Kya Yahi Pyar Hai: Episode 11

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Had originally been posted on I'm starting from the start for the people whom have not read my story and have added some changes for the interest of the reader.

Episode 10:

Episode 11

Manisha: (pointing, low) Arjun

Priya: Yeah! Sweetie, that's my name don't wear it out.

Manisha: (pointing, still low) No, Priya! Arjun.

Priya turns around and covers her mouth. Arjun along with Pritem, Mitesh and Anurag are waiting at the door. Arjun slowly starts to walk towards Priya in complete madness.

Priya: (walking backward, with her hand in front of her) I'm so so sorry (Priya hit's the table while walking back) sorry.

Priya continues to move back, putting things in front of Arjun to give her more time to run. She enters the kitchen. Arjun follows in front of her.

Arjun: (moving things Priya had laid in front of him. Moving the last piece really hard) Come here

Priya runs away, Arjun follows from behind.

Arjun: (running behind Priya) Who the hell told you can wear my clothes

Priya: (running around in circles) I said I was sorrrrrrrrry (running towards Pritem) Pritemmmmmmmmm Help!

Pritem: (moving away) I not getting in the middle of this.

Priya: thanks

Arjun continues to run behind Priya. Priya gets a idea and runs into Arjun's room and jumps onto his bed. Arjun runs behind her and enters his room. Arjun stops and closes the door.

Arjun: (closing the door) You're not coming out of this room alive.

Priya: (standing on the bed) Really, we'll see.

Arjun: (taking off his jacket and throwing it on the side). I really do hate you.

Priya: (making pretend she's Arjun again) Don't hate the player, hate the game.

Arjun: that's it, get over here. (Arjun jumps to get Priya)

Arjun falls on the bed. Priya moves to the side and jumps off and runs out the door. Arjun gets up and runs behind Priya. Priya turns around and runs back to the door, cause she forgot to close the door. Both Arjun and Priya bump into each other. Arjun falls on top of Priya. Priya and Arjun bump their heads as they hit the floor.

Arjun: Now, I got you where I want you.

Priya: (holding her head) ok that's enough, please get off me. (pushing Arjun up)

Arjun: (grabbing Priya's hand and pushing it down) No! I finally got you. I not going to leave you.

Priya: (yelling) Manisha, help Arjun's trying to kill me.

They all look at each other and run out the room. They stop at the corner of the hall.

Priya: (pushing Arjun up) What are you looking at get him off me. Mitesh and Anurag walk towards them and pulls Arjun off Priya. Priya lays on the floor holding her head.

Mitesh: (pulling him off) Arjun what is your problem. It was just a joke.

Priya: (Anurag helps Priya up.) Don't worry. I just wanted him to get off me so I could bug him some more.

Arjun: (mad) go ahead, do more if you want, look if I care. (Arjun walks to the living room, sits, and turns on the T.V. Everyone looks at each other and there walk into the living room and sits with Arjun. Priya walks in and begins to act like Arjun.

Priya: (acting like Arjun. Talking to Manisha) Do you believe at love in first sight or should I walk by again? (Priya walks by again, stopping in front of Manisha and sits next to her) You know something when I and you met, Angels whispered "perfect". (Priya looks at Arjun, who's seriously looks at the T.V. Priya gets up and pulls Manisha up) Can I borrow your library card (walking around Manisha) um um um cause girl I would love to check you out.

Everyone begins to laugh.

Arjun: (slamming the remote on the couch) That's it you're dead.

Priya: Wa - o, See ya. (Priya begans to run)

Arjun jumps up from the couch and chases Priya. Priya runs down the hall and into the bedroom, she had enter before where she saw the balcony. She runs into the room and through the balcony door and down the balcony stairs. Priya turns around and begins walking backwards. Priya spots Arjun running down the stairs and everyone running behind Arjun. Priya turns around and runs throught the small woods. In the middle, Priya stops and leans on a tree to catch her breath. Priya turns to see if Arjun's coming. She spots Arjun looking around, she turns and begins to giggle. Priya turns to see Arjun again.

Arjun: (after seeing priya) There you are.

Priya runs through the trees and on to the beach. Arjun catches up and both Arjun and Priya fall into the water. Everyone continues to follow from behind. Priya and Arjun start to fight in the water. Pritem and Anurag try to pull Priya off of Arjun. Manisha and Mitesh try to pull Arjun off of Priya. However, Priya get lose and jumps on Arjun. Manisha and Mitesh accidentally lets go of Arjun. They both begin to fight again. Finally, all of them get a good grip on Arjun and Priya and pull both of them out of the water. All of them walk home.

Arjun: (being held by Manisha and Mitesh) You fight like a girl?

Priya: (also being held but by Anurag and Pritem) I am a girl, idiot. You know something Mitesh, you should teach Arjun how to fight he needs more help then me.

Arjun tries to push away from Manisha and Mitesh

Mitesh: (mad) that's it from both of you. You guys better stop or else it wouldn't be good for the both of you.

Arjun and Priya: yes

There all continue to walk home. At home, Priya gets into the shower. After coming out she goes into Manisha room. While Anurag, Arjun, Pritem and Mitesh were in the living room.

Manisha: you guys need to control your anger.

Priya: (getting mad) I can't no offense but I hate your brother.

Manisha: (seeing Priya get mad) Ok, lets talk about something else like, how was life in London, did you have any boyfriends there.

Priya: Boyfriend! No, just a really good friend. Anyways, life in London was great, when ever I use to get out of school I would go to my grandmas house, I love her the most in the world. Me and my friend would go to clubs, parties or just hang out. (priya continues to tell her how her life was in London).

Meanwhile, Arjun gets out of the shower and walks to the living room.

Pritem: Hey, what do you think Manisha and Priya are talking about in there.

Mitesh: I was wondering that to (getting up) you want to go see what there talking about

Anurag, Arjun, and Pritem: (looking at each other and then at Mitesh. In a voice of a shocked girl) Mitesh.

Mitesh: what Mitesh? I can't talk crazy once in a while.

Anurag: I don't mind lets go.

Anurag, Arjun, Pritem, and Mitesh walk to Manisha door and begin to listen.

Priya: (holding on to a pillow) So how did you guys meet?

Manisha: Well Mitesh, Me and Arjun have been best friends since we were small, same as Pritem and Anurag. One day Mitesh and Anurag almost started a fight on a stupid rumor. But one of Anurag friend Juhi, who's now in London. Her last name is Rai. Do you know her?

Priya: No

Manisha: Anyways, Juhi comes and tells them that it was a rumor someone started.

Priya: what was the rumor.

Manisha: Oh it was nothing.

Priya: then tell me

Manisha: ok fine the rumor was that Mitesh slept with Juhi and that Juhi was pregnant and he told her that she should abort the child or else he will kill it himself.

Priya: (taking her hand away from her mouth) Who spend the rumor.

Manisha: some guy who didn't like Mitesh or Anurag. After the misunderstanding was over we became good friends.

Outside: Anurag: (Putting his hand on Mitesh) Sorry

Mitesh: It's ok

Inside: Priya: how did you and anurag become boyfriend and girlfriend

Manisha: When we first became friends I would usually hang out with Pritem. You know how much of a flirt he is, so he always tried to flirt with me. But then later I started to spent more time with Anurag. People started to ask if we were girlfriend and boyfriend. After getting tired of saying no, we decided that we should turn into boyfriend and girlfriend. You know something, next month is our anniversary is coming up. I would have forgotten it if it wasn't for the day me and Anurag went to the mall. I saw this beautiful ring on display that I want for my anniversary. But this happen before you came. (Anurag leans off the door thinking for a bit and returns to listen at the conversation) So what type of guys do you like.

Priya: Me? Well I like those type of guys that have a bad boy look but without the bad boy behavior. I don't mean I want him to be a cowardly person. I want him to be a person who can fight for me. If someone who can stand up for me. I want him to be a aashiq and a real man. Who only loves me.

Everyone moves away from the door.

Pritem: you guys have to help me become Priya's dream man.

Mitesh: you're crazy

Arjun: yeah for love.

Anurag: look you'll fall in love when it has to. You can rush these things.

Mitesh: And how do you know if Priya likes you.

Mitesh, Anurag, and Arjun walk away

Pritem: (walking behind them) come on guys

Inside: Priya: I bet you know what I mean. Like Anurag-

Manisha: (cutting Priya off) Anurag is no aashiq. I love him, but he still haven't said that he loves me. Anurag is like Pritem. He acts like a friend to me. You would have never guessed that we were boyfriend and girlfriend if it wasn't for me. (getting up and walks to the other side of the bed) All right lets go to sleep, I'm tired. Good night.

Priya: (getting up and walking to the other side) ok goodnight.

Episode 12:

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