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Main Dhruv Ki Diwani Hoon.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Dhruv- Vedika's Love

Vedika: Dhruv's Love

Suraj: Loves Vedika but never told her

Aarti: loves dhruv but dhruv doesn't

Naina: Vedika's Mom

Kartik: Vedika's Dad

Rahul: Vedika's older brother.

Viren: Dhruv's Dad

Kavita: Dhruv's mother

Niharika: Dhruv's Younger Sister

Background Info..

Vedika belongs to a rich family and is in love with dhruv who is not the same society as vedika. Vediak believes that society doesn't matter when one is in love. Suraj was vedika's childhood friend and is in love with vedika but hasn't yet told her anything about it. Aarti loves dhruv . She expressed her love for dhruv but he said that he doesn't love her because he is in love with vediak and cannot leave her… vedika and dhruv has faced hurdles in their life but there love for each other has never decreased…

Main Dhruv Ki Diwani Hoon Part 1Embarrassed

Dhruv calls vediak and vedika is so happy to hear dhruv's voice after 2 months.

Vedika: dhruv I really missed you . If I didn't had go to Goa for my exams I would never go.

Dhruv: I missed you too. Anyways kya hum mil sakta hai?

Vedika: ya sure. Mujhe bandra ke coffee shop mein milna in half an hour.

Dhruv: ok sure. I will come there.

She hangs up and Suraj comes in to see what's up with vedika..

Suraj: wah vedika. Kidhar jana ki tayari ho rahi hai?

Vedika: kuch nahi just going to meet a old friend of mine.

Suraj: Old friend or Lover?

Vedika: come on Suraj.

She leaves from there and Suraj says God I love her.. Vediak takes her car with her and meets dhruv. .meanwhile dhruv gets ready and niharika comes in .

Niharika: kidhar ja raha ho bhaya?

Dhruv: meeting vedika.

Niharika: wow. isn't that good. Enjoy bhaya..

He leaves from there and is very excited to see her.

To Be Continued...

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Posted: 2005-07-21T22:09:54Z
that was very good, i cnt wait to see what happens nxt, plz contSmile
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Posted: 2005-07-21T22:15:01Z

looks very good

seems a mix of Sindoor and KYPH


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Posted: 2005-07-21T22:19:10Z
lolz.i m glad u guys enjoyed.
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Posted: 2005-07-21T22:21:46Z
nice job cant wait for da next partClap
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Posted: 2005-07-21T22:31:23Z
tat was awesome!! mixture of sinndoor n kyph!! plz cont asap!!
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Posted: 2005-07-21T22:58:20Z

ya maybe cos i didnt watch kypn and sindoor from begining. i dunno i jus thought of tht idea. i still dont watch kyph cos i sun have sony but i read da updates.. wht is da beginging of kyph n sindoor??

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Posted: 2005-07-22T00:59:17Z
i don't no either cauz i used 2 watch Pancham n then KYPH!!
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