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Folk Aficionados

Posted: 1 months ago

Hello Music Lovers!

You must have read about the New Team Feature introduced a few days ago on India Forums!

We are thrilled to announce this Team feature in our forum as well!

You can now pick a Musical team and flaunt it against your profile on the forum to declare what type of music enthusiast you are!

Also do weigh in and tell us if you like the Team choices and if there's anything you'd like to change!

Bollywood Brigade

For all Bollywood Music. That's it. No further explanation needed.

Rapchik Rockers

Rock is a dying genre, they say? I say, Nope! And I also say, We will Rock you!

All genres of Rock including Rock and Roll, Blues, Progressive & Alternative Rock, Metal, Hard Rock.

Pop ke Parwane

Swifties assemble! And Indipop enthusiasts! And Beyonce fans! And Michael Jackson fans. Did we just group y'all together in one team? Yes, we did!

Classical Connoisseurs

Mozart, Beethoven se leke Pandit Bhimsen Joshi, Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, M.S. Subbulakshmi aur Lalgudi Jayaraman tak. Spanning the whole globe! Phew!

Regional Rhythmists

We thought Bollywood is too popular a genre and hence it deserves it's own team. But all other movie music does too. This one is for Kollywood, Mollywood, Tollywood, Sandalwood and all other Indian Regional Film music fans!

Folk Aficionados

Loksangeet, country, sea shanties, war songs, Lavani, Bhavageethe and all sorts of Folk music from all over the world. 


You know who you are! Fusion is such a vast genre because it can blend elements of two different genres and have a new genre of fusion! Iykyk!

Vying for Vintage

Ever feel like you're born in the wrong era? Like you love everything, especially the music from 20, 30, heck even 50-60 years ago? This is the team for you! All things Retro. Old is indeed Gold!

Happening Hipsters

Yo! Rap & hip-hop music fans, gather. Also, dubstep. Also, scat singing. Also R & B, funk - aur koi genre bacha hai that's cool? Add it here!

Devotional Deewane


Bhajan, Gospel, Sufi, Shlokas...basically if you're a fan of anything devotional/ spiritual from any religion/ culture, you're in this team.

Global Groupies

K-Pop se leke Afro-Celt tak. Anything you can deem as not fitting into any of the other team-genres and it goes here.

Dance Divas

EDM, Techno, synth music, Experimental music, Bhangra. If you're the type that likes to groove, you're in this team!

Alfaaz Addicts

For lovers of all things lyrical whether it's Ghazals, couplets, ballads or pop songs, good lyrics are what stand out for you in making a good song.

We hope you have fun exploring these teams! 

Remember you can only pick one team, but not to worry, cos if you wake up today in a Rocking mood and feel in a mellower mood tomorrow and want to switch teams, you can! You just need to wait 24 hours.


You can now see who your team-mates are and use that connection to hang-out, chat and have fun!

Simply click on your team name that appears against your profile in a forum. The names of all team members will pop up like below:


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Folk Aficionados

Posted: 1 months ago

To pick a Team, Simply go over to the Orange Team Button on the Forum Home Page and Click it. The options will pop up. Select a Team and click 'Join'.

When your 24 hours are up you can either 'Opt out' or 'Update' to change your team!


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Posted: 1 months ago

Thanks for adding team feature to this forum! I requested for it. I selected Bollywood Brigade. Other teams are good too. Specially, fusionistas is a cool team! 

Posted: 1 months ago

Lizzie, can you add a team for Ghazals as well? 

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Folk Aficionados

Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by: Shirsha

Lizzie, can you add a team for Ghazals as well? 

We will take it under advisement. Let's wait and see what other requests come and then we'll take a decision. Thank you for the suggestion!

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Folk Aficionados

Posted: 1 months ago

Tagging some more peeps. Pick your music teams, folks!

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Dance Divas

Posted: 1 months ago

Great effort by you Lizzie. smiley32All team names are interesting and innovative. smiley10

Welcoming all our music lovers. smiley27Select a team and join.smiley10

It is a well-tuned melodious forum! 🎶🎵🎶

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Pop ke Parwane

Posted: 1 months ago

Nice . I chose mine smiley40

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Vying for Vintage

Posted: 1 months ago

I had a tough time choosing between Rock and Pop.. and classical and fusion smiley36 And BW and filmi fauj 🤣 

I guess I’ll keep switching teams 

Great initiative and amazing names!

Posted: 1 months ago

Can we have teams for Kolly / Tolly / Sandalwood and Mollywood as well? Or atleast South Music (but that generalises all the 4 states so this might be good)

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