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Arshi Analyzers

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"Kaash Main tumse nafrat kar paati,"

- Khushi Kumari Gupta

"Kaash main tumse mohabbat kar paata,"

- Arnav Singh Raizada


A long time back, about thirteen years ago, 

There was a clash between truth and ego 

But something along made its way 

To enter the hearts to forever stay.

From Diwali to Holi, it changed many colours 

From one festival to another, it turned a new feather 

Many ups and downs the feeling went through 

As time went by, it turned stronger and true.

We can't move on, as Rabba Vey is still on 

It's bliss when we hear, Arnav & Khushi's song 

It is their story, we continue to croon 

No wonder we sing, 'Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon?'



398 Episodes

13 Awards

30+ Dubs 

5 Remakes

When we hear Bluetooth, we remember the ever angry Arnav Singh Raizada, speaking to Aman wearing a Bluetooth! When we see jalebi, it reminds us of our jalebi girl Khushi Kumari Gupta.

When wind blows our hair, it makes us go back to those moments when Arnav and Khushi felt each other's presence whenever a gust of wind blows, the moments when he always moves her hair tendrils from her face, the moments where Khushi's dupatta caressed Arnav's face!

It has been thirteen years since Arnav Singh Raizada and Khushi Kumari Gupta's love story found a way to be immortalise in our hearts. 6th June 2011 will forever be etched into all of our hearts. It opened a new way for all of us when our Khushi fell into the arms of the rakshas who was her rajkumar in disguise!


Once you enter inside the web called Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?, then there is no escape for you. You are stuck forever in that web...Hamesha!


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Arshi Analyzers

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-Nafrat Paas Aane Na De

 Mohabbat Door Jaane Na De-

A tag line that stayed with IPKKNDians for 13 long years and counting. A phrase which beautifully summed up the journey of IPKKND in a few words. IPKKND is a not a show but an emotion.

It all started when a dashing, suave business tycoon Arnav Singh Raizada getting off from his helicopter arrived at his ancestral property in Lucknow in swag wanting to take back his Sheesh Mahal from his money minded paternal uncle , with his army of men. Later, he goes forth and organizes a fashion show event where our bubbly and an innocent Khushi Kumari Gupta who stumbled upon him, who wanted to save her sister’s marriage and their first meet was a mere misunderstanding accident but that meeting sure took a drastic turn into their life. Thinking that Khushi was there to sabotage the event, Arnav holds her hostage due to which it delays Payal’s marriage leading the wedding to be cancelled.

Arnav and Khushi meet for the second time at the dargaah, which is facilitated by Arnav entering the dargah to fulfil his Di's wish. Anjali Di (who is physically handicapped) , who desperately prayed for her Chottey to fall in love led both of them to a place where the result was Arnav vowing to ruin Khushi's reputation, which led Khushi to meet Shyam Manohar Jha, a married man. With wedding being called-off and rebuked by society, Khushi's adoptive parents decide to send Payal and Khushi to live with their paternal aunt in Delhi. 

Upon reaching Delhi, Khushi again comes face to face with her laad governor, when her scooty damages his car, he challenges her to pay for it, leading her to start her own saree business and which makes her to land at Shantivan. Impressed by her simplicity, and sweetness Anjali and Nani ji becomes fans of the Gupta Sisters, but noticing some saree pieces damage makes Manorama Maami dislike the duo even more and cancels her saree order which leads Khushi to be stranded with no job in hand. On the other hand, Anjali’s husband Shyam disguises himself as a bachelor and starts to live in as a paying guest with the Guptas, upon knowing that they have shifted to Delhi and driven by madness of love and lust Shyam seeks to marry Khushi. On the other, Akash and Payal (Arnav and Khushi’s cousins) find themselves falling in love with each other.

Khushi manages to get a job at AR designs, but things wasn’t as rosy as it seemed to be for Khushi little did she knew what she had signed up for, as there wasn’t a single day at AR designs where she would not face the wrath of the Great ASR for her silliness. But her one silliness lead to Arnav going dhak dhak when she was given the chance to mend her mistake by being the model and she wore a absolutely stunning breathtaking saree which our Kadoos couldn’t take eyes from this girl.


After a life threatening incident, and after many nok jhoks, and in between rabba vey-s be it Rain, or Teej. Khushi is invited by the Raizadas to cater ladoos for Anjali’s anniversary. Khushi is hired by Anjali, to train Arnav’s girlfriend Lavanya Kashyap to be the perfect daughter in law for the Raizadas.

It was that time at Diwali, where actually Arnav felt kuch kuch hota hai wali feeling when again he saw Khushi in a red saree, leading them to have an almost kiss.

But things weren’t going according to what they wanted, with their feelings brewing for each other, with Shyam’s engagement to Khushi and Akash and Payal’s wedding on the line, things took a drastic turn when Arnav wanted to confess his feelings for Khushi, he had seen Khushi and Shyam at the terrace and mistakenly assumed that they were having an affair which led to Arnav forcefully marrying Khushi under a contract marriage of 6 months by blackmailing her to ruin her sister’s marriage life.

After getting married, things got more complicated for Khushi since she had to face the anger of both her in laws and her family. Even though, Arnav kept giving Khushi trouble and making her life hell, her innocence always makes him wonder whether she is really what she thought she could be “a home wrecker” and the one side of him always goes soft upon her wanting to actually understand and love her and during Holi, while being intoxicated he did confess his feelings to Khushi that how much she has bewitched him body and soul.

ARSHI/OS: A New Beginning with Curator...Marriage Special | Fan Fictions 

With the truths being revealed, but Arnav doesn’t believe a words of Khushi and he gets kidnapped by Shyam, only to know the value of Khushi and that she was actually meant to believed at the very first place. Khushi forgives Arnav at a heartbeat, but still the snakewa, was lurking around, but the major problem wasn’t just not Shyam but Arnav’s paternal grandmother who brought questions upon the foundation of Arnav Khushi’s marriage leading them to re-marry. But before they could tie the knot, it’s revealed that Arnav’s parents and Khushi’s step mother have a dark past connected to their deaths, but what seemed to be Dadi’s trump card to ruin Arnav Khushi’s relationship proved to be the underlying trust and love that foiled Dadi’s schemes. Soon Anjali came to know her husband’s wrong deeds and ousted him on their anniversary.

Just as marriage life was back on track for the newlyweds again, things went down south when Sheetal, Arnav’s ex came and proclaimed that she had a son through Arnav named Aarav. But Arnav, foiled her plans by exposing her gold digger side and how she used the innocent orphan as a pawn for her greed. Sheetal gets arrested, but Arnav and Khushi who have developed a bond with Aarav over a period of time, and with the big heart that Khushi has couldn’t let him go and the duo decides to adopt him as their son.

On Diwali, Khushi noticing that Arnav was pampering Aarav with expensive gifts, leads them to bicker again and which lead to Khushi taking a stand for herself to prove Arnav that she can do something on own and she goes forward to register herself in the Mrs.India Contest and she not only passes all the hurdles in between but also goes on to win the contest. Arnav and Khushi celebrate the win with their family and they live happily as ever after hamesha.


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Arshi Analyzers

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Right at the onset, it is clear that her simplicity and innocence is not be mistaken for foolishness or naivete. While not as educated as Arnav, Khushi Kumari Gupta is worldly wise and not afraid of standing up for what she believes to be right. Despite the hardships that she has faced, whether it being orphaned at a young age or the prejudices that come with being adopted, she maintains a cheerful disposition and her sunny personality manages to brighten everyone's lives around her.

She has a fiercely independent streak and takes up the responsibilities of her family and home without any hesitation. That pits her against Arnav on various occasions. Her traditional qualities make her a favorite among the Raizadas, as well as Arnav's girlfriend Lavanya, who dislikes her in the beginning, but becomes her friend later.

Unknown to her, Arnav's brother-in-law Shyam likes her and twists circumstances such that she gets engaged to him while on the other hand, Arnav gets engaged to Lavanya. She starts developing feelings for Arnav, but given the fact that they are both engaged to different people, she tries her best to stay away from him.

A romantic person at heart, she helps her sister Payal and Arnav's brother Akash get together. While preparing for their wedding, she finds out the truth about Shyam, but on her family's insistence, hides it from the Raizadas. This brings her downfall later as Arnav misunderstands the situation and marries her forcefully by threatening to stop Payal and Akash's marriage. For her sister's sake, she gets married to him, but tries her best to annoy him so that he will break off the marriage himself.

When Arnav finally tells her the reason for their marriage, she tries her best to convince him of the truth but is delayed because Arnav gets kidnapped. This period brings out a lot of her qualities as she shows her cleverness, bravery, and also the depth of her love as she tracks the kidnappers down, rescuing Arnav while nearly dying herself. This opens Arnav's eyes and they are eventually able to move past the fake marriage and towards a real one.

Even after their marriage, she faces difficulties in the form of Arnav's ex-girlfriend Sheetal who claims to be the mother of Arnav's child. Being an orphan herself, she feels an empathy for the kid Aarav and decides to leave Arnav so that he can be with his son. Even after Sheetal is revealed to be a fraud, she doesn't hesitate in adopting Aarav, providing him with a stable and loving home, while also imbibing discipline and good values in him.

From gate-crashing a fashion show by mistake to participating in Mrs. India contest and winning it, Khushi Kumari Gupta (Singh Raizada) takes us on an unconventional voyage of love, teaching us to live in the moment (Carpe diem) and enjoy every day as it comes, no matter how painful the past or uncertain the future might be.


With the very first episode, we are introduced to a hard-hearted businessman, Arnav Singh Raizada who is willing to go to any extent to get what he wants, whether it be revenge or love. We only see his merciless side in the beginning, as he ousts his own uncle from their old mansion and abuses Khushi when she gate-crashes his fashion show. His softer side is later revealed bit by bit in his interactions with his loved ones, especially his beloved sister. 

Nonetheless, this gentle attitude is reserved for very few people, and all others, including his girlfriend Lavanya are subjected to his temper. When Khushi joins his office, he misses no chance in harassing her, only later realizing his mistake when he inadvertently ends up risking her life. That is the first time he feels any remorse for his actions, and we finally start seeing some changes in his behavior even though it takes a long time and plenty of other mistakes before his journey towards becoming a better human being gets completed.

Even as falling in love with Khushi starts bringing out his candid side - the one which is not so jaded and disillusioned by the world around him; fate intervenes and he ends up misunderstanding an interaction between Khushi and his brother-in-law Shyam which leads him to marry Khushi forcefully to save his pregnant sister's marriage. Even after months of spending time with an innocent Khushi, he refuses to believe her, only accepting her love for him when he gets kidnapped and she saves him at great mortal peril.

Once he finally starts trusting her, there is no looking back. When his ugly past rears its head in the form of Dadi, we find out why the sensitive and vulnerable teenager turned into this cold and stony man. But, he wins the battle with his own internal conflicts and goes on to show how much true love can change someone.

From the ruthless businessman to the caring husband, we witness the journey of Arnav Singh Raizada as he overcomes his demons and manifests Omnia Vincit Amor (Love conquers all).


She defined elder sister's love, trust and protection. After her wedding was broken, Payal Gupta was more worried for Khushi than her broken wedding.  As soon as she heard the scooter sound, amidst all the stress, heartache and Buaji's taunts, she felt so relieved and happy to find her sister back. She even tried to run to the front door to check on her sister. The first thing she asked Khushi was "are you OK?"

Payal was always with Khushi and did whatever she can do in Khushi's plans to support Buaji.

She got worried when Khushi did not return for a long time on the day she was trapped in the dilapidated warehouse.  She tried Khushi's number, AR office and finally Shantivan to find out about her sister. She even suggested they should go to the police. She did not hesitate to give her piece of mind Arnav when Arnav brought Khushi back.

Another incident was when she tried to quietly celebrate Khushi's birthday.  She made Khushi's favourite food, she embroidered a simple saree and added a border as per Khushi's liking and wished Khushi to be happy.

Payal never felt she has to be the most important person in her parents' life.  She happily shared their love with her adopted sister and even treated her like her own baby girl.

The influence of Raizadas was so much that our sweet Payal got lost somewhere after she got married.


Soft spoken and somewhat timid at first glance, Akash Singh Raizada reveals himself to be fairly determined when the need arises. Where Anjali acts as a buffer for Arnav at home, he does the same in office; soothing the ruffled feathers that are caused by his elder brother's brazen attitude. He is very much family oriented, easily giving into their demands, whether it be his mother, brother or grandmother.

Despite this, he can be unrelenting and stubborn, albeit in a tender and persuasive manner. He displays these qualities when he falls in love with Payal, convincing her to marry him with a dramatic proposal. Later when Manorama objects to their marriage, he takes a stand against her, managing to sway her with Arnav's help. But, after their marriage, he finds it hard to strike a balance between his mother and wife, especially when there are other family issues going on around them. Even so, he tries to be there for everyone as a silent yet strong pillar of the household.

In the end, he decides to shift overseas to manage their business there. This move shows that Akash is starting to grow independently and perhaps he is finally ready to spread his wings and move beyond his family drama, to focus on his relationship with Payal and his own career.


Arnav's elder sister by relation but more like his mother, Anjali SIngh Raizada/Jha world revolves around her family, in particular her Chhote and husband Shyam. She has faced tragedies in her past, but manages to overcome them and keep smiling regardless. Her sweet persona acts as the perfect buffer to Arnav's bitter and biting words, thus managing to glue their odd family together.

She loves Shyam dearly and wishes that her brother will get to experience the same feeling with someone, which is why she accepts Lavanya in the household at first and ships Arnav with Khushi later. Her happiness knows no bounds when she finds out that she is pregnant but is left devasted when she finds out that her husband was deceptive and a fraud.

Although initially she refuses to believe the accusations against Shyam, even going against her family's wishes by meeting him secretly; when she finally learns the truth, she manages to stand strong and oust him from their lives. Even though she suffers from a miscarriage and then a broken marriage, she emerges from it all as a much more powerful individual. Forged by fire, the gullible Anjali Singh Raizada turns into a sensible and competent woman; still gentle and loving, but no longer delicate and vulnerable.


When Akash's cousin from Sydney arrived for his wedding, no one expected that they would be introduced to such a delightful character. When Nandkishore aka NK develops a crush on Khushi, it would have been easy to hate him for coming in between our favorite couple. But, he manages to win hearts with his charming looks and adorable personality. His broken Hindi gives us some light hearted moments and he works as a perfect comic relief in the beginning.

It is only later, when he comes back after a sabbatical, that we see his more serious side as he helps Khushi in rescuing Arnav from the kidnappers. Even though he was infatuated with Khushi before her marriage to Arnav, he accepts their relationship gracefully and stays as a true friend to her.

He showed us that being funny or talkative did not mean being foolish or gullible and that cheerful guys could also be solemn in grave situations. Most importantly, NK demonstrated that Ladka aur Ladki sirf dost ho sakte hai (A boy and a girl can be friends).


Manorama Singh Raizada, the eldest daughter in law of the Raizada household, and the mother of Akash Singh Raizada and the aunt of NK and Bubbly. She is protective of her husband’s sister kids and treats them like own and she loves doing make-up and being tip-top modern. Her famous catchphrases Hello Hi Bye Bye, and she has good eye as a detective. She initially had disliked the Gupta Sisters and often rebuked them for their middle-class, even though she too hails from one and it also hinted that she has eloped and married her husband Manohar Singh Raizada.


Madhumatti Gupta aka Buaji is a woman full of love and determination who ain't taking any shit when it's about her nieces. She's really close to traditions and has full faith in her Nandkishore. Funny at times yet loving and protective. She treats her brother's daughters and son-in-laws as her very own children.


What can we say about this guy! Shyam Manohar Jha's sweet and scary persona was so believable.  Though some of his acts brought Khushi and Arnav closer,  he was menacing most of the times. One minute he acted lovey-dovey with his wife and in the next like a maniac while holding her in his arms.They ignored all signs and did not even try to find what he did in Lucknow and in Lakshmi Nagar. They never tried to find what exactly he was doing as a lawyer and how the supposed house construction was going.

His creepy self showed up earlier than anticipated and the away he tried to methodically remove obstacles from his way one by one to get his hands on Khushi and Arnav's property was nicely done.


Devyani Singh Raizada, the matriarch of the Raizada family and the maternal grandmother of Arnav and Anjali Singh Raizada and the paternal grandmother of Akash Singh Raizada. She is jovial, loving but at the same time very protective of her family and tries to uphold family traditions and customs,  and even after all these years, she only plays holi with her late husband's water guns. She is often seen with her pet goat Laxmi. She was once a talented dancer of her own time, and never fails to showcase her talent for her grandsons wedding.


Lavanya Kashyap. From disliking Khushi and her sense of fashion to becoming her best friend and dressing up like her, Lavanya underwent a drastic change of persona. Her sacrificing her love after realizing Arnav's feelings for Khushi will forever be remembered. Lavanya's journey shows that first impression is not always the last impression.

Manohar Singh Raizada, the eldest child of the Raizada household, Manohar does his best to keep peace alive in the household especially between his always warring wife and mother. He is a man of wisdom, values and sense of humor. He has raised his sister’s kids like his own. Withbearing all the expenses of his tantrum queen wife, he remained calm and composed ever till he got old and he is currently handling AR designs overseas business with Akash.


The loving mother of Payal and Khushi, an example that motherhood doesn't require a birth. Garima Gupta is a soft-spoken, caring, loyal and a selfless woman. Her only desire is for her daughters to be happy in their lives. A lady of principles and manners with a hidden past plaguing her niece's present.

The demeanor, the protection, the trust and the love were so palpable in Shashi Gupta.  He is a family man and managed all relations so well.  He is a no nonsense guy.  If something doesn't look correct or looks suspicious, he addresses it straightaway.  His love for Khushi and their bond is so special.  As a biological daughter Payal got his love by default.  He did not want Khushi to feel left out or an outsider.  He gave same love and more to Khushi.  Whenever his sister tried to put Khushi down, he tried to stop her and supported Khushi. Shyam truly took the one obstacle out who had the ability to turn the world upside down to protect Khushi.

He was so jovial and joined in a dance with his wife and daughters. The way he dealt with Khushi's apprehension when Payal's wedding was broken was so heart warming.

Arnav's dadi, Subhadra Malik is Devyani's childhood friend, overall pious and orthodox who spent the last 14 years as seen on the show in an ashram after her younger son kicks out her grandchildren from their ancestral home. Subhadra is staunch believer of traditions, and her own interpretation of what is right and wrong. First impressions are a big deal for her. She is not find of Arnav removing his father's name from his name and usually tries blaming others for the flaws of her own family members. 

Arnav's ex-girlfriend Sheetal Kapoor comes back to trick him trying to prove that she has a son with Arnav. But it only brings Arnav and Khushi closer making their bond stronger. Later, Arnav successfully exposes her as a gold digger and gets her arrested.

Khushi wanted to adopt Aarav as her own son and Arnav too agreed on to her decision. Arnav and Aarav had already developed a strong bond when Sheetal was there ,but after adopting Aarav, Khushi too developed a bond of mother and son when Arnav was busy pampering Aarav and giving him the best of things ,but being a mom Khushi was stubborn in making Aarav learn the reality of life that's when Mrs.India contest struck Khushi mind ,and Aarav supported her in her decision and gave her a piece of advice of never looking back and face all the challenges in every level, towards the second last round of Mrs.India was a beautiful moment where Aarav finally calls Khushi mother, when the judge questions Aarav, what is that one complaint that Khushi has from Aarav and that is that to call her mom! That's Aarav Singh Raizada for you!

Nani's lovable pet goat deserves an honorable mention for being Khushi's close confidant when no one else was talking to her. From eating Arnav's precious plants to being used as an excuse for keeping the television volume higher, she did everything in her little hoof's range to annoy Arnav. With her tiny tinkling bell and colorful clothes, Lakshmi managed to be a source of comfort and sometimes humor in bleak situations 🐐.

Another cousin of Akash, this little musketeer couldn't win hearts despite her cute appearance and a tragic backstory to boot. Her jealousy over the new addition in Akash's life made her into a gremlin, trying to create problems for Payal and distancing her from Akash so that AK's time wouldn't be split between the two. Babli tried our patience and her presence made Akash become more and more infuriating as well. Sigh! 

One more of Manorama Mami's eccentric relatives, Masala Mama is the archetypal absent-minded brother used to add some slapstick comedy in a drama. While he did remember some crucial details at the right time - helping in uncovering Babli's lies; on the whole, Masala Mama's presence on the show was pretty... forgettable smiley36.

Such was the success and popularity of IPKKND, that even the house help in the Raizada mansion is remembered and written about in fictions. Of course, credit goes to the makers as well for giving them some character and scenes instead of just letting them linger in the background.

When I say them, I'm talking about the Prakash brothers - the OG Hari Prakash, the second-in-command Om Prakash and the transient Jai Prakash. Whether it was being a companion to Khushi, fulfilling Mami's demands, getting scolded by Arnav or simply running behind Lakshmi, they managed to catch our attention in these short scenes. In dire times like these, where finding a stable house help is difficult, HP, OP and JP are sorely missed smiley18.


It's often said that behind a successful man, there's always a woman. But behind Arnav Singh Raizada's success there's additionally a man called Aman Mathur!

 Aman, the guy who has no face has proved to be more worthy than many of the others who had a face.  I  mean he was everywhere in the show be it while talking to him on the phone or while asking for him or while delegating chores to him.  

It is a different popularity when it came to stories/FFs written on IPKKND. Though he was made a villain when he interrupted the Diwali kiss, he became a super hero in many of the stories. He was even given the post of Anjali's husband after Shyam was sent to jail.  In some stories he had his own story with Pari.

Actually it was good that the Diwali kiss was interrupted.  It would have made no sense if they kissed on that day.

Khushi telling Arnav "Amanji ka phone ayega tho?" to avoid Arnav from kissing her on their engagement day was the highlight.


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Arshi Analyzers

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Arnav and Khushi's journey in "Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?" is a beautiful tapestry woven with moments of intense passion, heart-wrenching drama, and tender love. 

One of their most unforgettable moments is their first meeting, where Arnav's brusque and arrogant demeanor clashes with Khushi's spirited and innocent nature, setting the stage for their fiery yet enchanting. 

When Khushi entered Sheesh Mahal, she was mistaken as a model as she unknowingly enters the Green room and is pulled out to the ramp. And there stood Arnav, furious as ever seeing her in a green dress on his show with a red theme

The moment Khushi turned, she strangled and she fell into Arnav's arms. Their eyes locked, his eyes filled with fury and hers, fear and confusion.

Their initial encounter remains one of the most iconic scenes, where Arnav's cold and dismissive attitude starkly contrasts with Khushi's lively and naive spirit, igniting a spark that sets the foundation for their tumultuous yet captivating relationship. This collision of contrasting personalities not only creates an immediate tension but also hints at the deep and complex bond that will develop between them.


The first hug at the hospital between Arnav and Khushi is a significant moment that highlights the emotional complexities of their relationship. This scene unfolds when Khushi's father is hospitalized, leaving her overwhelmed with fear and sadness.

The hospital is bathed in an eerie calm, the antiseptic smell and the distant hum of machines adding to the tension. Khushi is in a state of emotional turmoil, her eyes red and swollen from crying, her face etched with worry and despair.  The news of her father’s condition has shaken her to the core, and she feels lost and scared in the sterile, impersonal environment of the hospital.

As she stands in the hallway, trying to hold herself together, she sees Arnav walking towards her. His presence is a beacon of hope in her moment of distress. Arnav, who had been informed about her father’s condition, rushes to the hospital, his usually composed demeanor now showing signs of concern and urgency.

The moment Khushi spots Arnav, her emotions overwhelm her. Without a second thought, she runs towards him, driven by an instinctive need for comfort and support. Tears streaming down her face, she throws herself into Arnav’s arms, seeking solace in the familiarity and strength he represents.

Arnav is taken aback by the suddenness of Khushi's embrace. He stands there, momentarily frozen, his arms hovering uncertainly around her. His initial reaction is hesitation, a mix of surprise and the ingrained habit of keeping his emotions in check. Khushi clings to him tightly, her body trembling with sobs, her desperation palpable.

In that instant, Arnav feels a powerful surge of emotions. He wants to comfort her, to hold her close and reassure her that everything will be alright. Yet, there is a hesitancy within him, a struggle between his heart and mind. His hands, poised to wrap around her, falter slightly as his internal conflict plays out.

Khushi, lost in her grief, does not notice Arnav's hesitation. She buries her face in his chest, her tears soaking into his shirt. Her sobs are heart-wrenching, a raw expression of her fear and helplessness. Arnav can feel her anguish, and it stirs something deep within him.

As they stand there, locked in the embrace, the world around them fades into the background. The hospital's cold, impersonal atmosphere is momentarily forgotten as they find solace in each other. For Arnav, the hug is a revelation, a moment where he allows himself to be vulnerable, to care deeply without restraint.

When Khushi finally pulls back, her eyes meet Arnav's. There is a silent understanding in their gaze, an acknowledgment of the deep, unspoken bond that is growing between them. Despite his initial hesitation, the hug has brought them closer, revealing the depth of their connection.

It is a turning point in Arnav and Khushi's relationship. It captures the complexities of their emotions, Arnav's struggle with his feelings, and Khushi's reliance on him in her time of need. It is a beautiful, poignant moment that highlights the evolving nature of their bond, making it a memorable and significant scene in their love story.


Khushi looked ethereal in the Red Sari, red was Arnav's favorite colour. When the highlight was turned on, only Khushi was visible to Arnav who was walking down the stairs.  She simply blew him away.  He was entirely in control of his feelings until then. Something happened at that moment and the person who used to claim that he is always in control of his feelings could not utter a word until Lavanya broke the spell. When Jeff put his proposal forward and after looking at Khushi's face one more time, he had no choice but to agree.

As the wind blew her hair, he could not take his eyes off her. Trying to hide his feelings from himself, Arnav decided to ignore her. Little did he know that Khushi was going to be the reason why he would live again. And it was everyone’s most favorite, first Rabba Vey moment!


On the night of Diwali, the atmosphere is vibrant with festive lights, decorations, and a sense of celebration. Amidst the joyous surroundings, a more intimate and charged moment unfolds between Arnav and Khushi. 

Khushi, dressed in a stunning red saree, epitomizes grace and beauty as she lights diyas, her face glowing with the warmth of the flames. Arnav, meanwhile, is drawn to her despite himself, his eyes following her every movement. The attraction between them is palpable, but so is the tension; Arnav is battling his growing feelings for Khushi, feelings that challenge his usual control and composure. 

As Khushi walks towards a window to light another diya, Arnav follows her, and they find themselves alone in a secluded part of the house. The flickering light of the diyas casts a warm glow on their faces, creating an intimate and almost magical ambiance. 

Arnav's intense gaze on Khushi is filled with a mixture of admiration, desire, and confusion. He steps closer, his eyes never leaving hers, and gently tucks a loose strand of hair behind her ear, a gesture that speaks volumes about his internal struggle and burgeoning affection.

Khushi, on the other hand, is equally affected by Arnav's proximity. Her heart races, and she feels a mixture of nervousness and longing. The silence between them is charged with unspoken emotions. Arnav's hand lingers near her face, and for a moment, it seems as though he is about to confess his feelings. He leans in closer, and the world around them seems to fade away, leaving just the two of them enveloped in the soft glow of the diyas. However, just as the tension reaches its peak, Arnav pulls back abruptly, his inner conflict evident in his eyes. He is torn between his growing love for Khushi and his fear of vulnerability. 

This near-confession leaves Khushi stunned and confused, her heart aching with the weight of the emotions she can sense but not fully understand.


The "Teri Meri" dance sequence, where Khushi wears a stunning green saree, stands as one of the most iconic and memorable moments in "Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon.

Arnav and Khushi are thrust into the spotlight for an impromptu dance, and the atmosphere instantly becomes charged with anticipation. Their eyes lock, and the world around them seems to blur as they step into each other’s orbit. The initial moments are filled with a palpable tension; Arnav’s intense gaze meets Khushi’s hesitant yet captivated eyes.

As they start to dance, Arnav takes the lead, his hand firmly yet gently guiding Khushi’s. The choreography is intimate and fluid, with movements that bring them tantalizingly close. Each touch, each glance is loaded with unspoken emotions. Arnav's hand slides around Khushi’s waist, pulling her closer, and Khushi’s hand rests lightly on his shoulder. The connection between them is electric, a silent conversation of love, longing, and unresolved tension.

As the dance concludes, Arnav and Khushi are left standing close, their hearts racing and their souls entwined. The spectators erupt in applause, but for Arnav and Khushi, the world outside their connection seems distant and irrelevant. They step back, reluctantly breaking the spell, but the lingering effects of their dance remain evident in their eyes and in the air around them.


Can you repeat what I do?

The words, spoken as a challenge, in frustration. Just last night, during the dance, he showed her how much Farak padta hai ! 

She had melted in his arms like a molten lava. He was permeated with her approval in her own innocent ways. She had trusted him and let him lead her. But today, she was making him wobble from here to there.

Grabbing her dupatta, he looked at her intently. Her hand immediately flew to her neck.

Shocked at first, she asked him to leave it politely as ever.

He lift his chin and held it tighter while provoking, you can't do everything by yourself.

Come and get it right from my fist, an open challenge!

 Yes, I can do.

Suddenly, his chin lowered, his eyes sparkled. And she was breathing hard, captivated and tied willingly this time to the other end of this dupatta.

Not taking his eyes off her, he spooled her in, slowly, tugging her in closer with each twirl of her dupatta around his hand. He looked at her, his head lowered to the side of her face. He could hear her heartbeat as his own was mingling with hers.

Forgetting all about the challenge, he was once again bewitched by her innocence. Months of longing took over, yet he seek her consent.

Jo mein karoonga, kya tum voh kar paaogi?

Leaning in, he placed his lips on her cheek and kissed her softly. Her eyes widened in shock, but his ones lingered on her blushed face. 

Pushing him away in a jerk, she pulled the dupatta from his hand and rushed out of the room, trying to control her racing heartbeat. 


Khushi had so many dreams about her wedding.  She was fully enjoying her sister's wedding and related rituals.  She did not leave any stone unturned to get her sister's wedding a memorable one. She was oblivious to the fact that how messy the day is going to end up because of her.    

She blamed herself for her sister's broken first wedding, which forced her into accepting Arnav's absurd proposal of 6 month contract marriage and she killed her wedding dreams with her own hands.

Arnav did not believe in marriage and he had no dreams and no expectations.  He was only interested in keeping his sister happy. That means, he has to keep a creep called Shyam in her life.

Arnav in his twisted thoughts assumed he has covered all bases to ensure his Di's happiness until the baby was born.  Boy, was he wrong or was he wrong!

By giving Khushi a half baked traditional wedding he thought Khushi will stay away from Shyam because she believes in traditions and rituals and Shyam will stay away from Khushi because Shyam is afraid of Arnav.  He also thought Khushi will go to any lengths to keep Payal's happiness and keep quiet until the contract is over.

He was right about the second assumption, but he did not think if a person can go to any lengths to keep her sister happy, how can she become a reason for his sister's unhappiness?  If she strongly believed and respected marriage, why would she try to break his sister's marriage?

The agony, the anger, the helplessness and the betrayal crippled Arnav's sense of logical thinking.

The scene at the temple captured all of their emotions very well which became a turning point in their lives.

The heart break, the helplessness, the unknown, the guilt and the betrayal made Khushi loose hope on happily ever after.  


Khushi was in a dilemma regarding her feelings for Arnav while being intoxicated, thinking about the moments that they shared, Arnav searches for Khushi and he finds her at the gazebo. Khushi eyes were twitching because of the Holi colour powder, Arnav very gently helped feel at ease by blowing her eyes to remove the powder. Though he was blowing her eyes, but fanswa ke dil mein mein kuch kuch ho raha tha. Khushi at the moment, was contemplating her feelings and she wasn’t getting an answer yet, and she stopped Arnav in his tracks when he was leaving and only to confront with him and she said it out LOUD by placing his hand on her chest. (with their heartbeat rising and ours as audience)

Aisa kyun hota hai, jabhi aap humare paas aate hai, humari dil dhadkane tezz hojati hai

Humne samjne ki bohot kohsish ki,par samjh nahi paaye…bulana chahte hai, par bula nahi paate hai…Aisa kyun hota hai?”.

At the very minute when Arnav was about to answer to her by cupping her face , she faints and he wipes his lone tear as he has been hiding his inner feelings for her with his stone like self. He carries her to the poolside and he gently lays her down and he stares at her very innocently while wiping her face with a handkerchief and he cups her face, and gently tugs her hair and she wakes up with his touch.

And after revisiting their moments, Khushi questions Arnav that he hasn’t yet answered her, he wipes her lone tear and he tells her by placing her hand on his chest.

“Jab tum meri paas hoti ho, toh tumharidil ki dhadkano ke saath saath, mere dil ki bhi dhadkhane tezz ho jati hai.”

“Joh tum mehsoos karti ho, joh mein mehsoos karta hoon”.

“Humari dhadkane”, Khushi continues.

“EK ho jathi hai”, Arnav completes.

And just like these two love birds share a deeply in love wala intoxicated eye lock claiming that their hearts beats as one because they beat for each other. Truly they are “Ek Dujhe Ke Liye Bane”…


Heer-Ranjha, a sad and heart breaking love story. Apart from being sad, it also showcases the destruction and sacrifice one has to face in love. 

The family decides to bring the husband and wife close. Although Arnav enters the stage reluctantly, after Nani's blackmailing, he couldn't help forgo his anger as he whispers to Khushi that he knows nothing. He may deny in words but his actions prove otherwise that he never want his wife to be shamed by public. 

Khushi goes along enacting the play as the excited Heer while Arnav remains in the dark. Heer recites her excitement on finally being able to marry her lover, Ranjha. 

Arnav couldn't hold back his anxiety as he promptly asks Khushi, who comes near him, to tell him when to enter. But the shock on his face when Khushi replies sarcastically that her death would be the happiest time of his life is tangible.

Right when Heer falls down taking a bite of the poisonous sweet, Ranjha makes the entry to falls on his knees beside his lover, asking her to get up. He eats the poisonous sweet too and confesses. But what to say? He hasn't practiced. So he says what he himself feels.

It's Ranjha speaking but it's Arnav's feelings.

Jab jo bura kaha, uska koi matlab nahi.

Jab jo bura kiya, uska koi matlab nahi.

Iss pyaar mein sahi aur galat ka koi matlab nahi.

Bas ek cheez ka matlab hai, ki main, hamesha, hamesha tumse...

And then Ranjha dies.

He lets his feelings out finally, even if in the disguise of Ranjha, Heer's Ranjha.

But actually, it was Khushi's Arnav speaking the truth. Arnav's true feelings, and Khushi knew it.


I Love You usually is said when guy goes on knees or does anything beautiful to woo his girlfriend or wife but that wasn’t the case with our Arnav bitwa and his lady love. He confessed to his beloved Khushi over a phone call, which was a “planned phone call” by Shyam, the snakewa out of fear that police will get involved that's why he let Arnav get a chance to make a call to Anjali and to calm everyone down, and to let them know that he safe and sound as they were worried for him when he hadn’t called back from his trip.

The minute, Akash hands the phone to Khushi, her uncontrollable crying makes him restless even though he tries to calm her down by telling her not to cry and he is okay, but someone you dearly love so much, and you part ways them , the pain of missing them, it pierces through you. Khushi knew somewhere deep down that Arnav might be in danger, as when in Love, it’s a telepathy from nature that gives you a sign. Khushi, knew that he was in danger, and his “I Love You” was a confirmation that he sure was, because she knew him well him enough that he wouldn’t confess his feelings just over a phone call, and mind you it was the first time he said it out loud




It was special I love you for them as it was a confession, of longing, of pain, of unsaid feelings not knowing what the future will hold for them. It was beautiful in itself as it, and it was their FIRST.


It all started with Arnav wanting to have his suhagraat with Khushi, and keeps reminding her about the suhagraat, which makes her nervous and even she goes onto asking Payal about her suhagraat and whether a marriage without pheras, can take the step of suhagraat and even she asks Nani ji for advice. During the Janmashtami pooja, Arnav teases Khushi of wanting to have a baby while they were swinging Kanha ji, and once the pooja was over, and Khushi didn’t show up to Arnav’s room while she was busy chit chatting his family members. Arnav descends down the stairs and he reprimands Khushi for not listening to him, he called her inside their room in front of everyone.

When Khushi walks inside their room, she was upset with him for reprimanding her in front of everyone and Arnav being Arnav walks towards his closet and hands over a gift which he wants her to wear and he gives her a command to go and wear.

Khushi goes inside the washroom and changes into a beautiful red lehenga, and she peeks outside through the door not revealing herself yet, she shows her frustration over the shopkeeper for not keeping the duppata along with lehenga,  but Arnav was so naughty that he didn’t let her take the duppata with her inside. Arnav shocks her with the dupatta in his hand. She was looking ravishing in it, and she was trying to cover herself by facing her back towards him and he comes over to her, while she covers herself with her hand and he takes her one hand, leading her towards the center of their room, he puts the duppata over her head, plays with her hair by tugging her flicks aside because it was hindering his picture perfect view of hers, and as he takes in beauty, he couldn’t resist into hugging her to make her feel comfortable and caressing her head during the hug and then he carries her all the way to their bed, and when he was about to kiss her when Khushi sees the statue of Lord Krishna and Radha and she gets reminded of the words of Payal and Nani ji that a marriage is incomplete without the 7 pheras (7 vows around the sacred fire) and she stops him going further and she walks towards the side and tells Arnav that their marriage is incomplete without the pheras and hence they can’t have their suhaagraat, to which it makes Arnav angry and he drags her along with her towards the terrace.

At the terrace, he takes a wooden stool and damages it and lights the fire with a match stick and he tells Khushi “That’s the fire, now let get married!and he carries her because he knows that she wouldn’t do with her consent, walking along with him around the pyre and Khushi keeps telling him how wrong it is to this because she wants to have a wedding with rituals and along with the acceptance of the family and during all this Arnav’s paternal grandmother is shocked and she reprimands them and she leaves from there.

When she leaves, Khushi asks him why did he had to all this at the first place and that he has hurt his paternal grandmother’s feelings, and during their lash out at each other over what just happened, Arnav spits it out what he has been wanting to tell her all along since the time he has realized his feelings and it was loud and clear to her I LOVE YOU DAMMIT!”.

And just like how Arnav confessed his feelings for Khushi, same way we do “HUM BHI AAPSE I LOVE YOU DAMMIT!


For a person who doesn't believe in rituals or a sacred bond of marriage, ASR could've easily ducked at the chance of having a re-marriage. But the Arnav who stood before Buaji holding her hand from slapping Khushi is not a businessman, but his Khushi's Arnavji. 

He may neither be a believer of rituals nor the marriage bond. 
But he respected his Khushi's wishes. 

He agrees for the marriage.

The day passes fast as the Roka, or usually known as Engagement, day commences. 

As the moment of the day arrives, Arnav stuns us with his knowledge about the engagement. Even if it's from Google, what counts is his interest in finding about them. 

A moment where we discover that Arnav though doing it for Khushi has knowingly or otherwise is fulfilling rituals meaningfully. 

Since Khushi has always been the traditional girl with knowledge about rituals and it's significance, the marriage itself turns into highlighting ASR aka Arnav - the difference between the both being extreme - with little special gestures like how he gets the tika done from Anjali, then the scared thread (raksha dhaga) that he insists Buaji to tie around his wrist. And who'll miss the little pinch of Arnav as Khushi finds it hard to believe that he's the same Arnav she knew all along.

Remember the excuse of Khushi's to stop Arnav he he tries to get cosy-cosy? 

'Amanji ka phone agaya toh?' way to kill the mood, Ms Gupta.

'Romantic moments bigadne ki sau tareeke' 

Though who'll forget the book proposed by Arnav to be written by Khushi Kumari Gupta - 

'Singh Raizada' adds Khushi.



Usually the bride and the groom's haldi ritual takes place in their respective residences or place of their interest. But then it is Raizada's we have here, who decides it'd be good to celebrate it together. And know who's the happier one? 

Of course the groom!

But then the bride doesn't seem too happy like she is supposed to be. Upon Arnav's persuasion on why she is upset, she reveals that he doesn't love her anymore. What the!

The traces of a romantic groom disappear while the same old ASR shows traces as he pulls her back angrily. Still through the trace of anger we can notice the vulnerable being that is simply afraid to lose the person who has come close to him and his heart. His claim that just some mehendi not getting darker won't testify his love for her wakes Khushi from her muse and she asks apology from him. He let the ASR mask slip at that moment and shows us the complete vulnerable side of him. But before he could get close to her, Akash and Payal comes and takes them back to complete the ritual.

With the bride's side and groom's side claiming praises of each other, Arnav and Khushi tries to not miss the chance to stare like two starving souls. Who cannot remember when Arnav stops Anjali only to ask her to apply the haldi same like how they're applying to Khushi. Handful! 

The impatient groom makes an entry again as he pulls Khushi into her room after intelligently dodging NK and Akash who holds the dupatta between Arnav and Khushi as a wall.

The room gets steamier and the breathing gets laboured as Arnav celebrates his own Haldi by applying it on his bride himself. Uff!


Sangeet is basically a music night where the families of both bride and groom come together to dance and enjoy the wedding occasion.

Amidst the family performing for Arnav and Khushi, imitating Arnav and Khushi, the in-love duo imagines themselves on the stage performing. Thanks to NK as he rises to question Arnav who has still not proposed to Khushi. Just when you feel Arnav wouldn't give up even after listening to Khushi complaining, he reaches on stage to please his bride and propose her officially for marriage.

'Love can reduce anyone, do anything' Arnav speaks the words from experience rather.


Completing all the rituals, the day finally arrives where Khushi will be finally tied down to Arnav, this time around following all rituals and traditions, in a marriage bond. When even the small promises they give to each other starts having significant meanings, the doom still awaits in the background.

All these days hype of Garima, Khushi's adopted mother, being the second woman in Arvind Malik's life, Arnav's father, due to whom Ratna Malik, Arnav's mother, commits suicide is seen coming to an end. Dadi carries the secret with her all these days to finally throw a toss of past secrets, first catch being Arnav.

It's a moment of absolute dread as you see Khushi on one side happily prepping for the marriage while Arnav other hand goes through the aftershocks of the revelation. Hence, Dadi wins the first toss.

Khushi's denial at Dadi's announcement of Arnav's disinterest in getting married, Garima's cries of plead, Buaji and Shashi's cry on fate and the cries of Raizada from the reopening of past painful wounds makes one believe on the almost non-existent chances of a marriage. Arnav's cry of agony at his mother's garden sets a dilemma of feeling pity or anger.

Until... until we hear Arnav reminisce his mother words.

"It's wrong to punish the flower for the mistake of thrones, Chote." 

On a road of darkness, all his light was the flashes of the past he spent with Khushi. Their meet, his abuses, their attraction, his brutality, their promises, his anger, their moments, his happiness, their enjoyment and finally Khushi's unwavering trust on him. That's the moment when his mother's words made perfect sense to Arnav.


Dadi would've decided her victory as she leaves from there, but it's not a story of past and its hatred but the story of love against destiny. Khushi's stubbornness not only wonders the Raizada's but also worries the Gupta's. Not until Khushi's ears ring with his cries of her name does she run out of the wedding hall worried for her Arnav. When Khushi finally accepts defeat seeing the holy fire go off, we see a Arnav make his entry with his forehead bleeding.


'Kaatein hamesha mujhe dard dete rahe

lekin uski sazaa main phoolon ko nahi de sakta'


"...par aana toh tha hi". Those simple words declares that Arnav decided to move on from his past to give himself the chance of happiness which he never allowed for himself. The moments that follow happen in a jiffy as Arnav rightfully makes Khushi Kumari Gupta' a Singh Raizada' by tying the knot.

Their marriage makes us aware that a true love can withstand all troubles to emerge out as winner. Just like Arnav and Khushi's love did.


For any beauty pageant, one must have a Fit body to present themselves on stage, and one such beauty pageant was the Mrs.India Contest which our beloved Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada took part in because she was challenged by her laad governor of doing something of her own, because she wasn’t the one earning to give gyaan to him upon the expenses for pampering their son.

As instructed by the Fitness trainer of the beauty contest, she had to loose weight, and for that she considered dieting and then she is seen by the Pool side, practicing Yoga soon after Arnav gives her a diet meal of Pita bread sandwich.

Suddenly Arnav sees Khushi practicing Yoga, and he couldn’t take his eyes off her.

Just Rabba Veying on his wifey.smiley42

He sees her trying to do difficult posses and loosing her balance, and as her hero like always he comes to her rescue and feeling relaxed knowing he is there by side she continues to do the Yoga assan being guided by him.

Khushi’s heartbeat fastens as she feels his touch on her skin , and he pecks her gently and she turns towards him when suddenly she trips and Arnav quick on his reflexes catches her and they stare deeply in each other’s eyes being lost in each other.

Even after the moment that they shared, Arnav makes her confused whether she has to loose weight or not but he was definitely firm on her putting on a bit more weight because...

 “Lekin tumhara Pati hone ke nate, mujhe lagta hai ki tumhein todha weight put on karne ki zarurat hai”.

Leaving her confused again whether she has to follow her husband wish or her trainer’s advice that was her dilemma which she had to figure it out.


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Arshi Analyzers

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Muted lights reigned on us for long, like a clouded sky,

Cast shadows of hopelessness slowly yet deep and long,

In this realm where dreams of seeing Arshi again may lie,

Amidst, we heard Rabba ve, the most beloved song.

                                                                   (c)  Mysticaldivine

What the!smiley3smiley41

Brains fogged over joy, yet it proved to be the strangest and the happiest moment we encountered in the ITV world. I've seen some pretty odd things in my life, and more of them make me think magic is possible than not because it was the magical moment when Rabba Ve, our beloved song, played again on the screen unexpectedly. 

Kyun khawaboon pe tere saaye hain?

Dil kyun hai tanha mera?

Kyun khaamoshi hai zuban meri

Ashkon se keh paoon na

Kyun dard hai itna

Tere ishq mein ?

Rabba ve... Rabba ve...

Rabba ve , Rabba ve...

Why are you overshadowing the dreams?

Why is my heart still alone?

My silence speaks for itself.

What my eyes can’t verbalise

Why is this love so painful?

Oh God, Oh God


 Though the IPKKND Team shot a few episodes... the magic which never was forgotten by us sprinkled the spell of love all over our hearts again. It is a strange thing, this love of ours. Not strictly unrequited - for I know as we all still have love for IPK. But it is Unequal perhaps; if nothing else, it is, without question… unending.

Ye ishq hai yaa kuch aur hai

Ya bas khaali khaali shor hai

Ho isko main kya kahun

Tu hi bata.. Tu hi bata..

Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon

Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon..


Is this love or something else?

Or simply an empty call or a noise

What can I call it?

Please let me know.

What should I name this love?

What should I name this love?

Like a dream, hearts leapt with joy on every forum. The IPK forum was flooded with old and new members, and the writers returned with stories and news while the graphic designers flooded with edits, setting up the ambience of love again. 


Kahani Arnav aur Khushi ki 

Ek baar phir, Ek Jashn ki Tarah.


The story of Arnav and Khushi

One more time, like a celebration

The best things in life are worth fighting for, and love is no exception. Love is like a puzzle. Sometimes, the pieces fit perfectly; sometimes, you must work hard to make them fit. IPK was all about the challenges of the hearts and minds of two young people who fell in love accidentally. Throughout 398 episodes, we enjoyed their banter, warnings, fights, heated arguments, challenges, and sweet romance. We met again during those gala moments during this celebration after three years.


“Love is an untamed force. When we try to control it, it destroys us. When we try to imprison it, it enslaves us. Trying to understand it leaves us feeling lost and confused.” – Paulo Coelho.

 Ek Jashn starts with the prince charming Arnav, who wakes up forgetting his royal wedding anniversary, and his Mrs. warns him to leave him confused and lost for Lucknow for real. Ta Ta, Mr. Ladd Governor, for forgetting this big day again. As always, to threaten him, she made herself disappear from his eyes, which was a big-time torture. In between, he tried to find her through Mamiji and Anjali, but in vain. Akash broke the news of Payal’s pregnancy and delivered Khsuhi’s wish to be a mother.

What the!smiley17

“But Khushi is a child herself,” ASR’s verdict on this news. Well, his care had no end, and we witnessed it again. Finally, after a big hassle, he succeeded in being with her, but his anger over her childish act caused Mrs ASR to shut the door on him again.


Love is hard because it requires vulnerability, but vulnerability is what makes it real. Finally, he told her he was missing her and couldn't take it anymore. She placed a challenge on him so that he could win her again. How sweet. She asked two questions, and the memories of fireflies in a dark hut and a roaring confession around the fire on the terrace set the tones of hearts, melted the ice, and reconciled again over his promise to make things better this time.

Love is like a flame. It can be difficult to keep burning, but with the right kindling, it can last a lifetime. His startling moment of seeing his Khushi in red, his caring touch to kindle her wishes, and his dancing moment just with her and for her felt accurate as their teri meri moment sparkled and dazzled between them. A caring husband was there at every step to make this day memorable for his wife, as it was a big deal for her.



He offered a rose to his wife, who just called him cute. Well, He won't allow anyone else to call him this style besides her. He was insisting, so she told him and never disappointed him either. The way she said "Cute" showed the true character of Khushi, who was austere, innocent, yet bold in her way in front of this man. He had this charisma to bring out that side only in her with his love and care. Their eyes said it all more than words could deliver. Her fragrance wafted around him to make him follow his heartbeat. Today was no different.

His care and love for her stood out the most in between silly stuff, and that’s all that mattered. His declaration again melted the hearts.


.Khushi, I love you dammit!  Arnav stamped his claim again. She didn't ask this time, but he wanted to say it without anger or any questions.smiley27

And her enveloping him in her hug with joy was overwhelming as well.

“Happy Anniversary Dammit!.smiley31

He groaned inwardly and dropped his chin to her shoulder, touching her back with his hand feeling her presence near him damn so much. Ek Jashn carried for those memories which are now just like these little kittens we hold in our hands to kiss and treasure gently but not to hold too tightly.

The short episodes brought that pleasure around. We, the loyal fans of IPK, never can get bored over Arnav and Khushi. The show still lives in our hearts even after 13 years, and it's a blessing that it's accessible via YouTube and Hotstar. Barun and Sanaya as Arnav and Khushi, and all the other characters are still among us as of day one.   

The offscreen and onscreen moments were the cherry on top, as offscreen moments were the assets of IPK's fame.  The reiteration of Arnav-Khushi with Barun and Sanaya brought excitement around. The same off-screen, onscreen masti again.As It always matters, dammit! The Jashn felt like a true celebration, and why not? It has it's legacy to be around forever.


As the celebration is where IPKKND is..!!!


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Arshi Analyzers

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Celebrating an Unforgettable Journey! smiley1🥰

Cheers to 13 wonderful years of "Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon"! 🥂 

The extraordinary love story of Arnav and Khushi has touched our souls and brought countless moments of joy and tears. Thank you to the creators, cast, and crew for crafting such a beautiful narrative. May the magic of IPKKND continue to shine bright! 💕💕

To all the amazing forum members

Thank you for your lively discussions, insightful analyses, and the endless creativity that has brought this beloved show to life in new and wonderful ways. smiley31

Your fan fiction, artwork, and heartfelt posts have kept the spirit of IPKKND burning bright, creating a warm and welcoming space for fans old and new.You’ve not only celebrated the love story of Arnav and Khushi but also built lasting friendships and a supportive community that spans across the globe. 

Your unwavering enthusiasm and continuous engagement have turned this forum into a second home for many, a place where shared memories and new moments are created every day.smiley27





Happy 13th IPKKND Anniversary! 

This was my first ever Hindi serial and it's one of a kind and remains a treasure in my heart! 

I'm glad to be celebrating with the fans here. Cheers!!

Katelyn smiley40smiley27



13 Year Of IPKKND 

We can say 13 Year Of Magical Journey. 

From "Nafrat " To "Mohabbat "

From "Takraar " To "Ikraar 



How can we forget their "Rabba Ve" moment. The first rabba ve moment, khushi in red saree and Arnav lost in her, it was like wow. All emotional types of rabba ve moment, it was all magical. 


We wish their journey get many more years to celebrate always "Hamesha". 



IPKKND 13th Anniversary

Happy 13th Anniversary to the show that changed my life and introduced me to fandoms, IF, FFs, editing, graphics and much more. Many years have gone by but the magic still remains. While I would like to thank the makers - actors, creatives, directors, cinematographer, and everyone else involved; a bigger thanks to my fellow fans who have ensured that IPK'S legacy lives on. Here's to the 13 years gone by... and many more to come... all in the company of you lovely ladies 🥂.




Iss Pyaar Ko Main Kya Naam Doon?

Iss Pyaar Ko Main Kya Naam Doon?

Joh barso baad bhi yeh chahat barkarar hai

Move on karne ke koshish mein,

Re-run ke episodes binge karke apne aap ko paati hoon

Saalon beet gaaye, par addat se ban gayi ho

Tumhare khayal aksar mere zehn mein aajaati hai

Aisa tumhara asar hai se

Iss Pyaar Ko Main Kya Naam Doon?

Iss Pyar Ko Main Kya Naam Doon?

IPKKND was not just a show, it was, is and always be an emotion.It’s been years since the show has ended.New seasons came with different storyline but none could match up to the chemistry, storyline and the fanbase of this iconic show.I will forever be grateful for the show, because through this show it has brought out about the writer in me.





           "The Magical Journey of IPKKND..."

It was a magical journey that started on June 6th,2011, and is still living in our hearts today😳...

Happy 13th Anniversary to our beloved show! Watching IPKKND was a nexus moment; I must say, it became a lifetime experience.

I can't believe

by each year passed

our love for you

forever shall last


 Happy 13th Anniversary🥳




This is the time of year I am stressed about too much smiley36 and yet I love this date and time Arnav-Khushi charmed our screens and hearts with their magic. 

However, this show is the best ever I ever watched, and I'll continue to love it from the core of my heart. Cheers to this Epic Show, and the aura it created.

Wish everyone a Happy IPKKND Anniversary. Keep Rabba Vey-ing!


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Arshi Analyzers

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First Post: ExoticDisaster

Poem: DurgaS

Brief storydellzcreationz

 Characters: Stuti, Dellzcreationz, Savera84, ExoticDisaster

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Arshi Analyzers

Posted: 19 days ago

Celebration on full swing smiley40

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Protective Payal

Posted: 19 days ago

It's 13 years already for this show 

Hello Hi Bye Bye....Feels like yesterday smiley19

that we were once protesting for the show to end with Barun as the lead .

Uff how times flies and then get Ek Jashn smiley27 And alot of re-runs and remakes 

Proves that our Beloved ArShi love saga has touched sooo many hearts ...

I still remember those days how I used to cry when I used to miss a episode 💔 

Those days didn't knew that I will be ever getting to watch the episode again , since that time the repeat telecast was at a odd time ..

But now with the power of internet , it's available...

But the craze for Ipkknd was at a different level back then.

Happyy Anniversary Guys smiley41smiley40smiley31


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Arshi Analyzers

Posted: 19 days ago

Originally posted by: ExoticDisaster

"Kaash Mein tumse nafrat kar paati,"

- Khushi Kumari Gupta

"Kaash mein tumse mohabbat kar paata,"

- Arnav Singh Raizada


Join the celebration smiley31