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surya and Imlie come to an uneasy truce after Surya confesses his indirect involvement in the murder of Agasthya . He should not have left those goons free by pardoning them but put them behind the bars . Agasthya could be alive today . 
Everyone protests that Surya is nit at fault , he did nothing purposely , how could he take the blame of his face was look alike of Agasthya .

Imlie and Surya part ways after coming out of Police station. Surya sits in his vehicle n notices through rear view mirror that’s some goons are following Imlie . 

Imlie is attacked by goons who are waiting to take revenge , They assault her n point gun at her , She is about to get shot when Surya comes and saves her life by  jumping before Imlie and taking the bullet on himself .

Imlie is shocked , so are the goins , soon police arrives and nabs the goons , Surya is rushed  to hospital. 
At hospital Imlie donates blood to Surya a saves his life . 
The Reddy family is shocked to learn Surya who had gone tk save Imlie , saves her life but gets shot himself . 
At the hospital Indira slaps Imlie for putting Surya’s life in danger , 

Soon they learn Imlie surya have same blood gp and she has saved his life . Hemlata is so pleased and appreciates Imlie .

Anjali is very upset that Surya was choosing Imlie n asking her to leave Hemlata suggests Anjali return home as her mother must be missing her .

Imlie leaves the hospital and reaches Pallo maami’s house , she is surprised as Titu mama and Pallo Maami have invited prospective groom’s family to meet Bulbul . Her alliance talks are on , pallu resents Imlie’s arrival , she asks why Imlie was alone , why her husband wa snit with her ? She asks if she had broken her second marriage too , The groom’s family is happy to meet Imlie , they learn she was married I tk good family n her husband was police officer , the groom’s family is keen to meep Surya . 

Imlie states he was busy but she calls him as Pallo Maami warns Imlie to do as the groom’s family wanted n if the alliance was broken because of Imlie then she would face dire consequences.

Soon Surya arrives and Imlie is shocked , 
Groom n his family appreciate the Surya Imlie couple as perfect jodi . Surya appreciates Imlie for saving his life by giving blood . 
bulbul’s alliance is finalised , Pallo Maami asks Imlie to make sure nothing she does jeopardises this allowance as she was bad omen ,


Same as yesterday 

Imlie invites viewers to join the RamNavami celebrations along with “Ghum” family in the show   On 17th Apr , she assures some great surprises are in store for viewers.


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