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  this is my first time writing a story i just wanted to try if you all like it then i will write more i am sorry for the speling 

       i m going to start it from were grin1230 left from

...     So Inder is finally dead and Disha think she accidentally killed him. So she is in great shock.. In shock she just wonder's out of the farmhouse and starts walking on the road like a lost person and suddenly gets hit by a car...the person driving the car didn't even she her and wonders where did the person come from and how did the hit her ...the person driving is  none other then DK...he gets out of the car to see how badly the person is injured...He see the face and see it's Disha. She is unconsciou. He takes her to the hospital.  When Disha comes is conscious she asks the doctor where she and what happened to her.  The Doctor  tells her that she was in an accident and her husband brought her here.  She says she doesn't remember anything.  When DK comes in asks her how she if feeling....She asks him"who are you?" He says I am your husband....she says she doens't remember him.  The doctor gives her some medicine and she goes to sleep.  The doctor tell DK that she has got some kind of shock so her memory is suppressed.  But she is physically okay and you may take her home.  When they get home, she doesn't remember her home or anything else.  She asks Dk if they were married then how come their aren't any pictures of them together.  He tells her that he thought he has lost her and since he lost her he has moved, so he doesn't have any pictures.  She wonders to her room and starts to think what if this man is lying to me, what if I am not his wife, then who am I.  She starts seeing picuters in her head, images of her stabbing someone and she lets out a loud scream, Dk comes running and wonders what happened, when he gets to her room is on the floor passed out.  He calls the doctor and doctor tell him not to give her too much stress. After the doctor leaves, Disha tries to find out who she is. She looks around the house to see if she could find anything that she would remember.  After looking around for about and hour she gives up. She sits down and starts to cry. DK comes and asks what's wrong...she replies and says what do you think, I cannot remember anything. I have no identity. She is just sad thinking about it. Dk makes her sit down and tells her what kind of a person she was.  She starts to think to herself and says how can I trust this person.  I don't know who he is...she asks him if she has parents and he says she doesn't have any family. (He lies to her because he know how much Rano & Suhas hates her).  She is debating whether to belive him or do some research on her own. She wonder where can she begin to do her research.  So she decides to snoop into DK's think to find their marriage certificate or anything that would have his old address.She finally finds a piece of paper with a address on it where it has Suhas address and  There was also a phone number so she decides to call it she rings round bhosla house suki pick's the phone and says hello and disha say's hello and suki say how are you and disha say my name is disha disha is going to say some thing but suki say disha is dead for all of as we don't want to talk to you and Rano & Suhas  so better if you don't call her again she but's the phone down disha starts to cry she is thing of suki words and rembering what she said she is cry and thinking why suki said that it's night time and dk comes home froum the office he see that disha is not in the hall so he goes to check were she is he goes to her room and see disha crying on the bed and he say's disha and she look's up and see him and runs to him and start to cry she hug's him dk say's what happend disha why are you crying for disha is still crying in his arms then ask her again then disha comes out of his arms and tells dk everything he say why did you ring there for disha say i wanted to now how i am and about my family you said that i had now one but you lied then dk says you don't belive me what i said to you it was for your good and then disha saysi want to now  everthing about me dk is shocked he does not now what to say he then think's if i tell her she might get a attack our she might not take it so i have to do some thing


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Posted: 2005-07-15T21:02:14Z full stops! Haha..I read that in one breath LOL
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Posted: 2005-07-15T23:43:38Z


Thanks!!! That was great!!! You should keep going!!!Clap

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Posted: 2005-07-16T00:48:06Z


keep it upClap

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Posted: 2005-07-16T05:35:48Z

keep it up

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Posted: 2005-07-16T05:36:32Z
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Posted: 2005-07-16T11:06:42Z

i liked that plz plz carry on much more interesting than the bore guhas is making us go thru these days!!

Luv Mad!!

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Posted: 2005-07-16T11:41:44Z
i will post the next part in 3 hour's
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