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Posted: 1 months ago

How many threads do you want to spam with your hate-speech???

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Posted: 1 months ago

As I'm tired of reporting this member Mirayana, I adress now a moderator...It would be nice to keep such poor behaviour out of the threads (it's enough already that this "newbie" spams my private place)...

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Posted: 1 months ago

Sushmita is a diff case …she was a chain smoker , had autoimmune issues and also had a severe hormonal issue for which she had to be on steroids…  …that tends to take a toll on the face and make it go all moon faced …she probably tried addressing it with Botox but that won’t help at this stage 

Ash I’m not too sure …she seems relatively healthier with none of the health issues or risks sush had …just the usual markers of aging which is fine …...but hers might be a case of someone who just didn’t think they needed to put effort into looking good (naturally thin pretty ppl)…but the consistent effort from a younger age is what makes one look good at 50 ….the “I don’t diet or exercise and still look gr8” ppl lose their superpowers eventually 

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Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by: bollymolly

She was silent...But rest of the people like Vivek Oberoi, Salman etc dragged her into the controversies...And as our patriarchal society wants to blame every thing on woman, she was accused as a culprit giving clean chit to the ''innocent men'' whats new...So i wouldn't buy that angle..Salman didn't lose anything..It was Asj who paid the price, cornered, removed from so many projects..She was usset with Rani because Rani was close to her at that time..She didn't complain against any other actress for replacing her...Because when the so called close ones done to you that, you get upset.

Yes she is least problematic...She was/is a thorogh professional and always easy to work with. Very decent and disciplined in personal life..

Aishwarya started the controversy herself when she issued a nasty statement against Salman hurling all sorts of accusations against him. Salman kept silent. Then Aishwarya dragged Vivek into her fight with Salman by using Vivek to do the press conference so all blame would be on him if the press conference backfires and that's what happened. Ash got off scot-free from the mess she created and Vivek became the laughing stock in Bollywood.

Salman lost his reputation and Vivek lost his career. Aishwarya didn't lose anything. After her break-up with Salman, she worked with his brother Arbaaz in Kuch Naa Kaho and with Salman's best friend Sanjay Dutt in Shabd. Vivek is the one who truly lost everything. Even today Salman is known as abuser and Vivek is known as loser because Aishwarya portrayed them like that while painting herself as dignified.

What's with Ash's victim mentality for being replaced in one movie?

Mahima Chaudhry signed a contract with Subhash Ghai and she was supposed to do Taal after Pardes. Aishwarya made Subhash Ghai remove Mahima from Taal. Ghai kicked out Mahima from Taal overnight, didn't clear her dues and forbid people from working with her. Then Mahima sued Subhash. In her lawsuit she said Aishwarya was on board so Subhash ditched her and she hopes that Aishwarya will show solidarity to another woman and walk out of the project, but Aishwarya did not. 

Then Aish was replaced by Rani in Chalte Chalte and since 20 years, she never misses any opportunity in her interviews to speak on how she was replaced in Chalte Chalte, and how many films she lost and how big of a victim she is...

Isn't that hypocrisy? Aishwarya has made Rani the villain for replacing her in Chalte Chalte but she herself stole movies from other actresses and ruined their careers. 

Aish is the only one who calls herself a thorough professional. She was famous for throwing tantrums on the sets. Even though she's part of Bachchan family, no one is offering her movies because she's a difficult person to work with and she is known for giving a tough time to co-actors and directors. 

Aishwarya's fights with Sushmita, Manisha, Rani, her in-laws, and her brother's family are because of her problematic personality. 

Let's blame Aishwarya slt-shaming Manisha Koirala on patriarchy too because Ash is never at fault. 

But yes, I agree with you. All this is not problematic. She is the least problematic, she's a thorough professional, very easy to get along with, modest and dignified, and the victim in every situation because everyone in her life has either tried to destroy her or is jealous of her and she has never done anything wrong. 

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Posted: 1 months ago

Let It Go Frozen GIFs - Find & Share on GIPHY

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Posted: 1 months ago

Yes, "let it go" is the real reaction as it is all in the past...Aish's presence isn't glorious anymore.

Although I won't like to paint her black but she definitely deserves grey shades in her portray...they are there with also the bright colours which I would like to focus on when watching her in movies.



Posted: 1 months ago

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Posted: 13 days ago

Buss botox se ghubaaray ki tarah cheeks phulaa liye hain, baaki toh theik hai, given her age.

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Posted: 13 days ago

Originally posted by: Sparkling_Wine

Since 90s, Ash has said that she has always maintained a dignified silence and never spoken bad about anyone...

But she has been doing the opposite. In 90s, she was famous for taking mean digs at Sushmita, Manisha, and Karisma. The way she slt-shamed Manisha publicly is awful. She once made fun of Manisha Koirala's eyes by saying that Mani Ratnam wanted to cast her in Dil Se but he cast Manisha because he needed a girl with small eyes!

Ash hurled nasty allegations against Salman and damaged his reputation forever. She still continues to character assassinate him by throwing mud at him in every interview while claiming that she is taking the high road by not talking about it. 

Ash turned Vivek Oberoi into a joke by calling him immature and attention-seeking. 

She has been criticizing Rani since 2002 for replacing her in Chalte Chalte but never utters a word about how she destroyed Mahima's career by making Subhash Ghai remove Mahima from Taal overnight.

Ash recently took a jealous dig at Alia for getting good movies. In every interview she says that hit movies of other actresses were offered to her and other actresses got those movies only after Aishwarya rejected them. 

It's amusing how much Aishwarya has said while claiming that she always keep a matured and dignified silence.

Ash has blatantly lied during interviews about not endorsing skin whitening products, not kissing on-screen, and not doing nudity on celluloid.

But even after doing all this, she is considered the least problematic. Is it because of pretty privilege or something else?

Lol nasty allegations? 

Salman punched het, broker her arms. Abused her and wanted her to perform infront of a underworld don. He deserves every 'allegation' period.