POV Returns- What to write?What to write?

Posted: 2007-03-16T22:48:52Z

POV – Point Of View



As the Moderators of general discussion forums whacked their brains to get ideas to breathe new life into the general forums, I thought why not revive POV?


For those who are not familiar with POV


POV stands for Point of View. It's a weekly affair where we feature general write-ups of IF members about any topic under the sun, be it love, homework, movies etc.


Read on and enjoy the journey on POV.



POV for March 18- march 24, 2002.

By - datspreets aka Preeti


What to write, what to write, what to write?


Well, writing isn't just about typing out random words, sentences on the keyboard. Nor is it just about running the pen on a blank piece of paper. It's about being at ease and getting into the mood of writing.


I think I'm in the perfect mood to write, I hope you readers are in the mood to read, for that'd get the two-way traffic moving!


So, what should I write about? – Those words flashed in my mind's eye. Instantly I made an invisible list. This is how it reads-


  1. Write about World CUP 2007


It's already been done to death. Mandira Bedi, Navjot Singh Sidhu etc have already done it. Plus, I don't want to bring out my views-about why Rahul isn't that bad and we really shouldn't have got Viru back on team-should they stir up a heated debate.


  1. Maybe talk about 'Why Nishabd left audiences Nishabd?'

That should make for a good topic. What the heel was Amit Ji thinking when he signed the movie? I guess he didn't learn a lesson from the failure of BOOM! Or maybe he's also caught the bug of 'doing something different' like most actors today.

But if that's what I write about, I should be paid too, right? – Cause critics and page3 reporters get paid for it all the time!


  1. How about Food?

Hahahah…your mouth's watering already right. Imagine there's a house of chocolate, unlimited ice cream, pizzas, candies…. yummy. That'd make for a tasty write up! Even typing the names of those sinful indulgences made me hungry----------------sorry, I couldn't stop the craving, and so I have a large cheese pizza. No way, I can't write about food cause I'll be feeding my craving every few minutes and anyway a few extra pounds is bad enough, I can't accommodate more! So, no food talks!


  1. Maybe a poem?

I'll jump over mountains

Swim the seven oceans

I'll cut through the forests

To be with you my love…

(A child's scream – 'Mummy…its lady krish here!she's jumping on mountains..lookkkk'

Me: damn! It was supposed to be a romantic poem, and these kids think I'm krish…no wait, make that lady Krish…so that'd be Krishi...Argh!)

That topic isn't good enough either.


  1. I have some more alternatives to write about.

Osama Bin Laden – that bearded old man, how uninteresting!

Studies – I don't want to put IFians to sleep!

Love – Not taking a change again after my romantic poem made me Krishi!


  1. I'm tired. I can't choose a topic.

Thinking yet again......What to write? What to write? What to write? I think I'll eat some almonds and come back to write my POV cause almonds are brain food right? Wink




Well friends, I for sure am one confused girl, I don't think I can churn up a great POV with this seesawing mind of mine.


If you think you aren't as screwed up as me, maybe you should send in your write-up about any topic to datspreets


We'll love to know your Point of View. So get writing!


Big smile

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Posted: 2007-03-17T00:09:14Z
Certainly a great opportunity to share your thoughts with your friends.. So what are waiting for? Let's get started!!!!!!
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Posted: 2007-03-17T00:39:36Z
wow thatz a nice topic..i wud love to share my opinion on..um..lemme c..
yeah the current exams.. LOL LOL letz c if i can get a nice and a creative paragraph Big smile
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Posted: 2007-03-17T01:07:13Z
Im gonna put on my thinking cap now! Nice post! Smile
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Posted: 2007-03-17T01:39:25Z
Wow!! Nice pot Preeti Di!! Clap
Well, my exams are over now, let me just see what I can write about!!! Smile
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Posted: 2007-03-17T01:55:42Z
Remember to send them to Preets via PM. Don't post it here. Smile
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Posted: 2007-03-17T03:28:28Z
Hey, I am a little confused. Embarrassed Do we send in a write up on any topic that is listed above OR send in a write up on anything OR send in a topic for write up?
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Posted: 2007-03-17T03:56:45Z

I think you can send in anything... :p

I'll give in a poem... that's the best I can do =D

Or a one shot story.... *thinking*
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