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Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by: Harish111

The actress is extremely privileged and low IQ. And funniest thing is she wants to be someone like Smriti Irani who is a million times smarter than her. 

haan, that toh I understood by observing how she speaks, she is so privileged that she cannot even see the ground reality. I mean she is so childish that she gets offended even when you point faults in the character played by her.

chalo I got it that she doesn't realize what she speaks but I don't get why her PR team is not warning her about anything.

And anyone can understand why she would have said that she wants to become like Smriti Irani. inhone socha hoga ki even Smriti Irani worked in TV serial and got famous and same is with her, so bina soche bol diya.

But she forgot that how hard working she is and how much she struggled to achieve what she got. 

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Posted: 1 months ago

Because she is a maid so how will they show a maid wearing good clothes like other fl..

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Posted: 1 months ago

It’s aawarapan packaged & presented as becharapan, which results into her banjarapan …. smiley36

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Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by: IWasHareeshFan

Justification even for this? At least idhar toh bol sakti thien ki vo toh CV decide karti hai mai kya kar sakti hoon, but isme bhi defend kyun karna hai inko?

and what has she said about her pallu jisme vo pehle naak pochti hai phir usko 4 din pehen kar bhi rakhti hai?

and what was the reason given for wearing the same sweater for almost a week?

I think she never could let go off the initial adulation that the character got… The times when people actually rooted for the character and it’s udaan, which also gave her immense success. Had she been smart enough, she should have decoupled herself from the character and managed the questions thrown at her well… Everything does not needs justification. Moreover today’s social media population with access to OTT, less attention span, naturally looses patience fast to the idiotically stretching content. Her content also exploits the audience’s sympathy, but never gives them what they want. Obviously the frustration sets in. She should have known better being the part of the industry. Problem with Shahi, RG and Anupamaa is that they think that people lack brains and will not understand unless they explain and justify in detail, their content. Moreover, this ridiculous expectation that people should accept and appreciate any stupid thing that they show as the most intelligent thing ever happened. smiley5