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Posted: 2007-03-19T18:35:36Z

"It's been four months. Don't you think you should move on?"

He shook his head firmly, and sat back down on the grass, "No, I'm not moving from here. Never." She tried to drag him up, "Come on, how long will you sit here? It's been four months since she died. Every morning you come here and don't get going till nightfall? You need to move on."

He freed himself from her grip and sat back down, "No," ; he shook his head.

She was irritated now. All she gave was a tight-lipped smile before she sat down beside him and whispered, "You need to let go." He looked at her and back at the horizon again, "You're not a doctor. You can't mend a broken heart. This was the place.. the last place I saw her before.. " he trailed off..

"Tell me one thing, why do you care so much about her? You hated her for the most part of your life, and nowadays, when she is gone, all you do is sit here and mourn. Why do you care?"

He regarded her calmly, "You won't understand. Life has been so easy on you.  Look at you, not a worry in the world. I wish I could live like you, you know. Not a worry.. '

She looked back and when she replied her voice was calm and collected, yet had a hint of ice in it, "You're right. I don't have any worry in the world. My parents just died a month ago, and I'm adopted by a family who look for any chance to abuse me."  She looked down and continued, "My only friend in my whole life died four months ago, and I'm left all alone. You're right, I won't understand."

He stared at her, with a new found awe for the friendship he had developed in the last half hour..

"I'm sorry.."

"Don't worry about it.." she gave him another of those tight lipped smiles.


"So.. this is it." he said, as he dropped her home later that night. "You know, I never thought we, of all people, would bond, talk and share things we've never told anyone."

She smiled, "That's all it takes to confess."

He looked at her intensely for a minute for swooping down and kissing her lips. It was slow, tentative and chaste, but it gave her a warm feeling she liked. He broke it and looked at her, "I had to do that." He bent down for another..


This time she didn't stop him..

************************************************************ ***********************

this had to be one of the worst and randomest things ive ever written.. i just felt like writing here you are lol!LOL

do review.. even tho i know it sucks.. Tongue

love, shrey

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Posted: 2007-03-20T02:45:27Z
awwww it is shoooo shweet yaar Embarrassed i love it WinkHug is it a one shot? Confused

btw..waitin from morning to night in one place..reminds me of saumya n pari LOLWink
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Posted: 2007-03-20T10:38:45Z

Originally posted by coolniyu

awwww it is shoooo shweet yaar Embarrassed i love it WinkHug is it a one shot? Confused

btw..waitin from morning to night in one place..reminds me of saumya n pari LOLWink

lol they were my inspiration..i feel so sorry for saumyaOuch

and yes its a one shot.. glad you liked it. Big smile

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Posted: 2007-03-20T11:50:12Z
lolzie i thot so Wink n yeah i realised its a oneshot n i relly lyked it Hug
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Posted: 2007-03-22T04:51:46Z
Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed ur ryt! its random... but its so cute and random!!! its very very very shweeet!!!!
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Posted: 2007-04-01T08:27:14Z
It is RANDOM but very sweet and certainly doesn't suck! Though the sudden mood change at the end seems pretty unexpected and sudden it brings the story to the end with a nice twist.

The dialogue is really good and moving specially the part of the girl. It makes me feel as I was watching it on TV! Post more of your work soon!!!

Nutzie Wink
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