A Movie based on Ramayana Announced on Shri Rama Navami

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ye Wo movie announcement nahi, jiske liye gyara mulkon ki PR intezar kar rahe hain.smiley14
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Journey To Ayodhya Launched On Shri Rama Navami



Journey To Ayodhya Launched On Shri Rama Navami

On The Occasion Of Srirama Navami, Chitralayam Studios Production No 2 has been announced… Producer Venu Donepudi Started The Project With Working Title ‘Journey To Ayodhya’

Lord Shri Ram is an amalgamation of many noble qualities and stands as an exemplary inspiration for our society. We celebrate Srirama Navami which marks the birth of Lord Ram with utmost devotion. On this auspicious occasion, passionate producer Venu Donepudi has announced Production No 2 under his Chitralayam Studios banner with working title ‘Journey To Ayodhya’. Well-known Director VN Aditya is providing the story.

We have numerous movies based on Ramayanam. Many iconic actors played as Sita, Rama, Lakshmana and Anjaneya in aremarkable manner. Now, producer Venu Donepudi is embarking on a journey to bring this Mythological Epic once again on to the big screen. Headed by VN Aditya, a team is currently performing recce at Ayodhya and other places to finalise locations. Pre-production works are going on at a rapid pace.

A young director is going to helm this project. Renowned actors and technicians will be a part of this film. Makers will unveil all the details in the coming days. Thammareddy Bharadwaja is supervising the production of this massive Pan India Project which is to be mounted with international standards.

Currently, Chitralayam Studios along with People Media Factory is producing ‘Viswam’ starring Gopichand in Sreenu Vytla’s direction.

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The title is interesting considering that they weren’t planning a modern day take on the Epic. Or may be this was just a running title and not the final one. 

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The poster looks cool.. I know AI generated hai, but the vibe🤌

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Who is director ?