The Real Stars (Ch. 6 Pg 6)UPDATED!!

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The Real Stars?


Diya Rao

Sameer Ahuja

Alisha Khanna

Divya Khare

Arjun Sharma

Aman Mathur

Vandana Seth

Dhruv Seth


Sometimes, life takes you on a path where you meet people you would never have dreamt of meeting. Diya Rao is an ordinary student in a public school in Delhi, studying in class 11. Sameer Ahuja is a child prodigy, a boy with a dream voice, a voice that girls swoon over-but with a tiny problem. All over the country, this singing sensation is known by the name of name of ?Secret Sam?, his music videos feature him as an animation, or a shadow. His identity is thus a secret to the world, with the only known thing about him being his voice. What happens when Sammer steps out of his high Private school life and enters the jungle that is known as the Public School, with the only person knowing his true identity being a girl who?s known as ?Ms Nice-Girl? Everyone?s friend?? Read on to know?


Chapter 1

?RIIIINNNGGGG!!!!? I was jerked out of dream world with the shrill ringing of the alarm clock. ?Goooooddd Moooorninggg..!!? came the sugar-sweet voice I so-hated?my sister, Riya. I turned to look at her fresh and peppy look, girl-genius and gorgeous model, super popular and parents? darling, a winning combination indeed! But it still didn?t seem fair that all these qualities were gifted to one single person in the family,? GOOD MORNING SISTAH!!? Correction, TWO people in the family. How could I forget my ?cute li?l brother Rohit??? I forced myself out of the bed on that not-so exciting morning which started off on a wonderful note with me coming face-to-face with the fact that my siblings were perfect beings and I wasn?t. Great start to this great day!

I murmured a nice, polite good morning by trying to wring my sister?s neck for setting the alarm clock on ultra-high mode and throwing a pillow at my brother for saying ?Gee?somebody?s J today..? and then getting dressed for?oh?I forgot to mention?this oh-so-perfect morning was also the day my school began after three months of vacation. My boards ended and I surprised everyone, as much as myself by managing a 91% in them-my boards I mean. OK, so it isn?t really a great achievement in my family, which has my sister scoring a 95% in her tenth and my brother never getting below a 94% in FIFTH, but hey! It?s me! I rushed down grabbing my bag on the way after getting into my uniform, trying to avoid my mom and sneak out of the door, when..."NO ONE leaves the house without breakfast..!!? and I was forced to turn around and grab a piece of toast, basically because my mom read this really weird article in the newspaper health section - which she follows as if it?s SRK?s next movie - that said that if a person doesn?t have breakfast before leaving in the morning, there?s a 90% chance of their developing Alzheimer?s or some such related disease, and don?t ask me how it is that THAT happens but it supposedly does! So anyway, I was forced to grab a piece of toast and then waving goodbye to my mom, giving my dad a big kiss, I rushed down the apartment stairs to catch the honking school bus.

As I walked in, I took my usual place next to Allie; my heart began beating with the familiar first-day feeling, because no mater how normally my day had started, there was no denying it that another year had began, a New Session-and even though all New Session First Day?s started like this, it still felt good to be going back to school, not that anything special would happen this year-or at least that?s what my mind was saying. Little did I know I couldn?t have been farther from the truth!

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hey everyone!! Big smile

this is a new story....i started it sometime back and i thought i'd post it here Smile tell me if u like it,and i'll continue wid it... Embarrassed
plzz plzz do give your comments.... Embarrassed
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Hey Coolgirl,

I was so happy to see a story by a non member LOL ...that's an achievement!

WEll, LOved the prologue and part 1, though I'd suggest you re-read your story and edit it in parts, the punctuations need to be worked on. What I liked best about your style of writing is you're not rushing with the story, it's real go-with-the-flow...

Look forward to reading more from you :)

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Oh, i forgot to add there^^

Very interesting concept..he's just a voice and an animation.... Big smile
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hey nice one....dont tell me u wrote this urself?? wow!! great imagination... i hope its a love story (coz i luv reading love stories...heheh Embarrassed )

but seriously it was a nice story...n humorous too LOL
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Chapter 2

The bus pulled up in front of our school,and we saw the usual sea of children flooding in. Another small detail I forgot to mention about my school, is its size.We had 12 sections till class 10, and 24 from 11 standard,basically because  our school has a habit of taking in new students in 11. Ya, I know; excessive baggage, but what can we do about it? It's a public school aftr all, it's not like we rule it. Allie yawned as she stepped out of the bus and the usual eyes followed her. "Hey Alisha,how you doin'?" called out one particularly brave fool. Allie walked upto him, and everyone held their breath...waiting.."Oh HI Tanmay," she said, Tanmay??? How on earth did she know his name??

"Uhhh...its not Tanmay, I'..uhh...Vishal.." he stuttered. Okay,so she didn't know his name.

"Ya, like I care whether your name is Tanmay,or Vishal or even Champu for that matter," snapped Allie, "get one thing straight, I'm not committing. My heart's already been stolen by someone, so,get lost!" and with this startling statement,my best friend turned around and walked away. I hurried behind her,,glancing sypmathetically for a minute at the broken soul she'd left behind. Seriousely,where on EARTH does she get the courage to hurt someone like that? I can't even bear to see anyone hurt,even if it's not my fault.

I finally caught up with the striding ice-queen,"What did you do that for?The poor guy just said hi." I asked

"Well mon amie, i don't like over-friendly hi's, and you know that." I shook my head in defeat. I swear, Allie had the hottest hunks in school ready to do just anything for her,and she just turned around and rejected them.And the worst bit? They didn't even stop trying. Even thought they have been rejected like, a MILLION times,it's like they have this hope that there's light at the end of the tunnel or something. Which is nice, the hope part I mean, but it would have done a lot more good if utilised in better situations.

"By the way,who were you talking abut back there? I mean, the guy who's stolen your heart?" We stopped beside the notice board,cheking our class, 11-A,how interesting.

"Oh God Diya gurl, you kno highly well who I'm talking about." Allie turned to me "There is only one person in this world who I adore,and his name is Sam." I stared at my friend, okay,so she still hadn't let go of her 'Sam'  addiction. Ever since Secret Sam's first music video came out,girls have been swooning. Not at his looks, I mean, I'm sure they would swwon over his looks if they knew wat they were like, but his voice. It's like "OH MY GOD!! ISNT SAM D HOTTEST??" Okay, great! You fall in love woth a guy just because you love his voice? Nice logic! But i knew it was pointless arguing with Alisha Khanna, so I let it go.

We both hurried upto the classromm as the bell rang,(ya,we were both in the same section,considering both of us opted for Science) and enetered. We saw our new classteacher was waiting for us, already! Now that was cool, I mean,when does a teacher actually turn up before her students?? I walked closer wondering who she was, and...I should have guessed, who else? Vandana Seth, precisely the only teacher in this school who actually cares about her students.

She saw me and smiled, "Well,good morning Diya!" I smiled and nodded. She looked around her for a minute making sure no one was around, (Allie was hanging out with a bunch of Divaz, our school dance troupe) and she called me aside. "Now,listen Diya, after the homeroom ends, I want you to meet me near the staffroom. There's something very important I need to talk to you about." I stared at Vandana Ma'am's face,puzzled. THe room began filling up slowloy,and she turned abruptly and returned to her seat.

I joined the crowd of entering students and sat down on one of the empty seats. I looked just as happy and excited as every other face in the room, but inside,my heart was thumping. What was this all about? I was completely confused,but i shook my head free of these thoughts as I turned to face the board. My favourite teacher was my new classteacher,and somehing was definitely up. And going by the way she talked to me, I was in it. I sat back with a smile on my face, a real smile this time. 'Hmmmm.....I guess this year is sure going to be interesting." I thought... 

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Thnxx a lot for the encouragement!! Embarrassed
Preeti Di, u can call me Prerna...and i jus editied d first part, jus lemme know if something else needs 2 be done. Smile
and i posted d second part too. I hope its fine.. Embarrassed
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dat was awesomeeee prerna!! Clap plzz do continu soooon Clap
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