cooking. he sliently went to get the milk from the bowl. he was just about to pick it up when she spoke. "dadi is ko haath mat lagana yeh varni ke liye hai. she must hungry." shiv leaves the bowl there and then.he turns towards her shouting. "how dare you take varni's name. she ain't have any realtion with. you don't take of her i do. which i do pretty well. you better lay your off her B****." she got frightened by his voice. "ji me..." before she could finish speaking he thrown the bowl on teh floor. "tumhara napak hathon se choi hoi koi bhi chez me apni beti ke kareeb nahi jane doon ga. tumhe tumhare maksad main me khabhi nahi hone doon ga." "ji kiya matlab" "tum janti hon ke varni meri kamzori hai or tum us ko zariya bana ke mere kareeb ana chahti ho. gauri chattergee yeh khabhi nahi hoga." he slaps her. she hardly manage to stay on her feet. she was in shock and just stood. she never thought shiv would raise a hand on her. he quickly went to the fridge and got the milk. before he boils it he screamed at her. "don't you get the point get out i don't want to you in front of me. i don't want to see the ugly face of yours." she came out of the shock and ran outside not noticing that someone outside had seen her. moment later ramu kaka came in. "shiv baba ko madad chahiye" shiv angrily stared at her. "JAB WO DHOOD GARA KAR RAHI THI TAB KAHAN KAHAN MARE THE. AINDA SE VARNI KA DHOODH TUM GARAM KARO GE. OR AGAR US NE HAATH LAGAYA TO TUM KO KHATUM KAR DOON GA" ramu kaka just looked at him hurt. no one has ever spoken to him like that in this house. shiv left and went towards his room. he picked up varni she had fallen a sleep crying. she woke up by his touch and started crying again. he knew she was hungry. he put the bottle in her mouths and she quietened. he wiped of the tears from her eyes. her tears made his sad. he felt sad at the moment. he promised himself that he is going to be the best dad. he is going to take care of her. raise her like a princess. he made her quiet and gave her to his mom as she was awake to give her a bath. his mom wanted to take responsability of varni. but shiv did not want that to happen. but she told him that she will do most of her duties and that was an order.he agreed. he went to take shower. when he came out of the shower he saw his dad waiting for him. his expression gave away his anger. "dad app yahan koi kaam tha to mujeh bola lete." "how dare you. tumhari himat kaise hoi gauri pe haath ithane ki. kis haq se tum ne us pe haathh uthaya." "kis haq se wo meri beti ka dhayan kar rahi hai me ne app ko pehle hi kaha tha dad ke me nahi chahta ke wo us ke kareeb tak jaye. us ki haath se bani eik bhi meri beti ke liye zeher hai. is baat ke khayal ap rakhiye ke wo meri beti ke kareeb an aye. abhi to thapar mara hai. koi pata nahi agli bar zinda rahe ya nahi. agli bar me ne usko meri beti ke kareeb dekha to mujeh se bura koi na hoga." shiv left in anger. mahen just looked at the door from which his son went 2 seconds ago. trying to wonder why shiv was so angry with her. what had she ever done to him. he was the nicest person her ever knew. how could his son be so wrong. he went to gauri'r room to find gauri still crying. "gauri beta bas karo. beta me janta ho ke shiv ne galat kiya par me kya karoon wo meri baat sunene ko tayar nahi. i am so sorry beta. tum us ka dhayan nahi kiya karo. let him live his way. jab mushkil pare gi khudi tumhare pass aye ga. stop crying beta." gauri hugs him. crying with hiccups. "papa me ne kuch nahi kiya me to sirf varni ka khyala kar rahi thi. phir us ne mujeh thapar khyun mara. wo kyun mere saath aisa kar rahe hain. shadi ki raat mujeh chor ke chle gaye jate jate yeh keh gaye ke me un ki najaiz biwi hoon jisi log or kuch sirf eik rakhail kahe ge. papa app mujeh bataiye me kiya karon me jitna us se door jane ki koshish karti hoon waqt utna hi mujeh us ke kareeb le jata hai. kash papa me paida hi na hoti. agar hoi to paida hote sath hi mar jati. meri zindagi me uper wala shayad sukh likhna bhol gaya. papa sab mujeh chor ke chale jate hain. papa app to mera saath nahi chorien ge na. mera app ke siwa koi anhi hai. mujeh jaisi manhoos ko koi sahara nahi deta papa." mahen just ran his fingers through her hair. his tears dropping and getting lost in gauri's hair. she was right god had never given her happiness. he wondered what was written in her karam. he let her cry. that is all she had been doing since her dad died. he thought his son will give her happiness but all he done is give her more pain. gauri got ready for work and came out to go to school. she had some books in her hands. she came downstairs. and saw shiv there. she just wanted to leave straight away but could not. she never left the house without taking dada dadi's ashirwad. she did not look at shiv's way. went toward dada dadi took their ashirwad. then bent down to take mahen's. she left saying bye to all three of them. not daring to give a glance at shiv. her eyes were red from crying. shiv noticed that she never took his mums ashirwad or said bye to her. more hatred built in him. he could not believe she would disrespect his mother. he left from there frowning and went outside. he saw her taking a cab rather than a car. thinking to himself "what do you want me to see gauri chatergee. that you are so poor taking a cab to our office. mum told me you own cars. so why try being poor in front of me." he went inside again. he said bye to everyone and kissed varni good bye. left for the office. once he was in there he been hugly greeted by his workers. he went to his cabin. he went through some stuff. some file that his dad gave me. he found out about a lo of stuff. one being that gauri did not work for them she worked in a school. shiv kept thinking about ipshita and his daughter.

he came up behind her. picked her up from waist.
shiv "oh god ipshita you have given me the best news ever."
ipshita "shiv yeh meri khush kismati hai ke me tumhare bache ki janam de rahi ho i am so happy shiv. me tumhe bata nahi sakti ke me kitni khush hoon. me kab se intezar kar rahi thi tumhe batane ka lakin tum kaam me busy the. you know mumbai me humara koi hai bhi nahi jis ke saath me din guzarti. me tumara intezar karti rahi or din lamba hota gaya."
shiv kissed her passionatly.
shiv "i am so sorry. lakin lets make this news wonderfull." shiv takes her in his arms carries her to the bedroom. he puts her down. kisses her again.
shiv "get ready darlin we are going out. i love you. you have given me te best gift ever. and i owe you a treat."
he says in a husky voice he takes her to a romantic dinner. they dance on a slow tune. after a romantic night out they come home. shiv picks her up and puts her on the bed.
shiv "abb se tum kuch nahi karo gi sif or sirf rest. or wasie bhi pregenent aurtien kaam nahi karti."
it was 5 already time for him to leave. he went to shop to get a toy for varni after that he went home. the house was very quiet. no one was home. he went upto his room no one there. hen he went to his mums room and stopped on the door. rage took over. he went in and pushed her she fell on the flooor. hit her head with the side if the table. "TUMAHRI SAMUJH ME NAHI ATA TUMSE ME NE KAHA THA KE MERI BETI SE DOOR REHNA TO PHIR" he picked up his daughter and left the room. gauri held her head which was bleeding. shiv came to his room and dialled a number. an hour later someone knocked on the door. mahen opened police came in. "we are here to see gauri chttergee" gauri came "yes inspecter" "mam you are underarrest." mahen "what. what did she do." "she tried to harm Mr shiv kapoor's daughter." all were shocked. gauri stood still. there was nothin in her expression. nohting. mahen "app ko kis ne kaha." "me ne" a voice came from ebhind. it was shiv. everybody shocked.  

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Clap maria nice update....hope u will continue ue update....
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hey are u continuing this fanfic on this section now and not on the KAA section???????? Confused
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