Oooh Burn!! Pt 2 Pg 3 FINALLY!!

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Yes, she knew what they were. They were, according to a biology textbook, currently acting as a waste paper basket, mammals with wings to help them with co-ordination and movement. But that was not what she was interested in.. She was interested, however, in ways how you can poke people with birds till they're dead.

And at this point in the story, you, the reader, might ask me the perpetual question: Why?

The answer is simple.

She hated her roommate.  Hated him, yes him, to such an extent that she would not think twice before killing him.  Talking of whom, he was standing right in her doorway, blocking the exit.

"Move." She all but snarled at him.

He smiled, "Nuh-uh."


He still didn't.

That was when she did something unbelievable; she kicked him in the groin. And hard. So hard that he fell over, clutching his jewels and moved out of her way without a second look backward.

As she went back to her room to plan the great bird attack, she felt a tiny, rather a miniscule piece of remorse for him. But then again, she thought, we're not in Kansas anymore.

Coming down to the living room an hour later, she still found him groaning on the couch, and a very beautiful glare adorned his face as she made her entry. For a moment, she thought he actually looked sexy, and made a mental note to look up "sexy" in the dictionary again.

"You're sick." He boomed out at her.

She looked at him cheekily, "I know" and kept on attending to her hair, not knowing that his oh-so-observant eyes were following her.

"Yeah, do that." he said, as she put a rubber band around her hair, "That way, you at least look half human. Sometimes, you know, I wonder, how did God make such a nice, despicable person with equally despicable hair? I mean, can it get any wilder?" he smirked to himself at his own comeback.

She was, on the other hand, seething.

"You know," she retorted, "It's sick really. I mean, you are amused by the failure of others when all you have to do is get a mirror and look at the biggest failure in the world."


Her: 1, Him: Zip

Burn. Burn. Burn.



i posted this because i was told by my friends that it was hilarious.Confused i myself dont seem to think so, but thats for you to judge. its not a oneshot ONLY if you review.. hoping to get your reviews.. and i promise i will make it an entertaining story..Embarrassed

and the next chap gets dedicated to the first one who reviews Big smileLOL

love, hugz and kisses


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Never heard of a boy and a girl sharing a room, but it's very funny! The guy amuses me, sounds like a brat! LOL
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Posted: 2007-03-26T02:50:28Z
LOL darn jst missed gettin dedicated a review!!
neway shreya it IS hilarious ROFL n yea plz do say hw d two r sharin a room Confused but i lyk it neway i can jst feel d sparks flyin LOL
its too good...continue....or ELSE Wink
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Posted: 2007-03-26T10:08:57Z
well..they dont exactly share a ROOM..they share an apartment.. so they're still kinda roommates.. lol!

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Posted: 2007-03-26T19:53:48Z

Originally posted by Naughty_n_nice

Never heard of a boy and a girl sharing a room, but it's very funny! The guy amuses me, sounds like a brat! LOL

LOL thats exactly wut i was thinkin..boy..girl..... roomates?Tongue

nice story thoughLOLBig smile

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Posted: 2007-03-29T11:42:31Z
read this long back but got disconnected so couldnt reply!!!
btw i liked ur introduction the best!!!!!!!!!
and the guy and girl are cute Embarrassed but the guy seems to be an ultimate bugger
great job!
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Posted: 2007-03-29T12:22:27Z

But....girl+boy roommatesss???? Agreed! Neva heard it b4!!!! Bit it seems funny! Da guy's a brat! And da gal does have some cheek! Whoaa-way to GO!!!! Wondering what awaits in the future...
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Posted: 2007-03-30T15:33:20Z
Love your writing style. Looking forward to a little more background on how Her and Him got to be roomies even though they hate each other so much.
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