Popular and Us?NAH!!!!-Part 1

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Posted: 2007-03-24T08:55:43Z

February 14

Time was running pretty fast and Adam has not reached the dance floor yet.Could he still be an introvert as he used to be 4 months back? Just then, my"supposed"  dance partner,James has arrived and tapped on my shoulder.

James:You are waiting for someone known as adam Kerry?

Fresca:Yes James..Oops!Nope!!

James:Yes and stop worrying.He'll be here soon..When he said he'll come, he'll definitely come


James:Just chill...I am his friend and I know him well enough!!


I became more impatient.James handed me a refreshment pack.I slowly sipped my drink while recollecting my memories of him, though little but worth cherishing...

I have known Adam Kerry for quite some time..Perhaps about 4 months.I first met him when I was late for my classes.I did not bring my timetable along so I basically got lost and I headed for the Mass Communication Class LR-C146 but there was no one. Then I headed to the boys' locker area-the only big coverage area for our college magazine for there's where the college's top most gossiper-Presca Bynes who always credited in disseminating events as such.Just then Presca was there looking at a guy who's busy copying practical notes for her, and at that spot, there was a flash..Thinking it was lightning, Presca ran inwards and the guy ran away-I went to check the noticeboard situated nearby. Suddenly a guy handed out his camera to me and ran and PResca Bynes saw me with the camera--This incident had not only gained me unwanted fame and popularity but a whole week of detention.I just hated Adam Kerry then. I got to know he's the son of John Kerry, a famous celebrity and whom all were crazy about.


A few days later, there were bouquets of roses and tulips at the doorstep of my flat.This continued for a few days and this angered me even more. I decided not to go for my classes the next day. I left the door closed but unlocked. In the evening when I was done with my cleaning the flat, I saw a small note on my study table in the living room.

It read:-

Hi,Fresca. Yes I know ur name-Fresca Jones and that after the death of your parents, u stay alone in the flat and I am pretty much sure that u have noticed all those flowers..I am Adam Kerry, the guy who costed you loads of time in the entire week of detention where you had to clean the staff area as well as the college cafeteria. I had been watching you ever since I bumped into u. To tell you the truth, I went all over the school to find information about you!You might think itz sheer craziness but I realized that I owe you the time of a whole week, approximately 20 hours, 30 minutes and 22 seconds. Since I owe you so much time, I hope you can bear my nonsense for a while for I wanted to ask for forgiveness from you and be a friend of yours!!You might be just wondering, of all people, why I would want to be your friend? Well there's no such thing in friendship..With a pure intention, I shall ask you,"Will you be my true friend??"


Adam Kerry

Next part-Tomorrow/Next week....

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Posted: 2007-03-25T05:07:27Z
I loved it!!!

Adam is too great to be true! The guy's cute but in normal circumstances I would think he was playing up to Fresca. Or maybe..it's the so-called love at first sight!!! The dialogues are good and simply flow on!!!

Looking forwards to the next part!!!

Nutzie Jaan Wink
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Posted: 2007-03-25T11:05:09Z
Its so cute!!! great chapter!!!! please update!!!
i think Adam likes Fresca!!! there cant be any other answer to it...
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Posted: 2007-03-26T02:36:43Z
aww adam seems cute Embarrassed im hooked do go on soon Wink
n its valentines day Embarrassed yippee LOL
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Posted: 2007-04-01T17:02:29Z

I like the concept and how you started it off was wonderful. Adam seems to be a nice character, may be not. But still i like that guy lolz. I am waiting for your next part. do update soon

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