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Posted: 1 months ago

Awesome everyone. smiley31

My vote goes to 12 and 13

RiddlerPump thumbnail
Posted: 1 months ago

Brilliant singing by everyone! All the best for upcoming rounds. 

Voting for entries 4 and 13. 

SilverBell thumbnail
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Posted: 1 months ago

My Vote Goes To #1 And # 5

DivineAngel thumbnail
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Posted: 1 months ago

Entry #12 and entry #13

SmittenKitt3n thumbnail
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Posted: 1 months ago

Voting for 8 and 13! 💜 

sunshining thumbnail
Posted: 1 months ago

voting for #2 and #9

Good luck everyone

nutmeg7 thumbnail
Posted: 1 months ago

Entry 4 and 10. 

Really enjoyed everyone’s songs. smiley27

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Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by: LizzieBennet

Tagging some people.

Do listen to these wonderful talents and leave some encouraging comments and your votes! 

You can Vote for two entries.

Liz, while I love you for tagging me in this and allowing me to listen to these exceptional singers, my head is now hurting from trying to filter only 2 entries for the past 2 hours. 

I went down to my best 4 and then there was just no winning, so as helpless as I was, I had to take the random spin help online with my final 4 because I just couldn't do it myself. 

My vote goes to #6 and #13 

I am just amazed at all the singers' vocal range, quality and techniques. Brilliant smiley32

Hopefully, one day, these singers will grace us with their onscreen presence on one of the singing shows and allow us to witness more of their singing from a bigger platform. 

And let me be honest, whatever I have said so far is no exaggeration. I have listened to the entries more than 3 times each and will most likely, listen again. That's how exceptionally good you guys are. 

Special shout-out goes to the entry numbers #3, #4, #5 and #10. Loved, loved and loved it. Kudossmiley32smiley32smiley32

NINALOGY thumbnail
Posted: 1 months ago

Just listened all the enteries. All the participants are damn talented. It's way difficult to vote for 2 enteries. I wish I could have voted for more. 

My vote goes to #4 and #12 

But I wanna give shoutout to #3, #10 and #13. Great job guys 

Hopefaith thumbnail
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Posted: 1 months ago

My vote goes to Entry # 2 and  # 9