~History of KSJH forum-Come read n write~

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Posted: 17 years ago

Its time when our fav show Kittu Sabb Jantii Hai has gone off air so I feel to recollect the journey of our forum. All of u are invited to share your experience in this forum- what u liked here/ what u disliked, the member u liked/ the member u hated… Everything u wanted to say about this forum, u are free to speak out.

Ok I am starting it with a history of this forum (Knowing that nobody likes to study history)β€”

This forum was opened few days before 14 th Nov (when Kittu went on air) & initially the fans of Amit Varma joined it (who migrated from Hotel Kingston forum), their main concern was "is AV really doing this show?????" (as only one article confirmed it & the other articles didn't). Few others joined it & their first question was "who is AV" & as usual Mitts most actively explained to them who "her AV" was & also supplied his pics. Some of the new members liked AV but some of them disliked him for the stupid ness of his character. But Ami was loved nearly by all. Some of the initial members wereβ€”mitts, crazyAVfan, tauqee, jayantidesai, heyitsrupy, little wing, Kareena'sWorld, vanesa, akhi_esha, Sammie, minxxxxxxxxx, ffiona, shruthi, V.T,  Jaslove (sorry if I missed someone).

Then slowly time passed & Yuvraj came in the show which divided our forum into two halves- Rohan fans & Yuvraj fans. The Cold War between these 2 parties increase day by day & finding the number of AV fans reducing day by day I joined the forum with the topic "100 not out" (later I gladly posted 200 & 300 not out & my dream to post 500 not out is now broken). The war increased more with Mitts's "fan club game" where 2 separate fan clubs were formed & the fans of both the actors were to post articles/ pics/ interviews etc related to Amit of Tarun. Oviously the Amit fans won the game but Mitts(the  biggest Amit fan) & Ffiona (the biggest Tarun fan) had a dangerous battle of words & decided to Quit I-F & finally it was solved when Ffiona walked out with the exit of Yuvraj from the show. This was the time when the fan-fictions became very popular & some excellent stories were written by Rohan fans to ridicule Yuvraj & by Yuvraj fans to redicule Rohan.(I suggest u all to find out the Fan Fic link & read them, u will have a great laugh.)

Then came the most slow & boring phase in this forum. Many of the previous members left the forum & the new members who come in were all AV fans & thus excitement of competition was over. Some of the new members were- Kohinoorfan, thaokar, belle-dame, bornangel, bubble_gum, Tanya_k, Gorgeous0116, romanticele, etc. Constantly we tried to make the forum active but we failed. Finally in the last part of 2006 the entry of some more new members made the forum a bit more active. (The last person to enter the forum is Jaisahankar) But it was too late as the news of Kittu going off started coming from that time & finally in March 2007 it was confirmed & our 1 & half year relation is going to end soon. 

Many members came & many weny away but Mitts & tauqee were always their. So they could be called the pillars of this forum.

So, now u share your experience with the forum.

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Posted: 17 years ago
I am extreamly sorry if I missed someone's name. Hope u all wont mind.
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Posted: 17 years ago
hey AVFAN tahnaks for mentioning my name..i am so proud to be part of this forum..i am feeling very unlucky that i could not join this forum early..yaar i missed all the fun.. 😭 but these few days i have joined ihave really enjoyed myself...i AVFAN,mitts,tauquee and each and every ksjh fan are the greatest and are very special..guys u are the best..guys as i said earlier plzzzzzz i mean plzzzzz do not discontinue the forum,let us keep this forum updated of all the latest happenings of AV and AT,so any new show of AV and AT let us update her so as all our fans can come to know and enjoy our AV and AT again..and also i have decided to download allthe lovely epis of ksjh as and keep it with me to cherish and i am on the process...so guys u all are the best and special thanks to AVFAN,mitts and tauqee u have the pillar support for the forum and to all the fans...let us keep our updates going..we rock and our forum is the best..yaar..and dont worry RK is going to live happily forever and let us cherish their victory..indeed their love has overcome all obstacles and hope to see them soon together..guys keep updating...i cant bear to see all of us being seperated after we associated such a good friendship..sp lzzzzzz dont leave our forum..keep our updates going.... πŸ˜† πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰
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Posted: 17 years ago
So sweet of you both AVfan and Jaishanker! Well I tell you how I came here. I was on vacations in Pakistan when KSJH started. I went on 3rd Nov and the show started from 14th Nov. As I went my home after two years so I didn't watch any soap there, as I was busy with my in laws and parent families. I came back after three months on 26th January. It was the first day when I saw this serial. I liked it alot as it was quite different from Ekta's serials. I was sad that I missed three months of it. I asked previous story of the show from a friend and became a huge fan of it. Then, in the end of Feb, Those stupid Sahara people stopped Sahara internationally and I was near to dieπŸ˜† But after a time, I got an idea to search on net about KSJH and on 2nd April I got this site. I was so happy that I joint this forum on that day. So tomorrow it'll be one year of my attachment with this forumπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ From that day, I think a very few days spent in my life that I didn't visit this forumπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
And as AVFAN told that the most interesting time was that when we were fighting on RK n YK pairsπŸ˜† I still miss that time. ffiona, the biggest Yuvraj fan left the forum when Tarun quit Ksjh. She was also the daily written updater of the show. I was totally dependable on her for three months until I got back Sahara n when she left the forum I was asked for the updates. I started updating from the end of the August and did it till last month. I live here with my hubby and an only son. My hubby is quite busy and my son is just two years old so it was the great way of spending time for me. I enjoyed the updates a lot. These days I m on break due to my health and Mitts is helping all of us in updates. I wanted to come back but now the show is being off-airπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ I still can't beleive that how I'll spent my time, when Kituu will not come.
I hope the forum will not b closed with the show and we'll meet here for getting informations about our AT n AV and most importantly for the sack of our great attachment with each other. I got lots of friends here n it was my biggest acheivement in the forum. My very first friend was Mitts. Then I got ffiona, Jaslove, AVFAN, shruthi, akhi_esha, Sammie,jayantidesai, crazyAVfan. This is the list of my early friends(Sorry if I missed some one)n then got lots more like Jaishanker, Thakor, kohinoorfan, Tanya_k, bubble_gum,belle-dame, bornangel,Gorgeous0116, romanticele. (I think I m still missing some new names, sorry for it) But I hope we'll continue meeting in this section and then very soon we'll join a new section which wud start when our AV n AT wud join a new show πŸ‘I have lots of more to say but you people wud have been tiredπŸ˜†πŸ˜†
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Posted: 17 years ago
hey even i m upset of joining this forum late....not because kituu was 2 gud but because ppl in this forum were 2 gud πŸ˜ƒ .....n honestly telling,i never liked yuvraj 😑 .
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Posted: 17 years ago

its has been a very long year.

lots off things have happened in Kituu but it was entertainingπŸ‘


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Posted: 17 years ago
thanks avfan for mentioning my name. I had a great time in this forum and i love ksjh a lot! all the members of this forum have been very friendly and nice, i hope that our friendships will last in the years to come as we all get together and discuss other serials.
I will surely miss kituu a lot 😭 😭 😭
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Posted: 17 years ago
Hmmm so history hhh its gr8 πŸ‘

I will write later as I have a huge history at Kittu sec πŸ˜ƒ
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Posted: 17 years ago
waiting for ur histroy mitts... πŸ˜† πŸ˜†
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Posted: 17 years ago
hey nice topic
i hav some history here as well πŸ˜†
will try to pen them down soon 😳 πŸ˜†