Pyar Mein Confusion- Episode 4

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Posted: 2007-02-06T16:31:01Z

Episode 3:


Pyar Mein Confusion – Episode 4

Arun calls Radhi

Arun (thinks) - *sigh* I can't believe I can't meet up with Radhi at 7 tonight. Mom just had to force me into
babysitting Rehann..

Phone rings.
Radhi: Hii Arun
Arun: Heyy, umm sorry but I have to cancel for tonight. I'm kinda stuck to do something. Why don't you just tell me over the phone?
Radhi: Uhh, I don't know.. I think it would be better if I tell you face-to-face
Arun: Who is it, c'mon just tell me. Can I guess?
Radhi: Hmm.. nope! Boy, you sure need some patience.. so are you coming to my
birthday party tomorrow?
Arun: It wouldn't be a party if I wasn't there
Radhi: *lol* K then, see yu
Arun: Aight, bye.

Radhi starts planning for her party tomorrow. It would be a nice night out with her friends. Watch a movie and get something to eat after.

Arun, Adi, Ria: Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Radhii... Happy Birthday to you!
Radhi: Awwww thanks yu guyzz! Love you!

She gives a big tight hug to all of them. ria gets her a
gift certificate for her favourite store with chocolate. adi gets her a necklace with a 'r' on it and arun gets her a nice necklace with a diamond pendant on it with matching earrings.

Radhi: You guyzz are too much! *lol* I love what y'all got for meee! K, lets go before we miss the beginning of the movie..
Ria: K.. I can't wait! Btw, I love your shirt!
Radhi: Ya, me too. Mom got it for me.

After the movie, they go to eat.

Adi: K, that wasn't really that bad. *sigh* Never knew I'd be sayin this about a chick-flick.
Ria: Haha! Ya, it was good. I loved the ending, so sweet!
Radhi: I know.

- - - - - - - - - -
Ria: I really gotta go now.. Dad will kill me if he finds out I sneaked out.
Adi: Haha.. You did?
Ria: Ah-haan *looking quite happy with herself*
Radhi: Alrite, bye! Thnx for the present =)
Arun: Byee.. see you
Ria: Bye
Adi: Well, I better get going now too..
Arun: K, bye!
Radhi: Byee Adi! Thanks a lot for the present.. I really loved it!
Adi: Anythingg for yu

Arun: Finally *lol* Wanted to tell me something?
Radhi: Oh, right! My bad, I totalli forgot
Arun: So who is he..?
Radhi: Oo.. nice shirt
Arun: Radhhhhiiiiiii… *lol* you're too much!
Radhi: Indeed I am =P
Silence.. lol—
Arun: hellloo..
Radhi: Umm.. Ok, this is really weird.
Arun: . . . . . .
Radhi: I really like…
Arun: c'mon tell me
Radhi: Wanna guess?
Arun: A clue would be good
Radhi: His name starts with an 'A'
Arun blushes: I know who he is.. I have a feeling he'll find out soon

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Posted: 2007-02-21T16:09:23Z
cant wait until you post the next episode :)

and its Aditya isnt it?

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Posted: 2007-02-22T17:51:22Z

Originally posted by neelam8

cant wait until you post the next episode :)

and its Aditya isnt it?



maybe...u ahev to keep readin till u find out!!!


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