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Ocean of Happiness

Posted: 13 days ago

Beautiful thread, everyone ❤️

Congratulations to the IPKKND team for making a love story that remained unforgettable for 13 years.

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Ocean of Happiness

Posted: 13 days ago

13 Years! Wow!
Time flies, but the magic remains.

The OG magical couple that paved the way.
How is it even possible that watching them gives you the same happiness, the same stupid smile, no matter how many times you watch it, again and again, and again, and then some more. 
It's not normal, but neither were our Arnav Khushi.

And cannot forget the whole cast here, each and every one of them was *perfect*.

Arshi hamesha ❤️, forever and always

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Protective Payal

Posted: 13 days ago

What an absolutely amazing thread smiley31smiley27smiley27smiley9

Shiri your writing and siggis smiley43smiley9

Kate my magical fairy smiley42smiley9

Faiqa your animated siggis have surely taken the cake..smiley42

Stutti  Bhavi and Raji  your writing was awesome✍️ smiley9

Bhavi even your edits as well smiley43

Kudos to everyone for contributing into making this special ...specially our captain sahiba for putting this together ❤️ @Shiri 

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Ocean of Happiness

Posted: 13 days ago

The whole thread is LOVE❤️❤️❤️ You guys did an amazing work, both WU and graphics!smiley32  smiley42

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Posted: 13 days ago

Amazing creations and a lovely thread  smiley10 .This soap is something else . Its my  all time fav in Hindi soaps .   Rabba ve bgm gives good feeling 🥰 still that soap is remade in other languages despite telecasting dubbed version 🤣

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Posted: 13 days ago


Happy 13th anniversary to IPK and the IPK world.

The show whose very existence is a celebration around the globe.   

Thanks to everyone here who really took the time and did a marvellous job. Kate, Shriri, Savera, Dellz, Bhavna, and Sttutti,  smiley31[sorry sttutti and Savera couldn't tag you somehow].

This show and its magic are things we can't forget. It is like a forever kind of thing.

A phenomenon that captured our eyes enslaved our hearts and triggered our minds to cherish it merely.

Some Stories Are Eternal!


Happy 13th Ippknd lovers.

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Arshi Analyzers

Posted: 13 days ago

Happy 13th Anniversary of IPKKND to all of you smiley40

What a beautiful and amazing thread! I'm thrilled to witness the journey of IPKKND. It’s been 13 years, yet the memories remain unforgettable. Words like "damn," "Sanka Devi," "Chhote," "Laad Governor," and more still resonate with us.

Congratulations to every member who participated in this beautiful celebration. You all are incredible! 

A special shout-out to our captain, Shiri. You are the best; your hard work made this lovely thread possible. 💕

@stuti, you initiated the anniversary thread, and your write-up is amazing! 😍😍 

@Faiqa, Kat, Sydell, your creations are simply beautiful. 😍😍😍 I am gonaa use all of themsmiley42

@Raji, your write-up is excellent, and your constant support means so much to us. 🤗

P.S. Faiqa can't able to tag you 

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Posted: 13 days ago

Awwwww my happy 13th anniversary to IPKKNDsmiley31

Currently at office will comment tonightsmiley27

Posted: 13 days ago

Beautiful Thread guys.  You guys are amazing.  You have all done a great job.smiley32

Wishing the IPK family many more happy returns of the day.

By family I mean, everyone one associated with the show.

First and foremost, the cast.

Barun, Sanaya, Abbas, Karan, Sana, Akshay, Jayasree, Daljeet and all those Prakash brothers, office staff, LN neighbours and everyone else who appeared in the show for short periods.

The technical and non technical staff of the show.

Last but not the least us the Pagal fandom.

Enjoy reminiscing the show and let us meet again next year.smiley40

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Posted: 13 days ago

Happy 13th anniversary  to ipkknd smiley1sharing a vm which i saw on xapp.smiley1

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