Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th Apr 2024 Written Update and EDT

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Episode begins with Krish and Charu , dressed up for Gangaur , playing time pass indoor game . Both are fuming , Charu (because of Dev issue) and Krish (because of clash with Sanjay ) are supported n cheered up by Armaan, Aryan , Abhira and Kiara . Krish regrets smashing Dad’s phone he wants to gift one . Kiara likes the idea. Armaan offers him loan to buy new phone . Abhira offers better solution. She offers him more job opportunity at dance school and earning his own money to buy what ever he needed .

Krish is impressed and floored with gratitude , he falls at Bhaabhi’s  feet . Everyone is impressed with Abhira Bhaabhi’s idea. 
Armaan gives her a thank you hug n appreciates her . Abhira forgets her reserves n hugs him back tightly . Her hair gets stuck to his shervani and they have accidental close moments trying to free her hair . They have nok jhok and more accidental close moments .They sense their chemistry stirring . They feel awkward …….and relieved when Abhira is called by someone . 

Vidya and Madhav were having sweet moments in their room which gets interrupted by the sudden appearance of Armaan’s real mother , Madhav’s first wife . Vidya gets uoset and asks Madhav if he still loved n missed her , why was he doing fake show of love by fasting for Vidya ? Madhav tries to appease Vidya but she walks out crying. 

Charu and Kiara have an argument over sharing pics n videos . Kiara asks Chari to stop hiding as she knew Charu had a boy friend , Charu initially denies but then agrees and requests her not to reveal this tk Anu family member, Kiara agrees . Unknown to them Daadi sa over hears them and fumes . She decides tk find out who was Charu’s boy friend and in the process she checks the wrong mobile phone .Charu and Dev keep exchanging messages . 

Abhir is tired of the heavy lehenga and complains , she is frustrated with the day long events , she suddenly realises her Dupatta with Armaan’s name was missing ,Moshe searches all over the room but fails to find it ,

In her room Ruhi is  seen wearing the Armaan dupatta and admiring herself in the mirror . Hearing AbhiMaan passing by she removes the dupatta and hides . She places the dupatta on a table in the corridor .

Abhira is seen realising her love for Arman n secretly blushing as she stares at Armaan. soon Abhira  finds the dupatta and is relieved . She kisses the name on the dupatta and touches it to her heart . Ruhi notices this n is heart broken n shocked tk realise Abhira was falling in love with Armaan . 

Kaveri keeps getting harassed by phone calls from her blackmailer n she is angry n nervous . 
Sanjay confronts Dev over rivalry in court cases…Dev Appealing in higher court the clients case that Sanjay had given judgement . Dev accuses Dev of being cheater n starts tk assault him publicly but Dev warns him . Asks him to meet at court . Dev carries on in his car and keeps messaging Charu .

Vidya tries to probe Kaveri over her nervousness over phone calls. Vidya assures they were all ready to enjoy together being gangaur festival. Kaveri asks her not to bother or worry , this was not her duty and she was good .

Kaveri walks away leaving Vidya feel rejected .

Swarna and Ruhi have argument over her waiting for Armaan n believing in his promises n wasting her time , Ruhi insists after his marriage ti Abhira was over Armaa wil marry her .swarna is disgusted n tries to drill some sense into the girl .  They are interrupted by the arrival of Mnish AbhiMaan . Manish asks  AbhiMaan about Ruhi’s love interest . Abhira and Armana have moments of awkwardness , so is Ruhi . Ruhi makes excuses to change the topic .Swarna later warns Armaan not to break his promises given to Ruhi , not to break her heart this time . 

All ladies are seen making mud idols of Shiv Parvati . Armaan a nd Abhura have close moments and this makes Ruhi jealous n angry . Arman says he will pray she gets a very loving n caring life partner .

Kaveri comes and pulls Ruhi aside . She can’t be allowed to make the murti as this ritual was exclusively for couples n unmarried girls . This was their custom and tradition. She has tk respect the traditions . Abhira tries to support Ruhi and argues with Daadi sa , argues that she should be allowed tk make murti . As the argument escalates Armaan stops Abhira . He reprimands her n asks her to let it be , not to challenge beliefs n traditions and argue with Daadi sa 


Abhira is seen decking up her murti and wonders of Arman felt the same way as she felt about him. She decides to confess her feelings to Armaan and prays to the lord to support her . 
NOTE : No past season characters were shown or mentioned in the episode today.

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Charu Krish are sitting upset in one corner and all cousins and Abhimaan join them there to discuss things. Abhira helps Krish with numbers of people for whom he can take dance classes and make money. Armaan looks at her admiringly. He hugs her for helping out Krish. Abhira blushes. Her hair gets stuck on his kurta. Its a sweet scene. Eyelock happens. Vidya calls out for abhira so both snap out of eyelock. Armaan seemed thoda affected here

Vidya Madhav are having a nice conversation but sab gud gobar hota hai because Vidya notices that he still has a photo of Armaans bio mom in his drawer with him. Seeing her picture still safe with him, Vidya feels unhappy that he still hasnt forgotten her and is doing dhong of vrat for her. Madhav claims its for Armaans sake because he has the right to atleast know who his mom was if he someday asks. So apparently Armaan hasnt even asked to look at his moms photo till date. Like seriously?! aise kaise. Vidya is too upset and she says you always do something to create deewar.

Kiara confronts Charu for having a boyfriend. Kaveri is looking for them and she overhears Charu accept that she has a bf. Kaveri tries to snoop through Charu's phone. but its pw protected. But she has got wrong phone. 

Then yesterdays last scene plays out after 10 mins and Abhira once again is having monologue about her lehenga being heavy and her Armaan naam ka dupatta is missing and Ruhi has stolen it. Looks like they changed things and added new scenes which came today instead of yesterdays last scene 

Ruhi is dancing with dupatta and sees Abhira looking for dupatta. Armaan sees Abhira and asks kya hua. but she doesnt tell him because she doesnt want him to know that he is so stressed about his name waala dupatta and tease her. Abhira is looking for dupatta and Ruhi goes and keeps dupatta on table and Abhira suddenly notices it and happily picks it up. Ruhi sees her pick up dupatta SO happily and is shocked. She sees Abhira kiss the dupatta too and hold it close to herself. Ruhi thinks whether Abhira loves Armaan. 

Fufa also sees Charu phone and notices messages from Dev and goes to confront him. However Fufa doesnt know about Dev-Charu affair and goes to fight about some case issue. Dev almost reveals affair but he realizes Fufa doesnt actually know anything. 

Vidya almost catches Kaveri stressed with kidnapper ke calls.

Swarna Ruhi have conversation and Swarna tells her not to reveal to MG. She tries to give Ruhi a reality check. 

There is a kinda cute scene of Abhira Armaan where she sees you should wear something with my name. why should wives do everything. He says i dont need to be your saheli and she says ok- become sahela. LOL. He says I'll tattoo your name on my forehead. 

MG, Abhimaan all reach outside Ruhi room and MG asks Abhimaan- do you know who ruhi loves? He asks to be introduced to the guy. Abhira looks happy for Ruhi. Armaan looks stressed but not as scared as I'd expect. MG asks atleast tell the name of the guy. Ruhi says I'll tell you later. she distracts everyone. Swarna corners Armaan and says dont break promise to Ruhi this time. 

Murti making scenes happen. Armaan is lost in thoughts. Abhira notices and applies clay on his nose. She makes him help out with murti. Their hands touch and Ruhi notices. Armaan says to Abhira- I'll pray that you get a partner who loves you a lot. Abhira  asks why dadaji waala ashirwaad. He says I promised Akshara that you are my zimmedari. Abhira asks do you only have fikr for me because I am zimmedari. But thats interrupted by Kaveri telling Ruhi off.

Kaveri stops Ruhi from murti making. Ruhi starts crying. Swarna holds MG back from reacting. Everyone is silent but Abhira speaks up. She says Ruhi is single and no bhagwaan will be hurt by Ruhi making murti. Armaan stops Abhira from arguing. And says let the issue go. 

Epi ends

Precap is same- Abhira planning to confess

So bottomline- pendulumsa confusion and ridiculousness continues. As always he is in Abhiras space hugging her and doing nok jhok but then he says something that shows he is not seeing her in his future because he says I'll pray you get a loving partner. And you are zimmedari. 

Its tough to enjoy the cute Abhimaan scenes when we know he's being a two timer.

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But I still liked todays episode. It showed to everyone the contrast between Abhira and Ruhi so well in the same episode. And also it helps to understand Armaan a bit. He is very cornered by Ruhi and now wigwali too. The amount of harrassment is unfathomable. Also he atleast opened his mouth which gives his stance towards Ab. Ab please get ur smart brain back and take clue from what Ar is saying instead of going gung ho over his care and hugs.

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Pendulum aur Didi bardash hai magar ye behuda format nahi smiley26 


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Yeh IF itna badla badla sa kaise lag raha hai mujhe.....

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The Vidya Kaveri scene is interesting. 

She says - "parivaar samaaj ke samne we are doing dikhava but humari taraf tumhaara koi farz nahi. Dont do dakhal andazi. " 

Kya matlab? Is she just referring to their recent disputes? Or is there something else. 

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Originally posted by: Criticiser

Pendulum aur Didi bardash hai magar ye behuda format nahi smiley26 No will to even troll this show or my favourite Goenka’s anymore smiley19

matlab major change hua hai???

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Originally posted by: India_TV

Yeh IF itna badla badla sa kaise lag raha hai mujhe.....

Ya they changed it and it sucks. 

Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by: Pinecone

Ya they changed it and it sucks. 

its horrible....

pahut paraya paraya types.....