Kya Yahi Pyar Hai: Episode 10

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Posted: 2007-04-02T13:12:59Z

Had originally been posted on I'm starting from the start for the people whom have not read my story and have added some changes for the interest of the reader.

Episode 9:

Episode 10

Priya walks out of the school. She looks around, she spots Manisha and Mitesh standing next to Pritem and Anurag, Whom are sitting on the edge of the sideway. Priya walks up to them. Arjun speed down the road on the expedition, nearly running over Pritem and Anurag feet. While Arjun was speeding by, Anurag kicks the car, with no worry of getting hurt. Priya trying to gasps for air Priya starts to cough after being shocked.

Manisha: (slapping her back) you ok. (Pritem and Anurag turn around and stand up. Mitesh looks at Priya).

Priya: (coughing) ye - Yeah. The whole scene -(coughing) that happen.

Mitesh: Oh! That you'll see a lot of that.

Arjun honk's the horn. Everyone walks to the car. Arjun gets out of the car. Mitesh goes to the driver's seat and Anurag to the passenger. Pritem and Manisha go to the back.

Arjun: Priya maharani are you coming or not (standing in front of the car door).

Priya makes a face and tries to walk in, but Arjun stops her. Priya moves to the left, Arjun moves to the left. She moves to the right, he moves to the right. Priya stop moving and so does Arjun.

Mitesh: (honking the horn) Come on, Arjun. Let her come in.

Arjun: (looking at Priya) she has to go though me first.

Priya looks up at Arjun with a smirk. Priya places her hand on the middle of Arjun chest and walks half way closes to him. Everyone watches in amazement.

Arjun: (thinking and sweating) what is she doing?

While Priya slightly grabs on to Arjun shirt. Priya walk more closer to Arjun and pull him to the back of her and walk into the car, laughing. Everyone in the car also starts to laugh. Arjun straightens himself thinking about what just happen and turns around and looks at Priya, Priya continuing to laugh and closes the door.

Anurag: (smiling) Come on, she did that to move you, not to get close.

Arjun gets mad and walks to the other side of the car and gets in. Pritem starts to laugh again the minute he gets in. Arjun slaps him lightly on the head. They drive away. After a couple of minutes.

Anurag: Mitesh, curve to the side, I have to go get my bike.

Mitesh turns to the side and stops, Anurag gets off. Anurag turns around

Mitesh: you want us to wait.

Anurag: No, where will my bike go if you wait for me.

Priya get off the car.

Anurag: where you going?

Priya: front seat.

Anurag: (moving out the way) see you guys later.

Mitesh: bye (Mitesh drives away)

Mitesh: So Priya, your parents always leave you like this.

Priya: No, its just when there's something important and there don't want to disturb my studies. Like today, we had a test in English.

Mitesh: Oh I see. (stopping the car) Ok Pritem your stop.

Pritem (Arjun and Pritem get off) ok laterz. (Pritem walks to Priya's window) Meet you later, honey (Rising her cheek).

Pritem walks away. Mitesh drives away.

Manisha: (laughing) Paagal, Do you guys think that Pritem ever find his right girl.

Mitesh: As far as I know Pritem, even if he does find her, he won't know it.

Arjun: I believe that if he does, he fall for the wrong one.

Priya: meaning?

Arjun: Oh god! You know nothing. (Priya turns to give Arjun a face) That's all you can do is make faces.

Priya: No, I can do more. And I already gave you a example before. (Arjun stays quick and looks out the window.) What happen? Got nothing to say.

Mitesh: (cutting Arjun off) Ok stop fighting cause Manisha, Arjun, you stop is here.

Manisha: Hey, thanks, bring her to my house after she picks up her bags. I'll go inform my mom.

Arjun and Manisha gets out of the car. Mitesh drives away. After a complete of minutes.

Mitesh: Priya, Don't take me wrong but did anything happen last night.

Priya: I knew this question would pop up! Don't worry, nothing happen. I know you care for Manisha more then anyone in the world. But,-

Mitesh: I know all that, Anurag told me. Its not just Manisha, that I was wondering about. It was you.

Priya: Me? Why?

Mitesh: I have seen everyone very closely and the people around them. Anurag is the attracted one and I have notice that whenever Anurag pass girls there is not even one girl that doesn't turn to look at him. And Anurag and Manisha are going out. (Mitesh stops the car) I just don't want your heart to break, if you end up falling in love with Anurag.

Priya: Don't worry, nothing like that will happen. Also, if it does then I can control myself.

Mitesh: (starting the car, driving) ok! But if you need something your brother is always here for you.

Priya: (looking out the window) Thanks

Mitesh and Priya reaches Priya house. Priya goes inside her house and grabs the bag of clothes that was there from the night before. Priya gets back into the car. Priya and Mitesh arrive to Manisha's house. Priya gets off

Priya: (getting her bag) aren't you coming in.

Mitesh: no I'm going to the gym with Anurag and Pritem. (Priya turns around and walks to the door. Calling from behind). Priya,

Priya: (turning around) yes

Mitesh: Ask Arjun if he wants to go to the gym.

Priya: (smiling) sure. (Priya walks up the stairs and rings the bell the door opens. Manisha mom is at the door) Namaste Aunty, Main Manisha ke dost Priya hoon.

Neha (Manisha Mom): Come in, Come in, what are you doing out there. Come in

Priya walks in Manisha comes out of her room. Neha walks into the kitchen.

Manisha: (tying her hair) Hey, that was quick.

Priya: (holding on to her bag) Yeah, Where Arjun?

Arjun: (after hearing his name. Singing) Mera Jadu Chal Gaya

Priya: (cutting him off) For your kind information, I wouldn't dare on calling you. It was Mitesh, he was just asking if you wanted to go with him to the gym. Anurag and Pritem are going with him.

Arjun: who said I was talking to you. I was just singing.

Arjun grabs his jacket which was on the couch and walk towards Priya. Arjun wallet fall out of his jacket while grabbing his coat and falls in front of Priya foot. Arjun bends over to get the wallet. Priya step back touching the wall. Arjun pauses and goes back up with a smirk. Arjun goes closer to Priya. Priya pushes herself against the wall. Arjun raise his hand to get his keys, which was on the key holder next to Priya head.

Arjun: (standing in the same position. One inch away from Priya's face, smiling) Bye. (Arjun opens the door and leaves)

Priya: (looking at the blushing Manisha. After releasing her breath) I hate your brother, he's just so so -, there's not even a word to describe him.

Neha: (from the kitchen) who just left, Beta.

Manisha: It was Arjun, Mom. He when with Mitesh to the gym.

Neha: (coming out) He should have told me. I wanted to tell you both that, me and your dad are going to Mitesh father's party with Anurag and Pritem parents. We'll be late.

Manisha: (smiling) Take your time. Have fun, don't worry about us.

Priya and Manisha go to Manisha room. One hour later, Vikram, Manisha dad, arrives and takes Neha to the party. It starts to turn dark.

Manisha: (closing door) My parents are gone, (pauses and walks to Priya, in front of Priya) we're the only ones home. (yelling and moving away from Priya to jump on the couch) LET'S PARTY! (jumping on the couch)

Priya: (smiling while looking at Manisha) What do you have planned?

Manisha: (stops and falls on the couch. Scratching her head) I didn't think about that

Priya: Well, we'll think of something. But first I want to change. (Priya walks into Manisha room. She comes out in her PJ's.) Now I'm comfortable.

Manisha: I'll go and change too. (she walks into her room)

Priya see a open door and curiously walks in. She opens the light. Priya notice there had a balcony and goes and opened it. Priya looks out on to the beach across Manisha house.

Priya: (yelling) Manisha, You never told me that you lived next to the beach.

Manisha: (coming from behind) I didn't, it might have slipped my mind. (putting her hand on her shoulder) You want hot chocolate.

Priya: yeah sure. (Manisha walks to the kitchen, but stops in front of the stereo) Manisha, you know what song would go best with this scenery the song that had the very good tune (Manisha play's the song 'Nahin Samne Tu' or 'Nahin saamne ye alag baat hai' from the movie 'Taal'. Priya hears the song and turns around) How did you know I was talking about this song.

Manisha: Maybe lucky guess. But when ever it's night and I'm alone at home, I go to the balcony and away put on this song. (Manisha walks to the kitchen)

Priya: (following from behind, singing along with the song) Mere paas hai tu mere paas hai

Mere saath hai mere saath hai

Tera naam maine liya hain yahaan

Mujhe yaad tune kiya hai vahaan (Priya stops in front of Arjun room) Manisha (Walking into the kitchen)

Manisha: Here's your hot chocolate, lets go set on the couch. (walking into the living room and sits on the couch; Priya follows her) What were you saying

Priya: Would Arjun mind if I wore his clothes?

Manisha: (curious) Why would you want to wear his clothes?

Priya: You'll find that out later, Would he?

Manisha: Not if he doesn't find out (smiling)

Priya: (jumping out of her seat and put the cup on the table) Thanks, you won't regret this. (Priya runs into Arjun room and goes searching thought his closet)

Manisha: (after a few minutes, yelling) Priya why you taking so long. What was it you wanted to do.

Priya: (walks into the living room wearing Arjun clothes acting like Pritem) Girl, I know you like me, but you don't need to be sweatin about me.

Manisha: (laughing) Priya

Priya: (falling onto the couch) Who Priya! (putting her foot on the table) I'm Pritem.

Manisha: Ok!

Priya: (sitting on the edge of her seat) Aren't you tired?

Manisha: No why?

Priya: Cause you been running in my mind all day!

Manisha: (laughing) ok ok stop, I have to hand it too you, you did the best acting of Pritem. Like it was really him in front of me.

Priya: you want me to do Mitesh. But it won't be funny cause I don't know how to do him that well.

Manisha: sure! Don't worry he is the serious type.

Priya: (jumping up and down like a boxer) lets starts. first, I going to show you self-defense. Ok try to hit me. (Manisha lazily kicks Priya) Ok! That was good, but this time with more energy.

Manisha: ok Now do ummm Anurag!

Priya: (screaming) what are you guys doing? I just told you guys to flip around some table and chairs. So it seem like you guys don't care if you get the gold or not. So I can win. (Talking proudly) Well why would I care, I always win. Now this is his caring version after I sneeze. Priya, I told you to dry your hair before we go, now you're going to get sick.

Manisha: He said that when?

Priya: When we were coming to Mr. Singh class. Ok now Arjun turn! (Priya walks back to the hall. Walking back to the living room) Yo, Yo, Yo, Arjun in the house. Yo girl can I ask you a question. How was Heaven when you left it? (pauses) There's a dance coming you want to go with me. I have a lot of girls to reply to, so girl, don't make them wait. Cause the more the girls wait, the more there fall for my cute charming face! (pauses) Oh you want to be friends, that ok but let me tell you one thing a girl who becomes my friend, always falls in love with Arjun (pointing to herself)

Manisha: (pointing, low) Arjun

Priya: Yeah! Sweetie, that's my name don't wear it out.

Manisha: (pointing, still low) No, Priya! Arjun.

Priya turns around and covers her mouth.

Episode 11:

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The ending was sooooo wicked!!!!! Wonder what Arjun's reaction is!!!! It seems so in climax!!!

You have brought out Priya's character so nicely. I totally love the way she bugs Arjun!!!

The part where Priya makes Arjun move away is sooo..well put in! Arjun's reaction kind of sums up his feelings and attitudes. I kinda like the guy-he'd be fun to bug!!!

BTW-could you make the frames go more slowly in your promotional sig for the story? I don't have enough time to read it lolz!!!!

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Posted: 2007-04-07T12:25:09Z
You can actually see each frame on the link here. I'm the first post on that page. But will also make the frames slower.
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