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Posted: 1 months ago


Divorced, no money, no family and friends expect few sympathizers , crappy house with creepy landlord. Ex is marring his SIL. Now she magically witnessed Armaan’s engagement announcement and family acceptance including Manish . 

Just give her a break!!! Right now nothing is going on her way. At least give her a job and decent place to live.

 What else she is going face now,

Armaan  misunderstanding her and hating her more, crappy landlord cashing the checks Dadi gave Abhira and framing her.

 Her finding some part time job in some event management company that coincidentally hired for Ruhi and Armaan wedding, Abhira making arrangements for never ending wedding festivities. 

In between Abhira coming to know Mahaan love story of Ruhi and Armaan and their so called sacrifice. 

Abhira coming to know her relation with Goenka’s but stays away knowing they will never care for her because Ruhi won’t allow it. 


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Team Abhira (Gen 4)

Posted: 1 months ago

On one hand we have abhira who has been a sunshine girl lose all or any reasons to be happy or even live peacefully despite only wishing and working for the happiness and betterment of those who came into her lives. And on the other hand we have Ruhi who trapped Rohit in a loveless marriage and destroyed the life of another sunshine character resulting in his apparent death, never did anything out of genuine concern for any of the family members, plotted and manipulated to get abhira and Armaan's divorce and malign abhira in front of the family, purposely created a barrier between abhira and Manish despite knowing abhira has literally no one in the world to look up to as family and she is getting all her wishes fulfilled. It's too pathetic and horrible to accept.

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Posted: 1 months ago

They really need to make changes and soon . Viewers are going to leave ! I’m glad the divorce took place . In a few weeks or months this is iTV that Armaan will realize his love for Abhira and I hope in that time things start changing for the better for Abhira . New job and possible new male friend … just a genuine friend like is pyaar ko Kya naam doon… had a fun friend during a wedding for khushi but it lead  to jealousy with the ML. Enough of Ruhi Ruhi and her tears and drama ! She needs to be given a reality check to bow out gracefully and vidya and madhav should come back to trusting Abhira abd the sacrifices she made . 

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Posted: 1 months ago
I want someone who can cherish her enter her life. I want him to be broke as well so that we can see them fight their battles building their life as equal partners. That would be more interesting than rich poor dynamic that it repeats in every damn show