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Posted: 15 years ago

ummm i was just sittign there..and decided to write a peom bout my life...hope y'all like ittOuchOuch

 that day i born

the parents would mourn

cause they didn't want another


everthing was empty
it was very tempty

life was boring
till he came along roaring


He was there from the start
swept away my heart

Didn't care who he was

Nor what he does


He said he loved me

It was what I see

I knew it was true

Cause it always grew


People said he wasn't right

But I saw the light

He was the perfect one

And tons of fun


They said he vanish from my sight

And fly away like a kite

They said I was just a kid

And that's exactly what he did


I fell too fast

Never knew it wouldn't last

But I was wrong
cause he was gone


Gone from my sight

Darkening every light

Everything's spinning

I wasn't wining


Three years went by
never found that one guy
even though I tried my best
i guess it was just my dest


My world fell apart
and so did my heart

I felt really scared

Everyone was paired


That one night
if I might

Decided to go out tomorrow
to take away that sorrow


Finally some fun again

With a lot of men

Little did I know
I was there for their show


One by one
they all had fun

Breaking me further
why did they murder


They left me there

They didn't care

 I was broken once again

The pain was ten


i laid there all night
with a lot of fright
woke up the next day
I guess i was kay


till they broke it out to me

it wasn't what I see

I cant turn back
everythings what I lack


It was a sad session
filed with drepression
I  was a schizoid
something I couldn't avoid


It's gonna stay there forever
and leave never
those two memories
come back every breeze


Everything's true
it never blew

He never came
they all did the same


I was alone
with a whole new tone
in life, in love, everything
and anything

This world is a cold place
with a whole new face
I was wrong
it's not very long

in the years to come
I was numb

just with one thing in mind
they all said behind


"they weren't wrong
I truly don't belong"


Edited by ~*MaNnU*~ - 15 years ago
Posted: 15 years ago
its very very nice poem Clap Clap really touching
Posted: 15 years ago

Very touching, and very true seeming, if i think i know what ur referring to... Embarrassed

You DO belong, so don't write poems that get you further down dear. Big smile Hug

Take care,
Posted: 15 years ago
AWESOME poem yaar Mannu...very very nice!! Clap Clap Clap



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