Fan Fiction-Tera Liye(JJKN)

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Tera Liye

Jassi -belong to rich family and she live with her parents,her two younger brother and one yongest sister.

Armaan Suri-take care of his father business and he is a busy man

Malika-She is Armaan Suri step-sister

Aryan-Malika's twin brother who love her very much

Nakul-Jassi's loving brother and he is 16 year old

Samir-Jassi's Younger brother who is 12 year old

Abhita-Jassi's Youngest sister and she is 7 year old

Pari-Malika's best friend and share her all story

Raj-Armaan's best friend

Nandu-Jassi's best friend

Bebe-Jassi's grandmother and she love Jassi very much

Balwant Walia-Jassi's father and love his familyAmrit-Jassi's loving mother

Purabs-Aryan's best friend

Roshan-Purab's younger brother and they live alone

Soni-that girl who Nandu going to marry

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Jassi is looking ad for job in Newspaper and then she call at this office

Billu:what are you doing?

Jassi:Nothing Papa jee

Billu:What you are hidding from me?


Billu:Jassi let me see that

Jassi:I'm just looking for job ad

Billu:why you need to do job?

Jassi:I'm get borde  at home


Jassi:Ok mean that I can do job

Billu:Yes that right

Jassi:Thank's Papa

Jassi hug her papa and went to that place

Mr.Suri(Armaan's Father):Hi Miss. Walia

Jassi:Hi Mr.Suri

Mr.Suri:Plz have a seat


Mr.Suri get Jassi Interview and tell her that we will call you after 1 week

To be continue......

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Posted: 2005-07-12T18:40:21Z
That was awesome Mehvish!!!  Plz continue.....Hum sub betaab hain aur fan-fic padne ke liye!!!!Smile

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Posted: 2005-07-12T18:51:10Z
thats a really nice fan fic, i really liked it, plz cont
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Next moring call came from Mr.Suri office and he speak his self to jassi and tell her that you have job from us

Come tomorrow at 10:00 a.m and we will tell you what job you have to do here

Jassi:Thank's Mr.suri

Mr.Suri:Your welcome

Jassi:I will be there at 10:00a.m

Mr.Suri:We will wait for you

Mr.Sur:Ok bye


Billu:Who's call was this?

Jassi:It's was from Mr.Suri Office

Billu:What he say?

Jassi:Papa I got job

Billu:That nice

Amrit:Jassi you got job

Amrit:That nice

Jassi:Mom i have to go and get ready for tomorrow

Amrit:what time your job going start?

Jassi:It's going to start from 10:00a.m to 7:00p.m

Amrit:That great

Jassi:I'm so happy

Amrit:Go to bed and don't read any story today because It's too late

Jassi:Good night mom

Jassi:Good night papa

Amrit&Billu:Good night my dear

To be Continue.....

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Posted: 2005-07-12T20:02:10Z


Next moring Jassi get ready to go to her job and her bebe say jassi breakfast is ready so plz eat breakfast then go to job

Jassi:Bebe I'm getting late

Bebe:It's 9:00a.m right now and you have to be at your job at 10:00a.m

Jassi:Yes I know

Bebe:Jassi plz have breakfast now


Mr.Suri was waiting for Jassi to come then he see jassi and tell what job you have to do here

Jassi:I understand all the thing

Mr.Suri:That great

Mr.Suri:Now get to work


Mr.Suri:One more thing I want to tell you

Mr.Suri:Your break time will be at 1:00


Later Jassi meet Armaan Suri and Armaan ask her what are you doing in my office

Jassi:Mr.Suri give me job here

Armaan:You are new here

Jassi:Yes I'm new here

Armaan:Welcome To Gulmore House

Jassi:Thank's Mr.Armaan Suri

Armaan:No more talking and plz get to your work

Jassi:ok bye

Armaan:Bye for now

To be continue......

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Posted: 2005-07-12T20:03:34Z


Nandu:Uncle where is Jassi?

Billu:She went to job

Nandu:Wow that great

Billu:She is so happy to get job

Nandu:when she started job?

Billu:She started job from today

Nandu:That good

Billu:What you are doing here?


Billu:You don't like to do job

Nandu:I will do job very soon

Amrit:hi Nandu,how are you?

Nandu:Anuty I'm fine,how about you?

Amrit:I'm fine

Nandu:Are you happy with Jassi job

Amrit:Yes I'm happy with her job


Amrit:You all the time free so why you don't get a job and make yourself busy

Nandu:I will get job soon

Nandu:where is bebe,Nakul,Samir and Abhita?

Amrit:they went to meet someone


Nandu:I will soon you later



To be continue.....

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Posted: 2005-07-12T20:04:15Z
Cool!!!  Continue whenever u can!!!...
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