Deception - A Sinister Betrayal...C2- P1

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Deception - A Sinister Betrayal ...... Do Not Believe What You See....?

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It had taken a while for Samantha to calm down, although the tears just continuously kept on flowing from her eyes. She just sat down on the sofa, with her head resting against Sean's arm. She didn't even say a word. All that Sean and Nisha could hear, was Samantha sobbing.

As Sean assured Samantha, that she was fine, Nisha walked into the kitchen and came back with a glass of water.
"Here drink this" said Nisha as she passed a glass of water. Samantha refused it, but then Sean took the glass and gave it to her. She took a few sips and then gave it back to Sean.
"Now tell me what's happened" asked Sean.
Samantha didn't say anything, she just looked down at the floor, reflecting on everything that had happened, everything thing that she had endured.
"Samantha…Samantha…look at me"
But Samantha didn't move or anything she just sat there like a statue. It was like as if her whole life had left her.
Tears started to form in Sean's eyes, by looking at the state of Samantha. He lifted her face towards him, so she looked at him. But then she burst into tears again and hugged Sean tightly.
"Please come back Sean…We –we need you!"
Again Sean tried to assure her that she was safe.
"You're safe…I'm here… nothing will happen to you – now tell me what's happened?"

Sean and Nisha just sat there, while Samantha told everything to Sean.  By the time Samantha had finished, Sean's eyes were fuming with anger. Instantly he got up and headed towards the front door. But Nisha stopped him.
"Where are you going?"
"You know where I'm going!" shouted Sean.
But still Nisha didn't move, she still stood in his way trying to stop him, from doing anything drastically.
"No - calm down… I know how you're feeling, but don't do anything stupid"
Sean just stared at her and at Samantha. He didn't know what he was angry at. He was asking himself, was it cause of what had happened or was it cause he refused to come back with Amanda.
"You know me, don't you" said Sean.
"That's what I'm worried about" replied Nisha, as she knew what Sean was capable of now. Since what had happened in the past, Sean had changed so much. He wasn't the same quite Sean.
"I agree with you being so angry, if it was me I'd probably do the same… but think about Samantha, she needs you with her"
In a way Sean knew that what Nisha was saying was right. If he did anything rationally, it could worsen the situation, as if the situation wasn't bad enough. Sean stared at Samantha and could clearly see that she also agreed with Nisha.
"I won't do anything stupid" said Sean as he looked at Samantha and then he looked at Nisha, who was still standing in front of the door. "Just take care of Samantha for me"
"No… I want to come with you" said Samantha.
Sean went up to Samantha and put his arms around her and hugged her.
"I want you to stay here with Nisha, you will be safe…don't worry I will be back"
Sean then headed out of the front door, but then stopped and turned towards Nisha.
"Take care of her"
Nisha could tell how much Samantha meant to him, because it was the third time or so, that Sean had told her to take care of Samantha.

"Don't worry I will take care of her" replied Nisha, as she saw Sean, get into his car and watched him drive away.

........To Be Continued

Link To Next Part -: PN=1&#10291593

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Great chapter!!! It really improves on Chapter one. The characters are brought out very intriguingly and kept me pretty hooked up. I'm waiting to know what is happening, what happened and what will happen!!!

The end was very suspenseful and cliff-hanging. And the chapter lenght is good-it keeps us on to the story without making us weary. Continue on to Part 2 soon.

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