Kya Yahi Pyar Hai: Episode 5

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Had originally been posted on I'm starting from the start for the people whom have not read my story and have added some changes for the interest of the reader.

Episode 4:

Episode 5

In The Club

The song Dus Bahaane is playing in the background. Mitesh and Pritem are next to each other.

Pritem: (Pointing with a glass in his hand) Hey Mitesh, isn't that Priya and Anurag.

Mitesh: (taking the glass away from his mouth) Where?

Pritem: (About to drink) Near the door

Mitesh: Yeah that's them. Why? What happen.

Pritem: I just saw Priya and Anurag shaking hands.

Mitesh: (about to drink) So

Pritem: Look as much as I know Anurag. He only shake hands with a person he just meet or a bet. He knew Priya, for like what, about 3 days. Why would he shake her hands now?

Priya and Anurag spot Mitesh and Pritem and walk towards them.

Mitesh: What are you trying to say? He made a bet with her?

Pritem: Yeah! And it's up to us to find out what it is.

Anurag and Priya are in front of them.

Anurag and Priya: Hey

Mitesh: Why did you guys take so long?

Priya: Where's Manisha?

Pritem: (putting his arm around Priya) Darling, Dear, sweety, why do you need to know where she is. When you got me.

Mitesh: (giggling) She's in the restroom.

Priya: (moving his arm, still next to him) Thanks so (picking up her leg and stomps on Arjun foot. Not knowing that he's behind them) MUCH!

Arjun: (yelling in Priya's ear) AHHHH! What's your problem.

Priya: (yelling) What's your problem? Do you want me to turn deaf?

Arjun: (mad) and what do you want to turn me crippled.

Mitesh, Pritem, and Anurag are laughing. Priya get mad and leaves.

Pritem: (to Anurag) What are you and Priya planning.

Anurag: (smirk) Don't worry you'll know very soon.

They all go to dance. Priya is walking into the bathroom.

Priya: Manisha! Manisha are you here

Manisha: Yeah! At the sink.

Priya walks towards Manisha.

Priya: What are you doing here and why is your shirt wet.

Manisha: Nothing Pritem spilled his drink on me. So I'm here to clean it up.

Priya: oh

Manisha goes to dry her shirt under the hand blow dryer.

Manisha: (after a few second) Hey why don't you come to my house we'll have a sleep over at my house tomorrow.

Priya: I don't know. Today the club and then a sleep over. My parents might say no.

Manisha: You mean the whole, 'you when out today and now you want to go to a sleep over at your friends house tomorrow. Then we'll go out every night', type of things parents say.

Priya: (nodding) Yup!

Manisha: Don't worry I'll talk to your parents.

Priya: (kind of mad, but normal tone) Why does everyone think that I can't talk to my parents just to get permission.

Manisha: No one said that.

Priya: Don't get me wrong. Anurag the other day said "if your afraid, that your parents will say no, don't worry. I talk to them" and now you'll ask them.

Manisha: Fine you ask. Now lets go, (Both are leaving the bathroom) Why did you guys take long?

Priya: Nothing? I got scared while driving with Anurag, that we stopped several times.

Manisha: oh! I felt the same way when I was first on his bike.

Manisha and Priya meet up with Anurag, Pritem, Arjun, and Mitesh.

Pritem: I found a table But it's the standing ones.

Manisha: Now I have to stand, Pritem you're giving me bad luck.

Anurag: Why? What happen.

Manisha: Pritem, spilled his drink on me.

Anurag: Again.

Manisha nodded

Pritem: Ok stop, blaming me and lets go stand (making faces at Manisha)

They all go to the table.

Anurag: Wait! Why are we standing, Why aren't we dancing?

Mitesh: Commissioner Pritem, Commander Arjun, and Officer Manisha wanted to eat something.

Arjun: Why you're not hungry?

Anurag: No, I ate something at Priya house.

Pritem: So how are my in-laws.

Priya doesn't pay attention.

Mitesh: They loving, caring, and trusting parents.

Pritem: Is her father a thrift?

Priya: (mad) What do you mean?

Pritem: Cause someone stole the stars from the sky and put them in your eyes

Priya tries to kick Pritem, but again hit's Arjun again.

Arjun: (holding his leg) What is your problem? You're always hitting me. Didn't I suffer enough, after talking with your dad.

Priya: No you haven't. Also, if you keep on standing or sitting next to Pritem, you might get kicked by me again.

Arjun looks at the side of him where Pritem is standing and then moves.

Mitesh: Don't worry I teach you how to kick. Just meet me in the school's gym in the morning tomorrow. Actually, we'll pick you up tomorrow morning and every morning after that.

Pritem: (confused) Arjun, what did you mean by, didn't I suffer enough. What happen at Priya's house.

Mitesh and Anurag explain to Pritem, Manisha and Priya what happen when they were there, while their were eating. All were laughing when they were listening to them. After telling the group everything.

Arjun: Ok, Now you know everything can we please go and dance.

Manisha: (grabbing Anurag arm) Sure lets go (pulling him)

Everyone leave except for Priya. Priya finds another table and goes to sit. Meanwhile, everyone is dancing, Mitesh and Arjun are both dancing with a girl. Pritem moves around the dance floor, looking for the perfect girl to dances with. Manisha and Anurag are dancing together. Manisha see Priya sitting alone.

Manisha: (still dancing) Anurag! Can you do me a favor.

Anurag: Anything

Manisha: Go dance with Priya

Anurag: (stop's dancing) What?

Manisha: (also stop's dancing) We invited Priya to come with us to dance, and if she not dancing, what is the point of her coming. She might not want to dance with Pritem, cause you know how he is. She wouldn't want to dance with Arjun, cause there were fighting since she came here and I think she'll feel uncomfortable dancing with Mitesh.

Anurag: But why would she feel comfortable dancing with me.

Manisha: (squeezing his cheeks, smiling) You have this attraction towards people.

Anurag: Ok fine! You owe me then.

Manisha: Fine

Anurag walks towards Priya. Manisha walks to the flirtatious Pritem, who still looking for a girl; and starts dancing with him. Anurag walks up to Priya and sits.

Anurag: (mad) What are you doing?

Priya: (confused) what do you mean?

Anurag: (really mad) why are you doing here in the club?

Priya: (kind of still confused) You guys invited me.

Anurag: (calming down to a mad) No! No we didn't. We didn't invite you to just sit here, we invited you to dance with us. And your just sitting here. No one is going to come here and ask you to dance.

Some guy comes up to Anurag and Priya.

Guys # 1: (to priya) Can I have a dance with you?

Anurag: (Before Priya can say anything, Really mad) Get lost! Can't you see I trying to make a point here.

Priya begins to laugh. Guy # 1 leaves. Priya extends her arm trying to call him back, to say sorry. Anurag without say anything, grabs her arm and pull her to the dance floor. Priya tries to pull her hands away.

Anurag: (at the dance floor, standing straight) ok now dance.

Priya: you know it will feel weird dancing in front of a person, who just standing there.

Anurag: Fine, I'll start (Anurag starts to dance, stop after a couple of seconds) Yeah! Your right it is weird. Ok will both start dancing on the count of three. One, two-

Priya: (cutting him off, feeling sad) no Anurag, look I know Manisha told you to dances with me. So why don't you go dances with her.

Anurag: (feeling really low) Sorry, but who are you going to dances with?

Priya: (feeling unwell) The person Manisha dancing with (looking at Pritem).

Anurag: (looking at Manisha, laughing, turning to look at Priya) Pritem! Are you sure?

Priya: (still felling unwell) I hope I'm. (walking to Pritem and Manisha) Manisha, go to dance with Anurag, I know what you did, don't say sorry its ok. (Pushing Manisha towards Anurag)

Manisha: (feeling low) then who will dance with Pritem?

Priya: (unwell) Me

Pritem gets happy, starts to dances, by himself

Manisha: (surprised) Are you sure?

Priya: (loud and smiling) Yes! Now go (pushing Manisha)

Manisha goes to Anurag

Pritem: (happy) I knew it, You love me.

Priya: (smirk) Shut up and lets dance.

Priya and Pritem starts to dance. Manisha and Anurag dance while talking to each other.

Anurag: (smiling) Priya is a really good friend don't you think?

Manisha: (smiling) Yeah, she is. God give a friend like that to everyone.

Both Anurag and Manisha look at Pritem and Priya dancing and having fun. Anurag and Manisha start to laugh at the way, Pritem and Priya were dancing. Priya phone rings. It was her parents.

Priya: (Stopping Pritem) Hold on its my parents I'll be back.

Priya picks up the phone and walks towards the door. Meanwhile, Anurag smirk seeing Priya leave. And walks towards Mitesh, Arjun, and Pritem leaving Manisha behind. Meanwhile Outside.

Priya: (On the phone) yeah Papa, what is it?

Anil: Look your mom and me are going to Agra and we won't be home for 3 days. Your Vijay uncle had invited us for his daughter Aisha wedding, but I forgot so, so he wants us to be there for there before she gets married. So your mom and me are leaving


Priya: Ok! Give them My Wishes. Tell Aisha I'll call her. Oh Yeah, Can I stay with Manisha while your away.

Anil: Sure, but no masti.

Priya: Tell mom I love her. Bye dad love you.

Anil: Love you. And have fun!

Priya cuts the phone. Looking at the phone.

Priya: (thinking) God, You know I love them. So plz don't let me do anything that might cause them problems or have to hear anything because of me.

Priya turns back and walks into the club.

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