Deception - A Sinister Betrayal...C1- P3

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Deception - A Sinister Betrayal ...... Do Not Believe What You See....?

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"Which home?" replied Sean, as he turned around to face her.
"Don't say this!" cried Amanda, as she finally realised that the final hope that she had held onto had vanquished.
"Why shouldn't I say this? - What have you given me except pain?" yelled Sean as his past flashed before his eyes. "The house that you are talking about, you insulted me and threw me out"
Amanda had finally given up and was about to walk away, when she just stopped in her tracks and turned towards Sean and said, "I…I…didn't mean to hurt you in anyway".
However Sean didn't hear what Amanda had said. His mind was blinded by anger and pain. He just couldn't think straight. All he could say was whatever that was coming into his mind, whether it hurt Amanda or not, it didn't matter to him.
"After the incident, instead of wiping my tears, you kicked me away and now you expect me to come back with you?"
"I know you can't forget the past"
Sean knew that Amanda was right. That it was impossible to forget about the past. No matter what Amanda said to him, he just couldn't forgive her or come back with her. All he wanted was for Amanda to leave him alone. He just clinched his fists really tightly while trying to control his anger. But it was no use. He just instantly turned around and faced Amanda.
"You're right, I can't forget the past, that's why I was alone, I am alone and I want to be alone - So just leave me alone!" yelled Sean, as he fell down onto his knees and cried.
Amanda also got down onto her knees and cried. She tried to hug him and comfort him. But Sean stopped her, before her arms even reached him.
"Can't you see what you're doing to me…please, just go away…leave me alone"
All Amanda could see as she looked into his eyes was that she had opened up old wounds that Sean had tried to keep hidden deep within himself. She didn't want to hurt him anymore, like she had done previously. So she just got up and walked away. Sean looked up and saw her vanish into the darkness. There was a part of him that cried to him, telling him to get up and call her back, but there was another part of him that stopped him. He just sat there on the ground and cried out loud. Whether or not Amanda heard him cry or not, it didn't matter to him. He knew that even though if Amanda came back, he'd still tell her to go away.

Several minutes had gone by and still Sean sat there crying, remembering everything that Amanda had said to him. But then something distracted Sean. He could hear footsteps behind him and the gravel crunching beneath each footstep. For a minute Sean thought that Amanda had come back. But then he felt a familiar hand rest on his shoulder.

........To Be Continued

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